Chrome Gains Still More Ground In November


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Preparations for Turkey Day and the retail madness that followed apparently didn't prevent a lot of folks from experimenting with new browsers.  The latest stats from Net Applications are out, and in terms of market share, Chrome scored another significant win in November.

Indeed, Chrome was almost the only browser to make progress last month, edging upwards from 8.50 percent to 9.27 percent.  Safari's market share increased a little, too - from 5.36 percent to 5.57 percent - but otherwise, every competitor lost ground.

Internet Explorer's market share fell from 59.18 percent to 58.41 percent, for example.  Firefox's market share decreased a tiny bit from 22.83 percent to 22.81 percent.

Opera's market share, meanwhile, decreased a little more, dwindling from 2.29 percent to 2.21 percent.  And finally, the "Other" category also saw its market share fall, heading from 1.85 percent to 1.73 percent.

Another few months of this sort of thing, and we're almost sure to see Chrome break the 10.00 percent mark.  At the same time, the 55.00 percent mark is starting to look like a threat to Internet Explorer, so perhaps Microsoft will fight back by releasing Internet Explorer 9 a little ahead of schedule.

As always, we'll be sure to provide an update if/when anything interesting happens.