Chucky Returns in Latest Movie, “Curse of Chucky”


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There's one classic series of horror films that always seems to bring Halloween to life, and after nine years, one character in particular comes back to life - Chucky. The demonic doll makes his way back to the big screen in “Curse of Chucky.” It started out as a mere rumor, or maybe it was more of a longing for horror movie enthusiasts. But whatever, the case, he's definitely back with a vengeance.

The “Curse of Chucky” is the sixth film in Don Mancini's Child's Play installment, marking the 25th year anniversary of the first release. The new film centers around the character Nica, who is a paraplegic due to defects from birth. She and her mother receive an eerie package in the mail, only to find Chucky in the box. Her mother dismisses the doll throwing him in the trash. Later that night, she dies mysteriously.

In wake of their mother's untimely death, her sister, brother-in-law, and their daughter, Alice come into the picture. Alice begins playing with the doll. Following the mysterious events surrounding her mother's death, Nica starts to have eerie reservations about the toy doll her niece is playing with. While she constantly reassures herself the doll is fake, she can't help but question the recent turn of events that have occurred upon the doll arriving. It's been nothing but vile bloodshed and utter chaos since they arrived.

In an exclusive interview with USA Today, Child's Play veteran star, Jennifer Tilly, widely known for her role as Chucky's love interest Tiffany, briefed the fans on her return to the highly anticipated film.

“It was really fun to drag out the push-up bra, the seven-inch heels and put on the blond wig again," admitted Tilly, It's a fantastic moment when Tiffany materializes in the movie.” While Tilly's role is only a cameo, she was ecstatic to relive the warped love affair that Chucky and Tiffany shared on camera. "I think Tiffany will always be in love with Chucky no matter how horribly he treats her,” said Tilly.

“Curse of Chucky” is scheduled to be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on October 8, 2013 in the United States.


Image via Wikimedia Commons