Christy Mack New Info: The Cops Were Next Door While She Was Beaten?

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Some new information has emerged in the timeline of Christy Mack’s beating and escape. According to a couple of Christy Mack’s neighbors, police hung up on them when they tried to call about her beating.

But further details in the timeline of the night make things even worse.

Dashanka Giraldo, whose home Mack ran to when she escaped her house, said, “It took cops 15 to 20 minutes to get to the neighborhood, which is just way too long.”

He also says they had trouble getting the police to respond at all when they called.

“My mother called the cops and they hung up on her,” says Giraldo. “Christy called cops, as well. They hung up on her too.”

That call from Christy Mack that Giraldo refers to happened two hours earlier on her cell phone from within her home during the altercation. Police say that the call cut off. They called back, but got no answer.

Using a system that can help them locate the source of a cell phone call to 911, the police went to the neighborhood to try to find who had called. But, due to a technical glitch, they ended up within 100 feet of Mack, at the wrong house.

The owner of that house had more to reveal.

"It was around 2:30 a.m. I had been sleeping. My fiancée came in and said, ‘The cops are here; they got a 911 call from this address,'" said the neighbor.

“We made a comment that they may want to go next door [to Mack’s house] for some personal reasons that we knew about,” said the neighbor.

But the cops did not go to Mack’s house. This was at 2:30 a.m. At that time, Mack was allegedly being beaten and tortured by War Machine inside her home, less than 100 feet from police officers who were tipped to go check on her.

"I think if they had gone over there at 2:30 a.m., they would have stopped it before it got the way that it did," said the neighbor.

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