Christmas Trees: Fun Decorating Themes


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One of the things many people look forward to around the holidays is decorating a Christmas tree.

Most people use the same colors and decorations every year, but some like to switch it up and alternate bulbs, garland and lights to create different looks.

If you are tired of having a dull and boring Christmas tree that looks like everyone else's, why not mix things up with a themed Christmas tree? Here are a few fun ideas to try.

Sports Tree
Do you have a favorite sport or sports team? Why not show your team spirit with a sports Christmas tree. You can make your own team bulbs by painting clear, plastic bulbs with team colors and decorating with team stickers or symbols. You can find garland and lights to match the team colors and either make your own tree topper or shop around for one that matches your theme.

Under The Sea Tree
Just because it's Christmas doesn't mean you can't keep thinking about warm weather and the beach. If you want to bring a little bit of the beach into your home, decorate your Christmas tree with seashells for a unique and fun look. You can order seashells online or buy them from many gift shops and craft stores. Either drill a hole and add some string to the shells as they are or you can cover them with glitter or paint them to make the tree even more unique.

Food Tree
Have you ever thought about decorating your Christmas tree with your favorite food items? There are many food-themed ornaments available, or you can make your own out of clay or salt dough. You could even choose different food themes for your tree, such as a sweet treat tree, an Italian food tree or even a junk food tree.

You don't have to always go with a traditional tree every Christmas, and if you are feeling creative, why not have some fun and choose a unique theme for your tree this season?