Christy Mack Shares Recovery Updates With Fans


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Christy Mack, the woman who was allegedly beaten by an MMA fighter, is on the mend and sharing photos of her recovery with her friends and fans online.

Several weeks ago, Mack was allegedly attacked by her ex-boyfriend, MMA fighter War Machine. Mack was reportedly left with 18 broken bones and several broken teeth. She also had a ruptured liver.

Mack is recovering but is still not able to move her upper lip, and may not be able to do so for at least six months. The swelling and bruising in her face was severe and Mack lost a lot of weight because she is unable to eat well due to her facial injuries.

Luckily Mack is recovering and doctors recently determined that her liver was not damaged as badly as they originally thought and will not require surgery.

Still, Mack has a long way to go in terms of a full recovery and she has been keeping her friends and fans updated on her condition via Instagram and Twitter.

Police were able to locate War Machine a short time after the attack and took him into custody. He claims that he is not guilty of the abuse charges and will go to trial for sentencing in October.

Hopefully Christy will continue to make great progress with her recovery and get all of the treatment and support that she needs.