Church Sex Abuse Files Will Soon Be Made Public

    January 16, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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The Archdiocese of Chicago is planning to release thousands of pages that document clergy sex abuse allegations to victims’ attorneys. Allegations of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church have gone on for years, but if these attorneys have their way, the church will finally be held accountable for these acts.

The attorneys will make these pages public next week. The records will include information about priests who have been accused of molestations and sexual abuse as well as those who have been moved to other positions within the church where they were still able to be around children and possibly molest them. The church has agreed to release the files of 30 priests within the church.

“Until there is public disclosure and transparency … there is no way people can learn about it and make sure it does not happen again,” said attorney Marc Pearlman, who has helped represent about 200 victims of clergy abuse in the Chicago area.

The Archdiocese of Chicago has already paid over $12.6m to 16 victims of sexual abuse and will likely pay more in the future as the attorneys figure out exactly which priests were molesting children and how long the molestations lasted. Some of the priests whose names are included in the report are already dead.

The attorneys and victims say that they are not looking for money and care more about exposing the molesters and the church for hiding them and allowing them to continue working within the church and around children.

“For me, it’s going to empower me again … and hopefully it will help others out there struggling to come forward and get help,” said one victim, who was abused in the early 1960s while he was a student.

Image via Wikimedia Commons.

  • Valarie Johnson

    Jan. `5, 2014

    I’m very happy, finally everyone
    should know about it all and names
    will be told.

  • Don

    Priests who abuse children are in a condition of TREASON
    with their Church, other priests, the families of the child,
    and the child, not to mention their God. They should be
    asked to at least make up the damage done, to the best of their ability to do so. Then, and only then can they be forgiven. Some will not forgive, some will.

  • Darrell

    There should extra long sentences for the clergy that abuse children. These people are suppose to be servants of God. Who are they serving, why do they get off easy, The Catholic church is spiraling down as it should. It is extremely difficult to conceive the church has protected the clergy in this matter. In covering up a crime are you not an accessory to that crime?

    • D-Mo

      There should also be long sentences for anyone that is protecting the pedophiles. They are guilty, also!!!

  • Victory

    God knows those who re truely representing Him here on this earth. Eternal doom await any christian gathering that practice such. Catholic should allow there priest to choose whether to marry or not. Thanks

    • D-Mo

      Victory, whether the priests are allowed to marry, or not is NOT the issue. These pieces of crap are pedophiles. They have this warped sense of right, not because they cannot marry. Their interests are not on women, but on children. Even married pedophiles still molest children.

  • http://yahoo karen s

    I will never understand why there are statutes of limitation on any sex crime. The scar is there forever, and the majority of the time it’s a family member that you are afraid of telling on when you’re a child. I strongly agree that public officials and church officers should have a higher responsibility to protect children, not abuse them. But why do people molested/raped by church people years and years ago have recourse when all children are scarred by this tragedy, and not everyone gets to do something about it? I think the laws for the statute of limitations on molestion/rape should be recinded, and have no limitations on them. That might deter some people from ever commiting the crime in the first place.

    • D-Mo

      I totally agree, Karen. Plus, the pedophiles should be sentenced to life long punishments, since they inflicted life long pain to innocent victims. Also, ANYONE who helped hide or protect the pedophiles should be punished, severely!!

  • D-Mo

    The law needs to stop giving the church any power, to decide what records and fact can be released and go in there and investigate the entire church and start throwing and pedophiles in jail. Plus, the church needs to stop covering up and protecting the disgusting rapist. They also need to stop asking their members to pay for all of the lawsuits and pay outs and start selling off some of the ridiculous wealth the vatican owns. If the church protects, just one, pedophile then they are all guilty and need to start paying for it! They ruined lives and are getting away with it!! DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!