Christy Mack’s “War Machine” Tattoo Regret

    August 18, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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Porn star Christy Mack fell hard for an MMA fighter named War Machine. Now she is keeping as far from the guy as she can. According to Christy Mack’s tale, War Machine beat her half to death, stabbed her with a knife, and threatened to rape her.

No relationship between any man and woman should ever be construed to permit such violence. The relationship between War Machine and Christy Mack is no exception. But during all the post-beating analysis, there is a particular point that gets missed a lot.

War Machine tweeted on his own Twitter account that Christy Mack was his “property”. That point has been highlighted numerous times to demonstrate his callous attitude about women, or at least about this woman.

The challenge is, Christy Mack herself wears a tattoo that declares proudly in big, red stenciled letters that she is the “Property of War Machine”.

Perhaps Christy Mack regrets ever sitting for that inking.

Of course, War Machine himself, not to be outdone, wears her name inked up his neck.

Christy Mack caught the worse end of the deal, allegedly. She was hospitalized with a list of injuries that makes most people wince to read about: broken teeth, stab wounds, hair chopped off, face swollen and bloodied from beating.

When most women want to show their undying devotion to a man, they wear a ring. A few get his name tattooed somewhere on their body. Christy Mack must have been sold on this guy enough to get the ink done. The tattoo is visible on her right shoulder in this tweeted photo from her.

But she also said in her Twitter recounting of the beating: “He has beaten me many times before, but never this badly.”

There are all kinds of relationships. Most people would have difficulty with the notion of being in a relationship with a porn star that was serious and supposedly long-term enough to qualify for a pair of highly visible tattoos. But it takes all kinds.

The question now is: What will she do with the tattoo. Johnny Depp famously had a tattoo that read “Winona Forever”, from his days with actress Winona Ryder. Nowadays, it simply says “Wino Forever”.

Maybe Christy Mack could go for a simple alteration like that, though that would take some linguistic creativity. Perhaps a simple coverup would be a better choice.

Image via Christy Mack Twitter

  • Travis Carter

    yeah all the money this slut acts like she makes and she can’t even pay her own hospital bills yeah okay what a bunch of shit when all this country pays attention to is trash what happen to the so called respect this nation has yeah okay bunch of trash LOL ><

    • wow

      So you’re okay with domestic violence?

      • Travis Carter

        Well I mean she does nothing but hurt people herself so why is she begging for help its fucking stupid people like this make me sick but whatever keep thinking and feeling sorry for this person when she cares about nobody but her self it’s a joke.

        • Trevor Philips

          What makes you think she doesn’t care about anybody? cause she does porn? idiot logic Travis

          • Travis Douche

            Travis Carter is a scumbag. She didn’t even start the website for the donations… MORON!!! Her following did! Get your facts straight…. I can’t believe there are people in the world that think beating anybody like this is ok!

        • Chris Carpenter Oursler

          I’m sorry…but who is she hurting? She has sex for money. She is hurting no one but herself. Evidence that she has low self esteem, she bought into the idea that she was someone’s property. Don’t be afraid of the vag travis…it can’t hurt you.

      • Guest

        i hate comments like this. Where did he say domestic violence was ok?

  • Matt

    Damn – Get well soon Christy Mack. Brazzers will miss you!

  • ed_wood

    Christy Mack is reputed to be worth $300-800k. She can pay her own bills and everyone in the industry knows it. And because they all know it, the donations coming in have been very small, with the bulk coming from Brazzers and Evil Angel. Supposedly, Corey Harrison (Pawn Stars) gave her $5000.
    Nina Hartley did the same thing a few years ago. She needed surgery and she asked for donations – even though she is worth $2.5 – 3 million.

  • mpb666

    im betting porn stars eventually regret every decision they make, but i do love watching her get fucked..what a bod!

    • Trevor Philips


  • Chuck Doubleoseven

    I would take that beating for 100K. Start donating to me!

  • knee grow fatigue

    a porn star and a steroided up mma thug… ya i care about this story…

  • Chico

    Screw all this ‘reality’ B.S.!

  • Forrest Gump

    I’m about to go jerk off to one of her videos


    damn that butt, though!

  • Joe Blow

    Yeah fuck this whore. She got what she deserved for being a slut porn star. Now she won’t have a pot to piss in. Serves her right

    • Jimmy Cliff

      Yeah I hope she doesn’t get any help. Whores deserve what they get.

    • Travis Carter

      I feel the same way who doesn’t want to make money just for having sex should of died LOL

  • JimmyD

    Stupid article… she wasn’t stabbed with a knife, and the whole tattoo thing… well, that’s what retarded 22-23 yo people do when they think they are in love. The writer of this article is wondering what she do with the tattoo. Probably just laser it off, who cares?!

  • Defecate on your mom

    Her pooper probably stinks of rancid Gerbils

    • Yo Momma

      Well, that escalated quickly…

  • Travis Carter

    The World Is A Better Place Without Her…..

  • Arnold Palmer

    She let him beat her several times before? Stupid whore. I guarantee she will return to porn.

  • Anonymous

    Just another benefit of falling for an asshole. Women will never learn I guess…Good luck Christy Mack.

  • Max Gold

    It’s amazing how some women refuse to take responsibility or hold other women accountable for their own actions. Mack’s tattoo is a reflection of how she viewed herself in this relationship, it says nothing about her partners attitude about women, If it was tattoed on warmachines body, then yes, that would indicate how he viewed his partner, but he simply has her name tattooed on his neck.