Christmas Comes Early To Gmail

    December 15, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Google followed the addition of two new extensions for the Firefox browser with the announcement of two new features for the Gmail service.

A couple of user-generated requests have found their way into the Googleplex, been set upon by engineers, coded to the point of screaming, and tucked into Gmail. Google announced the unveiling of two new presents for its Gmail users.

A vacation auto-responder lets users set an automated message to be dispersed in response to incoming messages. Users can create the subject and body of the auto-response, and provide a signature file to be included too.

Responses can be limited to just people in the Gmail user’s contact book as an option. Should someone email the account again four days after the first email, the auto-responder will resend its message unless it has been turned off by that time. Spam and subscribed mailing-list messages that come into the inbox will not receive an auto-response.

The other feature added to Gmail is contact groups. It works like it sounds. Contacts can be assembled into groups, and messages sent to the group go to all of the recipients in the list. Users can add existing contact to a group under the All Contacts or Frequently Mailed tabs by checking the desired contacts and selecting New Group… from the Add contact to… dropdown menu.

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