CinemaNow To Sell Music Videos

    March 16, 2005

CinemaNow announced agreements with Warner Music Group and TVT Records, to sell music videos on a download-to-own basis via a newly launched service, will offer music videos from multiple genres ranging from classics to the latest chart-topping videos. Each video will be available for prices ranging from $1.99 to $2.99 for a permanent copy that can be viewed for an unlimited number of times on the selected playback device.

“As the innovator in digital sell-through technology, and the leader in providing video content for mobile devices, expanding beyond movies and TV shows is a natural extension,” said Bruce Eisen, president of CinemaNow. “Launching is another demonstration of the diverse applications for our video-on-demand service. We are thrilled to be working with the record labels as they explore this promising new revenue stream and we are equally thrilled to be working with Microsoft’s Windows Mobile division to continue to provide valuable content for their innovative product lines.”

All music videos on the site will be made available in multiple formats that can be played back on traditional PCs and laptops as well as Microsoft’s Windows Mobile-based secure devices including the Portable Media Centers, Pocket PCs and select Smartphones. Users will be able to download the appropriate format and then transfer the video file to the secure device using Windows Media Player 10.

The site will launch with 75 music videos with over 1,500 additional titles expected to be available by December.

“With Portable Media Center devices from companies like Creative, Samsung and iRiver and new Windows Mobile-based Smartphones, music fans will be able to take their favorite music videos from their favorite acts with them anywhere and enjoy them anytime,” said John Pollard, director of Windows mobile services and applications and services marketing for Microsoft Corporation. “CinemaNow continues to be at the forefront of providing content for mobile devices and we are excited that the users of these great products will be able to access the music videos they love.”

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