Christmas Leftover: Yahoo Gives Its Employees Jackets

    December 27, 2007

In March of this year, Google gave free bicycles to all of its employees in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.  Yahoo recently gave its employees fleece jackets, and since it’s December, we’re inclined to say that they have the upper hand.Christmas Leftover: Yahoo Gives Its Employees Jackets

"About 14,000 people around the world are heading out for the holidays tonight sporting fuzzy black fleece jackets, courtesy of our generous founders," according to Nicki Dugan’s post on Yodel Anecdotal.  Jerry Yang and David Filo did, by the way, actually show up in person.

Google, for its part, gave out around 2,000 bikes, and Eric Schmidt, Larry, and Sergey were never mentioned.

Want to know what really tips the scales?  Yahoo’s employees also got a super-nifty fabric bag.  All right, that’s a joke – if you watch Dugan’s video, everyone actually seems rather puzzled about what they’re supposed to do with the sacks.  Still, well, the bags are there.

Lastly – although we’re not really trying to compare the two companies’ gifts – anyone who thinks the environmental impact of Google’s bikes has gone unmatched should look to Yahoo’s new datacenter, which runs on 99 percent renewable power.