Chupacabra: Texas Couple Believes They’ve Captured Mythical Creature

    April 4, 2014
    Val Powell
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Jackie Stock, a Texas resident, says that she has found and captured the mythical creature called the chupacabra. According to reports, the chupacabra is a creature that attacks livestock, particularly goats, and drinks their blood.

Stock says that the creature was caught by her husband on Sunday night. “He saw this strange animal up here eating corn,” she said. Her husband also told her that the creature resembled a baby chupacabra.

The animal that was caught indeed resembles the description of a chupacabra. It has large claws, plenty of teeth, and a hairless back. The creature also has a fierce growl.

Stock resides in a small town in Dewitt County called Ratcliffe. Residents are convinced that the creature is undeniably a chupacabra. Arlen Parma, Stock’s neighbor, said, “I ain’t never seen anything that look like that right there.”

The chupacabra is considered a cryptid – a creature that is said to exist, but its existence is not backed by any scientific evidence. Some creatures under the category include Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and the Yeti.

The chupacabra is said to have first been seen in Puerto Rico. There are different physical descriptions recorded, some even say it resembles a bear with spines sticking out of its back.

This is not the first time that someone has claimed to have captured a chupacabra. According to biologist Brent Ortego, the creature that Stock caught may be a small canine, such as a fox, dog, or a coyote. As for its appearance, it seems to resemble a chupacabra, as it may be suffering from a condition known as mange, a skin disease caused by mites. This disease causes hair to fall off. Ortego also believes that the chupacabra does not exist.

Stock said that the creature will be staying in their home until someone has confirmed what it is. For the time being, they are feeding him corn and cat food.

The Myth Of The Chupacabra

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  • Julia

    Raccoon with mange.

    • OhiosVoices

      nose is all wrong

      • https://twitter.com/TrotlineDesigns Ron

        Yea, no doubt about it.. bald coon.

        • Marcus Waldron

          we get coons on the porch, mama just chase them off with a broom

        • OhiosVoices

          The nose projects too far. That thing has a canine nose.

          • Charlie

            It is a Ringtail. It is a fairly rare racoon like animal that has this longer body and nose shape. Obviously, it has lost most of its hair.

          • OhiosVoices

            ok, thx. i like learning.

  • 4589

    I liked this video clip of the animal. This creature looks like it is eating with its front paws; more like an enormous rat would do rather than a dog or coyote.

    • Nicole Perkins

      Raccoon, a canine wouldn’t use its paws that way

    • Charlie

      It must be a Ringtail. The are a rare Racoon like animal with longer body and nose. It has obviously lost its hair.

  • Dean Counts

    Its a raccoon or coatimundi with skin disease

  • Puto

    It’s my ex-wife.

    • Carolyn

      If you say so P(l)uto !

    • MoreOfaMan

      I feel sorry for your wife.

  • Nicole Perkins

    Raccoon was my first thought, with skin disease.

  • Fiona Sperry

    These animals are ingesting or being exposed to something toxic or contaminate.

  • Walter cook

    Where’s PETA when you need them?

    • Thomas

      Here’s PETA since you need them.


  • Edgar

    It’s Monsanto’s mascot. Please give it back.

    • Medwood

      this explains my hair loss.

  • Kate

    I dont know what it is but, it certainly is a species of mammal- there are many other examples that look like this so no it is not some racoon with mange- It is probably a species of animal not indigenous to the area that has survived and even thrived in its’ new environment. Maybe check the species that live in South America or even elsewhere. Another idea-people could have let their “pets” out that ended up surviving to make more.

  • VW


    • David

      More like a Democrat, notice how it readily accepted handouts of free food?

      • Tim

        The Republicans would be the ones keeping it caged up so it could only survive on handouts! Let alone not even taking an obviously suffering being in for health care.

        • Carolyn

          What about Congress ? ! They are good at causing suffering !

      • mucksiegooma

        Fight nice, boys; who blindly follow the political parties!

      • Carolyn

        That is because it HID its food in an ” off-shore ” cupboard in the Cayman Islands ! Hahahaha.

    • Jack Butler

      You people are fracking idiots with one track minds . . .

      • Medwood

        you can only laugh these days…it’s all we have left!

  • Roemmy Parker

    “The animal that was caught indeed resembles the description of a chupacabra. It has large claws, plenty of teeth, and a hairless back. The creature also has a fierce growl”
    That is an exact description of my ex-wife.

  • J Grimm – Biologist/Naturalist

    This is DEFINITELY a raccoon with a condition called sarcoptic mange, an infectious skin disease which is passed from animal to animal from parasitic infestation. I have never physically witnessed a raccoon with it this bad, but that is what we have here. Kudos to those folks who recognized the use of hands, fingers, and knuckles on the raccoon.

  • pengz

    w0w…how many mythical creatures captured?

    • bevo573

      WTF!!! Finally they cought the mythical creature know as Obama care

      • Carolyn

        No, no ! It is a Republicat !

  • gene clark

    I wish these superstitious idiots would just treat the mange of that poor raccoon and let it go.

  • Ogee Skeemask

    ~Smacking my forehead~ That is no fox, dog or coyote. My first thoughts were closer to marsupial, a small kangaroo maybe or something close to a tasmanian devil but hey, if it walks like a duck… Aren’t yeti and bigfoots the same thing by the way?

  • Anna Chasten

    If it was found eating corn, it’s NOT a Chupacabra. These people need to get on the internet and look up Chupacabra, then compare it to what they have. Didn’t other Texans claim they found this beast and it wasn’t? They’re giving Texans a bad name, and I’m not even Texan.

  • BDH1

    Raccoons require water to eat their food because they don’t produce saliva; it’s not a raccoon…

    • jm

      Total myth! Raccoons do produce saliva and don’t need water to eat their food. The whole “no saliva” myth was started in the 1700s but has long been disproved.

  • Sally
    • Carol Manglos


  • JustMyOpinion

    Mangy raccoon. If these yahoo’s would call a wildlife rehabber, the poor thing can be treated at a sanctuary and released back into the wild.

  • tablemesa

    If it has eyes like a mangy ass raccoon, walks like a raccoon, and eats like a raccoon, its probably a chupacabra.

  • Sarah

    The eyes are the wrong color.The tv shows[several different shows,on different channels] I’ve seen have shown dead “chupacabras” and their skin has a dark blue gray hue to it.They do exist,they seem to be some sort of hybrid.The dna tests they’ve done on the dead ones are a cross of some wolf [usually the Mexican wolf] and American coyotes.They have what is described as a very thick rough hide,a hunch at the shoulders and usually have ice blue eyes.They look awful-I sure wouldn’t want to come across one in the wild.I hear a lot of ranchers have issues with them in Texas and they have spread further up into Texas.Wouldn’t surprise me if they find them in neighboring states in the coming months.

  • J. D.

    I’m still trying to comprehend how the “experts” and someone who has “hunted raccoons his whole life” does not see how obvious it is that is a raccoon with mange…..

  • Clyde Bower

    I’ll second that the poor thing looks like a raccoon with mange.

  • Retired Teacher

    NOT a raccoon… the ears aren’t right.

  • p.swagger

    A chupacabra does not walk on all fours..it stands on two feet like a human

  • Jack Butler

    It could be Obama’s son.

  • Shorty

    It’s not a dog, it’s is using it’s hands to pick up food. Raccoons do that, but it’s kind of large for a raccoon. Maybe a Raccoon that’s bred with something else, a new species. It really does look like what the Chupacabra is said to look like though.

  • Mary Jane

    That’s just nasty, it’s just a hairless raccoon, someone please let that poor thing go.

  • Dave

    Why did they shave that raccoon?

  • GS

    An old big Raccoon with a bad case of the Mange. Raccoons have a very thick coat of fur, so one with all it’s fur gone is going to look mighty strange. It’s front hand-like paws give it away. Watch some videos of Raccoons eating. Mange is a horrible disease with no treatment once an animal is infected. It can spread to domesticated animal populations. Infected animals live an agonizing life. Best advice is to put it out of it’s misery and eliminate the risk of infecting others. I have seen yearling coyotes that look like a walking skeleton. I don’t doubt that these people have never seen anything like it before, but anyone that has been in the outdoors should be able to recognize the Raccoon features and rule out it being a canine.

    • TxTurtle

      Mange can be treated with Ivermectin and sulfur medications.

  • drayke

    looks more like a tazmanian devil just a little bit bigger and they use front paws to eat and have long canine teeth also

  • edward lynch

    That’s my sister…….come on let her go !!!!!!!!!

  • Carolyn

    It looks REAL to me !

  • MarchingSK

    This is CLEARLY at raccoon with mange. My god people are stupid.
    And yes, the chupacabra and small carnivorous mammals (coyotes, foxes, canines) with mange probably inspired the legends. So they are one in the same, but some people are too dumb to see that…

  • Gypsy Fox

    Dogs do not use their feet/hands to eat that way. Stupid overly dramatic reporter. I think (like some have already said) it is a very mange infested raccoon. AGAIN, dogs do not use their “hands” raccoons do! Also it hardly looks like a creature that would suck blood as the reporter comments (as if that is a scientific fact). LOL!

  • ImNotTheWalrus

    Next up the Jackalope

  • Erik Olson

    That’s a raccoon with mange.

  • sherrie

    this is a raccoon with mange.

  • Willowisp

    The ears are nothing like raccoon or coatimundi. Does seem to have mange, though.

  • dave wave

    its not a raccoon I have one for a pet, I will eat soon they are so good

  • Mike

    I was hoping there would be someone with a modicum of intelligence posting a useful tidbit of information in the comments section. Wow was I wrong.

  • Willowisp

    Look up African Wild Dogs.

  • Crystal

    That is obviously a raccoon, not any sort of canine. Look up pictures of hairless raccoons. They are ugly and look nothing like the somewhat cute creatures that people are used to, but it is what it is. Now most of the ‘chupucabras’ that are found are canine in appearance. They do not have imposable thumbs unlike this ‘example’.

    In all reality, I believe this to be some sort of disease. These creatures had fur
    before, so it might be mange gone bonkers, or in all likelihood, it can be
    something else. After all, they have different eating patterns than a coyote,
    or any mange ridden creature. They also have different bone structure if you
    rely on the pictures of elongated teeth, and skulls. You can tell that they are
    seriously emancipated, so if they are a separate species, they aren’t an
    effective one. For once, someone needs to look at this as a disease issue, and
    not a species issue.

  • Alex the monster expert

    Two different types of

    special for the environment
    it lives in

    And the peoples animals are like free hand outs for it

  • Lloyd

    Dogs don’t use their paws that way. Maybe a raccoon or something related.