Chrome's Market Share Tops 6 Percent In March


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March was yet another good month for Google's browser in terms of market share.  According to Net Applications, Chrome converted more than a few additional people, shrinking the gaps between it and the field's two leaders, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Net Applications put Chrome's March market share at 6.13 percent, up 0.52 percent from its February standing of 5.61 percent.  That's a pretty impressive gain to pull off in so short a time, especially given the smallish size of Chrome's user base.

That gain makes the forecasting math simple, too, since it's easy to judge that Chrome will gain about 1.0 percent of market share every couple of months if it can keep up the pace.

As for how Internet Explorer did, ground was lost.  This browser's share decreased from 61.58 percent to 60.65 percent between February and March, making for a reduction of 0.93 percent.  Which must be worrisome to folks in Redmond, since that's a dramatic dip.

Firefox's makers, meanwhile, can remain relatively pleased.  Firefox's share increased by 0.29 percent heading from February into March, landing it at 24.52 percent.  So it's still accumulating gains, bit by bit.