Christy Mack Gets Support From Dentist After Attack

    August 15, 2014
    Amanda Crum
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Christy Mack, the model and porn star who says she was mercilessly beaten recently by her ex boyfriend, is gaining support from total strangers this week after photos of her ravaged face were shared online.

Mack’s attacker, MMA fighter War Machine, is now on the run and is being sought by Dog the Bounty Hunter, but for now Mack is focusing on recovery. She suffered 18 broken bones around her eyes, a broken nose, several broken teeth, a broken rib, and a ruptured liver and reportedly said she thought he was going to kill her.

Several of Christy’s friends have set up a crowdfunding account for her medical bills, and with 89 days left to go they have already raised $63,000. She also has support from Dr. Nicholas Toscano, who says he will repair her teeth free of charge.

“I’ve worked with the victims of hate crimes, with battered women, with gay advocacy groups. I was in the Navy for 13 years so I’ve always been about helping people. I saw her story and felt really bad about what she went through and felt something to had be done. I know he [allegedly] beat and abused her pretty bad. I don’t care what the occurrence is; you just don’t put your hands on a woman. I can help, and and it’s the right thing to do for her and for battered women elsewhere. People should always try to help whenever possible,” Toscano said.

The extensive repairs needed may have cost upwards of $75,000 had Dr. Toscano not stepped in.

There are currently several rewards set up for information leading to the arrest of War Machine, including one from Pawn Stars’ Corey Harrison for $10,000.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • Guest

    Hopefully she doesn’t go back to doing p r 0n. Why? Because it’s like going back to the abusive boyfriend after everyone helped her out.

  • mrbrockpeters

    Hopefully she doesn’t go back to doing p 0 rn. Why?

    Cause it would be weird that she’s getting a ton of sympathy for getting treated like a ragdoll by an abusive boyfriend and getting all this treatment to restore her body just so that she can then go back to making movies where guys wring her out like a bar rag and fill all her holes with hard pole?

    It would be so counter-intuitive, or counter-constructive. It’s like being morbidly obese, losing 200 pounds, and then celebrating your success by going on a chicken wing, pork ribs, and beer eating and drinking bender.

    That’s just my twisted logic though.

    • Guest

      Your logic is flawed. The majority of that sympathy and support is
      coming from her fans. The ones that want to see her recover to get
      plowed another day.

  • Long dong

    No teeth makes for better BJz

    • rob arganbright

      That’s F’d up moron!

  • renee

    This woman can get all the plastic surgery out there but will never go back to her original appearance. Her face was bashed in. Eyes, nose, mouth – all busted and ruined. She will not be doing porn again, is my guess. For better or worse. She needs support and strength from others. Regardless of her career choice, she did NOT deserve to be attacked like this. Thank God for people assisting her. She needs all the help she can get after this!

  • asdfasdf

    Aw, he’s going to help a high profile celebrity/porn star out with huge viral story blowing up at the moment, god bless his heart, how selfless of him, what a hero, he must be doing this out of the goodness of his own heart!!!

  • Fantasy Maker

    somehow in some sick twisted way this slore is relishing all of the attention

  • CAfan

    Since this story broke, alot of anger/hate seems to be directed at Christy, instead of the SOB who nearly killed her…..Sadly, i truly believe most of the anger comes from right wingers who, for the most part, hate women….Especially those associated with Hollywood, adult film business, etc….

    Look, Ronald Reagan died in 2004, move on righties, he lived a long life….Quit with the anger and the hatred towards people you disagree with…

    • mike

      Very odd commentary. Right wingers? Reagan? WOW, YOU need to move on CAfan. Just move on… it’s 2014!

  • james

    Says her friends… “With all the news on her and this situation, she knows that people will be more interested in her work and she will take advantage of that and get some great pay days out if it.” NOW THAT IS SICK. Warped people in the porn industry. No surprise there. Young and very stupid. Sorry to hear she is going to try to make money off the attack that nearly left her dead. Disgusting.