Chuck Norris Gets Rave Reviews For “Expendables 2″

    August 20, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Chuck Norris has been more of a well-intentioned punchline than anything else in recent years; after he became a popular internet meme, it was all downhill from there. But he’s chosen perhaps the best vehicle for a return to the big screen–a big-budget, explosive-heavy action film featuring pretty much every action star on the face of the planet–and he’s being applauded for it.

Norris, like most of his co-stars, understands his place in Americana. These men have been around since the late ’70s/early ’80s and have almost become caricatures of themselves: hugely muscled, vaguely unintelligible heroes with big hearts and more training than book-smarts. It’s a character they’ve all played time and time again, yet we never get sick of it, perhaps because they give us exactly what we want each time with no frills. They are what they are, and that’s just fine.

Although Norris hasn’t been in the spotlight in recent years as often as his onscreen cohorts, he is being welcomed back with open arms by those who have seen the film as the one man in the group who can pull off poking fun at himself without seeming cheesy. He’s in on the joke, just like everyone else, but he manages to find the comedy in it a tad better than, say, Schwarzenegger, who’s done that “I’ll be back” bit a few too many times.

Until Mr. Norris shows up, the script’s efforts at sly comedy don’t work all that well, relying on obvious inside jokes and references to the various stars’ previous work. Mr. Norris’s character, Booker (also the name of his character in the 1978 film “Good Guys Wear Black”), works those same angles but is somehow much funnier, writes one reviewer.

This could be the beginning of a big comeback for Norris, although that might dampen all those memes surrounding him; the legend has become almost bigger than the actor.

  • Dan

    Lightning does not hit the same spot twice because it knows chuck norris is looking for it!

  • Fred Hall

    Chuck Norris is so tough that when he was a child
    he made his mother eat HER vegetables.

  • gabriel

    Chuck Norris lost his virginity much before his father..:)

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  • Al

    Chuck Norris doesn’t eat honey; he chews bees!

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      • Italo

        Good one. Fits to a T

  • Sarah Palin

    He’s got as much brain as sister Sarah.

  • http://yahoo Nolan

    I don’t know any Chuck Norris jokes. He won’t let me.

  • Sarge

    Chuck Norris’ father, is The Most Interesting Man In The World, and doing Dos Equis commercials.

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  • Elliot

    Chuck Norris was once bitten by a rattlesnake.
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  • ed

    Chuck Norris’s shadow is afraid of him.

  • BruceB

    He is the biggest Homophobe in history. Come out of the closet Chuck!

    • Jim


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  • Elliot

    When Chuck Norris’s wife tells him to take out the trash,
    he calls her fat and doesn’t do it.

  • Mitch

    Chuck Norris put the laughter in manslaughter.

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  • Jerry

    At the end of this year’s football games, Tim Tebow will start Norrising.

  • margaretta carrecter

    chuck norris did exellant in this movie

  • Bob

    Maybe this will help people forget what a right-wing political stooge he has become in recent years…

    • cme run

      If an actor uses common sense and doesn’t sell their soul for a photo op, they are a stooge? Your a moron.

      • kathy foster


      • mj larsen

        you know buddy, the last I checked this is a free country (MADE SO BY MY HUSBAND AND MYSELF A WELL AS MILLIONS OF OTHER AMERICANS!!) Chuck, I think you are great we have enjoyed you for years, please do not change !!

    • Joe

      It would take a radical leftwing political stooge as you seem to be to be able to discipher Chucks political bent.Maybe someday you will grow up and be one eighth the man he is.

  • Brenda Lomax

    Chuck<, My mom 97 years young thank's the world of you Jimmy,CD,and of course that pretty lady Alice. Mom will not leave the house until she see your show, and if some ballgame come on she get mad as hell and wont to know why? I'am also a fan of the show and love to see it to. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU, KEEP THE SHOWS COMING.

    Love YOU

  • Bob

    These are ridiculous!!!

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  • Doug

    Chuck Norris once won the World Series of Poker with Pokeman cards.

  • http://israelvelez.com ISRAEL VELEZ

    chuck in his prime would destroy all those guys in the film except for randy couure. chuck is the man !!!!

    • Kevin

      If MMA was around when Chuck were younger, he’d be dead.
      Tae Kwon Do is a joke compared to contact sports.

  • Richard Garcia

    Chuck Norris once visited the Virgin Islands and now they’re just called the Islands!

  • Kevin Douglas Jones

    Wait… I thought they were serious.

  • Jake

    Chuck Norris counted to infinity — twice.

  • Kristen

    Chuck Norris is currently suing NBC, claiming Law and Order are trademarked names for his left and right legs.

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  • Scott

    In fine print on the last page of the Guinness Book of World Records it notes that all world records are held by Chuck Norris, and those listed in the book are simply the closest anyone else has ever gotten.

  • http://Yahoo Peter Barney

    Chuck’s the “Man.”

  • fred whitley

    i’m a big CHUCK NORRIS fan , thank you for your stand in hollywood

  • http://yahoo tyler

    If chuck norris ever does a decent movie he will be the only one that knows.

    • http://Yahoo Barry Mobley

      Chuck Norris WILL MAKE YOU his #1 Fan!

  • Andre

    Chuck Norris is the most interesting man in United States. Even presidents take the day off on his birthday.

  • wudy

    Chuck norris does not wear diapers= he just craps his pants

  • Sam

    The opening scene to “Saving Private Ryan” is actually based on a 1st grade dodge ball game Chuck Norris won.

  • Matt T.

    Tornados don’t exist, Chuck Norris just hates trailer parks!

  • Timothy

    Chuck Norris’s tears cure cancer. Too bad Chuck Norris never cries.

  • Jane Heart

    Chuck Norris is a great guy! On screen and off screen! Wish he’d make more movies….maybe I’d start going to the movies again!

    • Judy

      The movie wan’t about recovering a piece of jewelry; it was about life challenges and the paths that are open to us and how we choose to follow, or not.

  • Jeff

    Chuck Norris was offered a leading role in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. He turned down the offer because making three movies about recovering a piece a jewelry was ridiculous.

  • Annie

    Chuck Norris is an icon an hollywood could better it’s self by begging him to come back. By the way Lone Wolf Mcqaid is the bomb!

  • tim

    The guy is already too old to act in action movies again.

  • j

    Chuck absolutley pushed this movie over the top. It would have become boring had he not arrived on scene.

  • Tim Collins

    “Actually, I always thought the guys “acting” was a near death experience”! “That’s right, I said it”!

    • oh please

      Always one a***hole that has to get serious about the whole thing.Im gonn a make this one short since we are being a***holes to one another and say,you are nobody,he is not.And theres good damn reason for that which shows in your attitude jerkoff


    I love chuck norris, my wife makes fun of me when i watch WALKER;TEXAS RANGER, i told her its alot better then the crap on tv now……except BURN NOTICE.lol

  • craig

    Chuck Norris destroyed the periodic table. Chuck Norris only believes in the element of surprise.

  • VMan

    Chuck Norris comment:I will hit you too many times with my right you’ll be begging for a left!

  • EC

    When Chuck Norris does push-ups he actually pushes the Earth down>>>

  • J

    Dos XX guy: “I don’t normally drink beer but when I do, it’s because Chuck Norris told me to.

  • Joel

    Chuck Norris is a hunter. But Chuck Norris does not hunt. Hunting would imply the possibility of failure

  • Joel

    Chuck Norris will never have a heart attack. His heart isn’t nearly foolish enough to attack him.

  • Special k

    Chuck Norris went swimming in Loch Ness. The monster got out…

  • Solidsnake

    Chuck Norris was born in a log cabin that he built with his bare hands.

  • Alex

    Chuck Norris makes “the most interesting man in the world” irrelevant.

  • mary

    Chuck Norris was great entertainment, at the movies, when I was growing up as a young adult. I always enjoyed his movies and the action scenes, were always “fantastic”.

  • steven martinez

    And on the eightth day, God created Chuck Norris…..

  • http://non John C. Anderson

    If Chuck Norris had been Custer his dying words (Chuck Norris dying?
    Sorry.) would have been—

  • Harry

    If Chuck Norris is all these things that you guys said, well he must a woman in disguise. Woman is the strongest and smartest of the sex right.

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      What did you just say punk.

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        are you really chuck norris or one of his payees?

    • Anonymous

      Don’t feed the trolls.

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  • susan

    Chuck Norris doesn’t wear Superman pajamas; Superman wears Chuck Norris pajamas.

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    Chuck Norris destroyed the periodic table. The only element he recognizes is the Element of surprise!

  • joehickam

    Chuck Norris once kicked a horse in the face. It’s descendants today are known as giraffes.

  • Chuck

    Chuck Norris puts the Fun back into kicking butt!

  • Nancy Estenzo

    Chuck Norris doesn’t need a weapon, he is a weapon. Wasn’t he in Fists of Fury with Bruce Lee back in the day?

    • troc480

      It was Chuck debut “Return of the Dragon”. I think it is the only time he played a baddie. Bruce kick his butt and killed him . Great movie, a classic.

      One thing I do want to remind people in the English dub version. Bruce spoke no English in the original. So it is funny to see other people translate for him.

    • allen

      leath weapon was based on Chuck Norris

  • donald

    chuck norris once went to get a drink out of a clear running stream in colorado and the stream ran back up the mountain.

  • Randy L. Richmond

    Chuck Norris kicks more butt then the 11th CAV did in Vietnam.

    • Randy L. Richmond

      What I meant to say was when it comes to kicking ass the 11th Cav is above Norris,but Norris is one bad MF, I love watching Walker-Texas Ranger.

  • Matt

    Chuck Norris’ tears cure cancer. Only problem is, Chuck Norris doesn’t cry.

  • Bill

    Chuck Norris doesn’t need a bowling ball. The pins faint.
    Chuck Norris can give you a brain freeze with an icy stare.

  • Thelaughatyou

    Chuck Norris fought himself once and they both won.

    • SifuRob

      Actually, Mr. Norris never fought full-contact, but was the universally-recognized World Middleweight Karate Champion in point-style fighting. If my memory is correct, he actually retired from active competition in 1974. This is not to, in any way, detract from his reputation and/or ability as a Martial Artist, just that his sport was not Full-Contact. He did, however, have several Full-Contact fighters in his schools that became quite famous, such as the late Howard Jackson, who fought for the Lightweight title in 1974.

      • Cecilia

        …Really? That’s great and everything, but… it was a joke.

  • Bob damon

    K – Chuck fought in the days of full contact karate, and he owned the sport. Just like the UFC before there were rules and weight classes. He didn’t get a reputation as a bad-a$$ from making movies.

  • http://yahoo george

    Went to one of Chuck’s schools way back and met him in a barber shop…asked why there were so many Chuck Norris posters around.The barber said “He gets his hair cut here and He is sitting right now on the other side of the curtain…so I got up and introduced myself and began to critique his early movies.Chuck agreed with my assessment and said they where already making some changes to improve the action series.
    Would like to say He is one of the nicest and most gracious people I have had a pleasure to meet.

    • jacques

      chuck needs t think bruce lee for his start, everyone forgets that bruce got it all started

  • RedVelvet

    Just came back from seeing Expendables 2 what a roller coaster of a ride . Lots of action from start to finish. All those great actors we have seen in action films before but this time all together. Funny laughs. Well worth the ticket.

  • mike bonnette sr

    People who make fun at Chuck Norris are just jelouis of him ,cause the have never done anything that is worth wile. It is too dad that people love to make fun of people who are successful. all i can say is keep up the good Chuck, you have put in a lot of time and effort to get were you are today and deserve everthing you have got and to hell with the people.

    • darren

      People are making fun of him due to their repect for him. By the way, he gets it and gets a kick out of it.

    • Marg

      Amen to mike bonnette, sr. You are SO RIGHT. They are jealous with a capital J!!! They write he is unintelligible! Ha! What is unintelligible about going to war (not only in the movies, but in real life), coming back and making real life movies of what it takes to be a war hero, produce, direct and star as a TX Ranger, live a Christian life in PUBLIC, make NO apologies for it, then come back to star in Expendables 2! Praise the Lord!! Thank God for real examples like Chuck Norris!!

      • TCap

        A lot goes over your head doesn’t it?



  • MLedhe

    How fast is Chuck Norris? Chuck Norris is so fast he can run around the world and punch himself in the back of the head.

  • http://yahoo Deirdre

    Hey, I love Chuck & have for many years. I still watch “Walker” & I own a “Total Gym”. I would love to meet him in person. My oldest son did meet him in a store about 6 yrs ago. He had to call me up & brag! Glad you are still making movies. I’d love to see more :)

    • janette

      I too love chuck- I would recognize him anywhere!
      I Was in church one morning , and i’m looking around at everbody,
      and about three rows up i just see the back of this guy that looks real familuar, and i’m thinking wow that looks like chuck norris ! righttttt, wow and right about that time my pastor said
      we have a visitor this morning, and i would appreciate it if
      we would not ask for autographs,he then introduced chuck norris!
      Wow! I got a miracle right then! It’s a memory i’ll cherish forever,..and by the way his wife and he were so real and down to earth. Thier both great!

    • allen

      I to grew up on Chuck Norris movies my dad would come in from work and look at the old tv book and say there’s a Chuck Norris movie on and I would say well turn it on

  • Kevin

    I heard that Chuck Norris was supposed to die two years ago but the Grim Reaper was too scared to pick him up….

  • Ding-ga-ling-jones

    chuck norris doesn’t have two fists….the two fists have chuck norris

  • Ding-ga-ling-jones

    when chuck norris drinks alcohol he doesn’t get drunk, The alcohol gets chuck norrisssed

  • Ding-ga-ling-jones

    when chuck norris sneezes….his snot says bless you and thanks for having me in your nose

  • Richard

    Chuck Norris walked down the street with a boner…. there were no survivors.

  • jacques

    i think chuck norris is good but you can’t take away from the man that started the ball rolling i just wish i had the chance to learn from either or

  • joe

    Chuck Norris once pissed in the tank of a pickup as a joke. We now know this truck as Optimus Prime.

  • Vern Dover

    Chuck Norris is and always has been a force for good wether it started in Bruce Lee’s movie or his own , there is always a good time to be had when he ‘s in the MIX . Glad to see him return and hope to see more of his ACTION SOOOOONNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mo Blutarsky

    The Dos XX’s guy, The most interesting man in the world wishes he was Chuck Norris.

  • resego morake

    wow man, i so much love chuck norris and a have a huge respect for him. i loved him since i was a child,watched walker everytime never misssed it once. and boy isnt he cute….is he married?

  • Fouche

    Heard on CNN … “Chuck Norris passed away yesterday….. but he is feeling much better this morning!

  • Reckie Evidente

    My favorite is …Chuck Norris can make a woman climax, just by simply pointing at her, and saying “booya”!

  • Oliver Black Jr.

    Chuck Norris is the man!

  • MARK

    Good for Chuck he deserves it. He is a good person.

  • Chris Jones

    Punkass right winger and overrated martial artist

    • sam mann

      Your’e an idiot. And black.

      • Ray

        World Middleweight Champion, punkass

        • Net

          I hope you not, chuck first real name is Carlos

      • http://www.tiff.co.za Fidel

        You’re an idiot who doesn’t know a damn thing about what decency is all about. But hey, immature spoiled brats like you who had it easy in life would never understand. Chuck will hunt you down and round-house your butt, so run for your pathetic ignorant life.

    • stkman

      You might want to read up on Chuck Norris’s history a bit before you make such a claim about his martial arts skills. He fought the best and beat them all, in the ring, not on a movie set.

  • tom black


  • Alexandra

    What is wrong with you people, Chuck Norris is one of the greatest martial artists ever! He was undefeated champion four times or more for his kickboxing career against opponents who thought as you do. He was and is an incredible adversary. He is not a punka%^ in any sense of the word. He still works out and he is in great shape. He may be older, but the man holds his own. He has mellowed and not acted or fought for some years but every creature on earth should fear him for his fighting skills and love him for the man he has become. Chuck Norris has a heart of gold and for someone who used to be the toughest, undefeated greatest martial artist he never lost sight of who he is on the inside. We should be so humble and giving as he.

  • jkl

    I wasn’t gonna see the 2nd one if Chuck Norris wasn’t in it.

  • Debra

    No matter how cheesy it appears to be I will watch anything with Chuck Norris in it. Can’t wait to see this movie but will be disappointed if he doesn’t have more then 5 minutes air time.

  • http://TheExpendables Cherrylin Smith

    Chuck was watched religiously as WALKER TEXAS RANGER. (And being from Texas , it just made us proud ya know? He is great in the movie as the LONE WOLF !!! Gonna go with my hubby to see it a second time !!!!

  • rogue

    it’s too bad they gave Chuck such a lame role. I was expecting to see what the big whoop was in his fighting skills, but all he did in the movie was shoot guns. If his martial arts are really all that and a bag of chips, they should have had him fight Van Damme in the end. If not, then at least have Jet Li have a fight scene with Van Damme. That would have been a great fight scene to see.

  • eva jones

    hello i have been a chuck norris fan since he and bruce lee found in a movie in the early 70 the man has a heart of gold and i have watched all of his movies that he has made and then some i will continue to watch him until the lord says other wise. all of his walker texas rangers shows were based on helping kids get off the street and helping others that is why that tv show became so successful and the rerurns of that show are running as well that should say a whole lot about him

  • Hikma

    Lol, i like this one!