Chrome Tops Firefox Among Techmeme Users


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On the site that describes itself as "Tech Web, Page A1," a tipping point in the browser wars has been reached.  New stats indicate that Techmeme visitors have come to prefer Chrome over Firefox by a small but significant margin.

Techmeme founder and owner Gabe Rivera shared some info with Jay Yarow and Kamelia Angelova earlier today, and it turns out that a changeup occurred in September.  About 34 percent of people visiting Techmeme pages now do so using Chrome.

Google ChromeFirefox is four percentage points behind with a share of 30 percent.  Also, Safari has a market share of 21 percent, while Internet Explorer has a market share of 12 percent, if you're curious.

Then contenders like Opera, Opera Mini, SeaMonkey, and Camino all have shares that just round to zero or one percent.

Anyway, this is less than good news for the folks at Mozilla, since one of Firefox's key strengths has long been its popularity among techie types.  If they're now making the switch to Chrome, and the general public's still content with IE, Firefox could be left in a sort of no-man's land.

Mozilla fans should cross their fingers that Firefox 4 blows everybody away.