Cingular Adds RIM Rival Offering

    May 31, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

A deal with Good Technologies will provide that service’s push e-mail alongside Cingular’s existing BlackBerry offering.

And in an effort to build up a business customer base for GoodLink, the service will be offered at a substantial discount, according to an AP report.

GoodLink has been offered by other providers, but Cingular will be the first of the national wireless providers to offer it. Cingular and the other nationals offer BlackBerry devices and its push e-mail service now.

The pervasive wireless e-mail devices, once reserved to executives and technical personnel, have quickly spread throughout the business world. Their real time access to corporate calendars and other information has become a necessity in some enterprises.

That increase in usage has prompted competition from companies like Nokia and Microsoft. PalmOne’s Treo has been a very successful entrant into the field as well.

A difference between Good and RIM is in devices. Good had been a manufacturer of devices similar to the BlackBerry, but has shifted its focus to software only. GoodLink has been signed up to deals with HP and with Nokia.

Meanwhile, Good Technologies seems to be taking the volume approach with the new offering. “Although we’ll be making less per subscriber, we think we’ll end up with far more subscribers,” said Danny Shader, Good’s chief executive, noting Cingular’s size and reach.

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