Chrysler Adding In-Car Internet Access

    March 25, 2008

Car enthusiasts crave things like all-wheel drive and mid-engine design.  Comfort-oriented individuals enjoy options like heated seats or expansive moon roofs.  So Chrysler plans to introduce in-car Internet access.

Chrysler Adds Internet Access To Cars
 Chrysler Adding In-Car Internet Access

Yes, "cool factor" aside, Chrysler appears to be satisfying a demand that didn’t widely exist by adding access to some cars later this year.  Exact dates and pricing information remain unavailable, but Bloomberg News reports, "The technology will allow passengers to search Web pages using signals from mobile phone towers.  Consumers initially would need a subscription to a wireless phone carrier to ensure uninterrupted coverage."

Consumers will probably need to put their cars in "park," as well, in order to access the Internet, but until this or another safety precaution is explained, onlookers remain cautious.  People seem to be getting in enough traffic accidents thanks to food and cell phones, never mind online games and porn.

Still, if either Chrysler or this feature becomes popular enough (since Chrysler as a whole isn’t doing so well), other automakers can be expected to copy the move.  BMW’s already performing similar feats in Germany, so it’s not as if the technology is locked away within just one company.

Somewhere out there, advertisers and injury lawyers are salivating at the prospect of its spread.  We’ll see what happens.