Chupacabra Allegedly Captured Alive In Texas

    April 3, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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For decades a creature known as Chupacabra has been blamed for animal and human attacks in the United States and other parts of the world. Descriptions of the beast vary, but most eyewitnesses who claim to have encountered the creature say that is it small yet ferocious, and resembles a dog or another type of canine.

Several Chupacabra videos, photos and carcasses have turned up, but none of them have provided adequate proof that the creature is real or any insight into what it might be.

A couple in Texas claims that they have captured a live Chupacabra and hope that the creature can be studied and its identity can be determined. The creature looks like a small, hairless dog and is gray in color with beady, black eyes. The couple caught the creature eating corn on their farm and quickly captured it.

They said that they showed it to a few friends and neighbors before going public with the capture and although they believed it to be the legendary Chupacabra, they were a bit nervous to make such a wild claim.

Jackie Stock, the woman who captured the creature, said that she and her husband Bubba could not believe their eyes when they saw the creature.

β€œHe called me to come and look, and I said ‘Bubba that looks like a baby Chupacabra,” Jackie said β€œWe were just trying to figure out what it is because we’ve never seen anything like it before.”

Although the animal’s looks are bizarre enough, the sounds it makes are even stranger. Jackie said that the noises the animals makes are not like that made by any other animals she has ever seen or encountered.

The couple plans to keep the creature and are caring for it at their home until someone is willing to take a look at it and determine what it is. In the past, alleged Chupacabras have turned out to be dogs and coyotes with mange or other health problems.

Do you think the creature could really be a Chupacabra?

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  • bumboo58

    Coming soon:
    it vanished
    picture is blurry
    what chupacabra?
    It died and we ate it.
    Let’s see the money first.

    • tchyacinth

      Lmao! “It died and we ate it.”

      • WTF ?

        It’s texas after all….

    • Robert Jackson

      I hope they cooked in canola oil. Crap, that Crisco gives it a oily taste.

    • Michael Arana

      Funniest comment EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

  • Meowy FotBot

    Take the poor thing to the veterinarian for goodness sakes. Its a poor sick animal with mange. It is probably suffering and in need of medical attention. Treat others how you would like to be treated. Yes even Chupacabra and Bigfoot.

    • Selena Gomez

      it is the Rosemary’s bebe. Crack bebe from the heII

  • Bob

    Sorry to burst anyones bubble, but that is a Raccoon with a skin disease!

    • Michael Massey

      Should be easy to prove, right? Blood test.

    • Larry Donaldson

      Ears are to big. Snout is to long.

    • Sandra Morris

      Yep-pretty obvious.I have two that live under my house and can squeeze through the kitty door on my porch because(though they look bigger than this poor thing)they are all fur.When they get caught in the rain they look just like him!Even has the same little paws.Too bad-wish there was such a thing…would be pretty cool if so πŸ˜‰

    • pnut166

      That is not a raccoon.

  • Fred

    Wow! So Justin Beiber is a chupacbra

    • eric in wv

      I like that..he is

  • uncoveror

    Why would “The Goatsucker” be eating corms? That is not El Chupacabra.

    • Robert Jackson

      thank you for the clarification uncoveror. He’s eating corms because he’s on a low carb diet.

  • JJ Leonard

    They did DNA tests on this thing for some TV show. It is a hybrid species. Stop saying they dont have proof when they have bodies of these things that have been tested.

  • mark myers

    this little guy is so cute. I want to take him home. it is strange that he is a vegetarian and meat eater to.

    • Michael Massey

      It’s called an OMNIVORE , hardly unique .

    • Robert Jackson

      He’ a legend in his own time, a living contradiction. That’s what makes him interesting. You won’t find him in every backyard. This Dude is UNIQUE…….The Kardashians have ordered two of them, one for the main house and one for Bruce’s new place.

  • The Alpha Decider

    Crack kills.

    • Robert Jackson

      woman who fly upside down, have nasty crack-up.

  • Selena Gomez

    Crack Bebe Jesus…..

    • Michael Massey

      Not real smart, are you ??

      • Robert Jackson

        wipe that white stuff off the side of your lips and stop smiling. Straighten-up.

        • Michael Massey

          Stop doing meth, you are confusing me with your dad

          • Robert Jackson

            Go pick up your Mom, she’s down on the corner again…….

          • Michael Massey

            I seriously doubt it, as she passed away 18 years ago . However, since you are seriously confused, you must be talking about your mom , assuming your mom is not of the 4 legged variety

  • Selena Gomez

    Chupa me el cabra……

    • jerimiah69

      lf you are really Selena Gomez, I will gladly give you a free
      mustache ride even though I don’t have a mustache…

  • sss

    Hairless Racoon. Go ahead google it

    • yesmm

      This is a hairless something, but not a raccoon. It has the wrong sized ears, and snout is too long.

      Definately not a “chupacabra”

  • John Martinez

    Chupacabra Allegedly Captured Alive In Texas xoloitzcuintles (“Mexican hairless”).
    Peoples you got some splain’in to do’s

  • JIML

    I love Chimichangas and you can find them everywhere here in Texas.

  • Larry Major

    I told everyone this existed!

  • CMC

    It’s a normal raccoon suffering from mange, a skin disease – google it! They should have it treated immediately and release the poor guy back to the wild! Here’s a link that tells you how to treat raccoons with mange yourself: http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=231×252

  • doncuervo

    We use to eat Chupacabra all the time…with a light Chianti and Fava Beans. Delicious. No really is. delicious.

  • dominos

    Looks like a raccoon with mange to me.

  • Timmy

    daryl dixon doesn’t lie…

    • jerimiah69

      This really does look like a mange with a racoon..

  • JustMyOpinion

    LOL! It was found by Bubba. Who else? hahahahaha πŸ˜›

  • Shadow

    The only way they’ll be sure it’s the real deal, is to lock it in a room with a goat,

    • Robert Jackson

      tell it like it is Shadow…….or shall we The Shadow. Good stuff.

    • jerimiah69

      a male of female goat?

  • Shadow

    That creature would make a great replacement mascot for taco bell

  • Shane Mitchell

    Looks more like Rush Limbaugh

    • butyoumad

      No, This guy is better looking than that A-whole.

  • Leland D. Petty


  • Tom Betts

    I don’t believe anything that a guy named Bubba would tell me.

  • Tom Betts

    It’s said to be a raccoon with mange.

  • Lisa James

    That looks like a young xolo dog. They are black hairless dogs, but when they are young they do have a light amount of peach fuzz on them. I would take it to a vet and see if they could determine what it is.

  • Tri

    Everyone all ready know what anything presumed to be a “chupacabra” are. They are some kind of hairless dog, bear or some other animal.

    • jerimiah69

      Looks like my x-wife’s mother….

      • Tri

        Oh no! They killed her.

  • archangle

    yep….that’s a chupacabara.

  • Josey

    Crappy fucking music video.


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  • Steveareno

    good thing he wasn’t found in China or he would be named on this week’s menu.

    • Robert Jackson

      It’s gonads when they are cooked in a white sauce made from fresh coconuts are said to make one extremely vulnerable to being bitten by right-wing extremists high on a Ted Cruz speech.

      • jerimiah69

        Ocrappa loves tube steak and trouser trout smeared with white sauce-most liberals do too…

  • Robert Jackson

    the husband’s name, it had to be, it couldn’t have been any other name than, BUBBA. Everybody knows BUBBA. When the story does come out, it will be told that Bubba baited it with nothing less than, nothing else would do but, a 6-pack of warm Budweiser and to top it off he caught the creature bare handed. Man, it’s great to be an American………………..

  • Robert Jackson

    Just in!!!!!Just in!!!!!! BREAKING NEWS. The Thing belongs to Ted Cruz and he’s wanting to make it the mascot of The Tea Party of Texas, as long as it isn’t a member of a union. To be investigated by The House of Representatives.

  • PorterJustPorter

    It’s a coyote with mange. They’re often mistaken for chubacabras. The Mange causes them to lose hair, a sever deformation of the ears and even problems with their throats, which explains the strange sounds.

  • Likeit ornot

    looks like a coon with mange

  • Bill Williams

    could possibly be some type of hyena hybrid or mix breed maybe,look at the shoulders very similar to hyena,and being in texas,alot of zoos sold animals to be sport hunted there and the surrounding areas.i read a book about this,and it makes sense.

    • Robert Jackson

      Bill, I hope you’ve read more than one book in your life.

  • tonyboloney

    Looks like a poor sick dog. Eating corn…I’ve heard horrid stories about this poor animal. Apparently not as vicious as rumored or this couple wouldn’t be able to handle it. Poor little animals. The Lord God made them all.

    • Robert Jackson

      this is kkilling meeeeeee. That was Bubba’s last words before The Great White Light took him.

  • mike

    i’m so glad texas is a part of this country.

  • Robert Jackson

    I had one around my house for years. Meanest darn thing and ugly to go along with it. It had a name, Mother-In-law………..

  • Dissent

    The captor looks far too much like Justin B to B Beliebed

  • Rodp

    It’s a raccoon that’s very sick. Now give it some medical attention . And stop putting on display. Help the poor animal !!

  • Guest

    let my cousin go!!

  • Joe Hill

    April Fools!!!

  • Gram Reeper

    Dang fine eatin’!

  • virusfighter

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  • DaRealChupaCabra

    you imbeciles!… once again you think you’ve captured me but you’re way off #fail

  • texansRstooopid

    Looks just like a typical texan! Might be dubya’s bastard kid! The resemblance is uncanny!

  • pnut166

    Is it the chupacabra ? Well, what exactly IS a chupacabra ? Since chupacabra is an undefined species, like all other cryptos, this may as well be a Yeti. Or Nessie. But this example is neither.

  • tony rome

    Shaven schipperke.

  • Daro Weilburg

    looks like a Hyenna

  • WTF ?

    It’s ted cruze.

  • senseipunk

    its proven to have been a k9 hybrid, either a fox and coyote or wolf and coyote hybrid which more than likely has mange

  • tuv

    did the wildlife “expert” see this video?
    1. dogs don’t have hands
    2. dogs don’t sit up and eat with their hands
    3. raccoons’ ears are not in this position
    4. raccoons’ “hands” look different this creature
    5. every time a proposed chupacabra is found, “experts” say that it is a dog with mange
    6. there is a Mexican hairless dog, but it doesn’t have hands