Christy Mack Passing Fan-Donated Funds to Other Battered Women

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In the aftermath of the brutal beating Christy Mack allegedly received at the hands of MMA fighter and ex-boyfriend War Machine, the porn community, fans, and the straight community have rallied around her.

Rather than this tragic incident being seen as an “in-house” problem within the porn industry, many people are calling it what it is: domestic violence. Christy Mack was admittedly in a relationship of some sort with War Machine. According to her, it was over. If War Machine winds up convicted of what she claims, then it is safe to say that he saw things differently.

War Machine has called Christy Mack his “property”. In the aftermath of the beating, other porn stars commented on how common it was to see a porn star’s “boyfriend” attempt to take over “managing” her, coming to porn shoots with her, etc.

Recently, a fundraiser was set up on GiveForward to raise money to help Christy Mack pay her medical bills. There has already been much talk about medical professionals who are simply donating their services to help Mack recover, get new teeth, etc. But there will still be bills to pay, even with Mack’s health insurance.

The fundraiser, called “Christy Mack’s Medical Expense Fund”, was started by Kendall Karson, another porn star, during that time that War Machine was on the run from police, before his arrest in California and extradition to Vegas. In the online description of the fundraising goal, Karson said, “It’s a miracle she is still alive after the injuries sustained … There is NEVER any situation or excuse that justifies violence against a woman!”

The goal for the fundraiser was set at $100,000. As of this writing, the amount achieved is already $90,266.

Other online fundraisers have been started, but Christy Mack is speaking out about this one and how she intends to use the money.

When the beating first happened, before War Machine was apprehended, a reward of $20,000 was offered for anyone providing information that led to his arrest. According to TMZ, police found War Machine thanks to a tip from a woman staying in the same hotel. However, much like Christy Mack, she gave the money to a shelter for battered women in California.

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