Christina Aguilera Disapproves of Tony Lucca’s 99 Problems Cover

Singer claims the contestant's performance was derogatory

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Christina Aguilera is being mean to someone? Will wonders ever cease? Apparently the singer’s winning personality has spilled over onto “The Voice”, a singing competition that’s currently airing on NBC. Lots of people are apparently watching the program each and every week, indicating that the show must have something worthwhile to offer its audience. Fans of drama and uncomfortable bickering are sure to be utterly enthralled with the shenanigans on-display.

From I’ve gathered, Aguilera and contestant Tony Lucca worked together during their time spent on “The Mickey Mouse Club”, though the popular singer claims she didn’t immediately recognize him. No harm there, really. However, the problems didn’t end there. Aguilera has reported been pretty harsh on her former coworker, going as far as to claim that his performances are “one dimensional”. However, during Monday night’s performance, things got a little heated.

After Lucca performed Jay-Z’s “99 Problems”, Aguilera claimed that the song was “derogatory towards women” despite the fact that Lucca skipped over the word “bitch”. To make matters worse, Aguilera brought the singer’s wife and daughter into the argument, adding that “the lyrical connotation was a little derogatory towards women, but all in all I thought it was fun.” Because, you know, if you find something derogatory, it’s fun all the same.

“How convenient that she waits the whole season to talk about all things classy,” Lucca told US Weekly. “It’s just so transparent at this point and pathetic.” I hope he didn’t notice that Christina spent most of his performance texting on her phone during his performance. I guess Will.I.Am. isn’t alone in his cellular addictions. Good to know, isn’t it?

So who’s side are you on? Let us know in the comments section. Below you’ll find a few tasty Tweets on the subject. They’re amusing, as always.

Tony Lucca’s got 99 problems and all of them are Christina Aguilera #thevoice(image) 17 hours ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Why does Christina Aguilera hate Tony Luca so much? Did something go down back in their Disney days? #thevoice(image) 17 hours ago via yoono ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Tonight and tomorrow, Christina Aguilera will be slaughtered by the media for being on her phone during a performance.(image) 17 hours ago via TweetDeck ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

christina aguilera thought the lyrics in 99 problems was offensive to women i would like to remind her of her “dirty” video #hahairony(image) 8 minutes ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Christina Aguilera is one of those celebs who shouldn’t be on tv because we get to see what a bitch she really is.(image) 11 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Christina Aguilera Disapproves of Tony Lucca’s 99 Problems Cover
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  • http://www.getmeonsnl.com Cal Verduchi

    I love how she says that was derogatory to women, but 10 minutes earlier she was on stage with her t**ts pretty much hanging out. Hello pot this is kettle!

    • Tracy V.

      Thank you! I was thinking the same thing.

      • Fan of Show – not Christina

        I love this!! I had never really had a negative thing to say about Christina until watching this show. She irritates me and you can tell 1/2 the time she is not paying attention. She wants it to be all about her! I am voting for Juliet but really would laugh if Tony won just to despite her. And the comment towards Tony’s wife and daughter – REALLY it’s his son – pay attention! ~ i think the guys sit back as they are tired of her bratty comments and immaturity!

        • Lorena

          I TOTALLY AGREE! I was hoping at least one person would notice it was his son and not his daughter! Christina is so conceited! She hates his guts. And now 95% of viewers hate her! Oh yeah and when she said that the song was derogative to women, whats even more derogative to women is wearing a dress 2 sizes smaller than her actual ize. She does not deserve to win.

          • Mrs. T

            I totally agree. The show was not about “a particular judge” but about the singers and who had the best voice!!!

        • winndancer

          Thank you Fan of Show I so agree with you !!!!!

      • Sszy

        Christina just reeks of bitch!! Tony seems down to earth & apparently she can’t cope with not being “ALL” that and a bag of chips!!

        • http://Yani Yani

          She is blame for judging his performing!! That is part of her job. He didn’t have a great voice and she said it. He was,disrespectful to her.

    • John

      and her song dirty is so much better

      • TT

        Dirty isn’t derogatory to women. There’s a difference.

    • Dee Tee

      She is a pig, notice in how its always about her, she always finds away to make everything about her and her feelings. Then when she does not like someone she sits there texting on her phone, she is full of crap. It seems she just has it out for him. But the whole season she has been a condescending, narcissistic, all into herself downer. She is rude, talks over others, always complains, and notice last week she kept running up on stage to hug her acts, for some reason, she just wanted to show her overweight junk in the trunk, thinking it would drive everyone crazy. I hope she is not on next season, poo on her…

      • Lara Leigh

        Please….. For the love of god…cover all that up….and grow up!!!! And watch out Chris Mann I think she wants to smother u with those things!!!

        • eula tolliver

          And what do you call what she wore last night? Underwear???? XTINA!!!!

        • Lee

          Yeah talk about a bitch and a slut, I believe Christina Aguilera is synonymous to both words! Producers its time I believe to throw out this rotting garbage….so it doesn’t spoil the show!

    • kathleen belmonte

      I was just going to say, “KUDOS” to Cal. Her t*ts are ALWAYS hanging out on this show. Wish I knew what her problem is….with Lucca. I sure do find him the most versatile. “ONE DIMENSIONAL”??? I don’t think so. Thanks, Kettle…..I MEAN Cal :)

    • steve

      christina is extremly egotistical and I beleive she had no business doing that to Tony. She is rude and constantly flaunts her body especially her breasts and big ass. In my opinion she does not dress in the manner to reflect any respect to women. She could stand to have her butt blown up and start over. I do not have any respect for her or her actions, I don’t think she is the show favorite.

    • Madjax19

      I think Christina has one of the strongest, controlled voices on EARTH!!! Her talent rang stronger in Burlesque!!!! HOWEVER, it is a shame to me, what I see is someone who it is ALL about her!!! When she performed last night, her comments had to touch on HER!!! It is about the competion, the contestants. Unfortunetly she can not rise above it and keep herself out of it!!!!! The more she speaks the reflection of being insecure goes back to her, she should sing, that seems to be the only time I see pure grace out of her

    • Rebecca

      I agree. She needs to be fired from the voice. Constructive criticism is good, but she doesn’t know how to be constructive, rather she throws out way too many negative snide remarks and worthless jabs at contestants not on her team and at the other judges. The other judges are positive even when they criticize.

    • Atom X

      Christina appears to be the type of woman that does not want to be ignored. My guess is that Tony blew her grade school crush on him off, back in the day, and now in true “Look at me now” fashion. She’s gonna show him……Christina no matter how much make up and money you have wrapped around you, your still a SKANK, and you prove it every week with your tits hanging out on prime time TV….Oh yeah the Tiarra and Tits dont make you a good mother……Im just sayin

    • nick

      Christina has been acting like a total bitch, that her opinion is the only one that counts. I liked her before I started watching “The Voice” but she has turned me and my friends off so badly that I don’t care to spend my time watching her tantrums and downgrading everyone. She was flat out disgustingly rude to the rest of the people on the show. Ditch the Bitch.

    • D. Nixon

      Yes the way she dresses is derogatory to women! Poor Chris Mann, I don’t know if he may have won, but she lost it for him if he did have a chance. I didn’t get to watch the whole show, I didn’t know she was texting, how rude!! Tony Lucas wife should have belted her one! He did a great job with that song!

      • laura

        I have loved chritina’s voice for years. It’s a shame she had to show her ass on the voice. She will no longer get me to listen to her singing as she has no class and little respect for other singers trying to improve their lots in life. GROW AND GET OFF THE PHONE WHILE YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO REPRESENT A SHOW…..

    • chris


    • http://Yen Yen

      Love Christina!! Tony didn’t have the voice.

  • Stella

    The dress she wore last night was offensive.

    • jeanne sanders

      loved xtina before the voice..think she is a great talent…and classless,..8;00 is to early to have those phoney boobs hanging out….and her comments about tonys song…….please christina, you are degradeing to womanhood…….

      • sue

        I don’t think they are fake or she got a real badd boob job!

  • james

    Is this the same girl that at 16 was singing a song about a genie in a bottle and rubbing it the right way? Now she talks about respecting women and think about your daughter. Has she seen her music videos or listened to her songs? She knew he was talking to her because she is a b**** look what she did to the Bieber, poor kid.

  • nona

    Tony is not the most talented.

    • Gar

      Agree. But Christina is still a b*tch.

  • http://yahoo Kathy

    chistinas attitude of lt i not very professional she s comng off as a spoiled child. I thoughtshe was a better persontan that. Im very disappointed in her.I always thought she was a good roll model, a down to earth celeb. I stand corrected.

  • General Lee Disgusted

    It’s all about her. She’s surrounds herself with people that tell her all day long how great she is, and she has become too wrapped up in herself. Plenty of that to go around. She needs to put a license plate on that caboose to cover the Greyhound logo.

    • Debbie Allen

      Ever notice when she offers her comments on the performences how she quickly brings something up about herself? ie… “I’m so glad you sang that song. I remember when I sang it . I did this, I did that. Me me me me me.” She’s stuck on herself. Her personality is so ugly and it makes her outside look as ugly as her insides.

    • J

      you nailed it it is all about her she could care less about anyone else they need to replace her she is useless

      • Sandra

        I endjoyed Christina performance before she went on the Voice.
        She really needs to dress professionally on this show. I don’t think you need to show off your boobs everynight. We really don’t want to see them. Not a good role model anymore as far as we are concerned. Shame on you Christina.

  • TDC

    I was shocked to see what a mean little beyotch she has been thoughout this program. Lots of talented singers out there so I can knock this mean little pig out of my listening time. She dresses like a slut while way too fat and then has the nerve to call a song ‘derogatory to women’. She’s much more detrimental to women than a song. I was thinking he may have pissed her off because he sang britney songs and not hers? She no longer exists for me and I’ll stick to American Idol if she’s back next season.

    • JD

      I agree! Well said!!

      • laura

        I will also stick with american idol as long as xtina is on the voice. There are enough bitches on reality tv without adding one to a voice contest. Stick with the three judges who are respected and only give constuctive critsism.

  • Scotty Wang

    Derogatory to women???
    Google images of Christine Aguilera. You will find 99 thousand photos of her that are “derogatory to woman”!

    • TT

      She is a woman. It’s different if a man does it !

      • Ron

        what does it matter if a man or woman does it? that is stupid. Derogatory is derogatory. “xtina” is an idiot.

  • Amanda

    Christina has had it in for Tony since day one. I am guessing she had a serious crush on him during Mickey Mouse Club, since she was a bit younger than he was. The worse thing about last night, he referred to Luca’s daughter which is actually his son. She has snubbed him at everyone of his performances. Tony isn’t my favorite, but still if the woman had an ounce of class she wouldn’t act that way on tv. But then again she doesn’t have class, everytime she talks of a singer she has to bring it back to her, she is so self absorbed it’s sickening.

  • Bobette

    I think Christina must have had a crush on him during the Mickey Mouse days and it was not reciprocated. I think she must be holding a grudge. This is all just my guess. It is obvious that she is angry with him by all of the continuous slights.

  • JD

    Christina needs to learn how to be professional and a little more classy. The only thing that has come out of her rudeness and ignorance is that Chris Mann will probably lose because of her. Chris has an amazing voice but because of her unprofessionalism I just couldn’t vote for him. It was not to punish him but to open her eyes so that maybe in the future she won’t be quite so ignorant.
    The texting and the looking down the whole time he sang just to be rude. Really? Really Christina? Grow up!

  • Pam

    Not only is she not nice, this side of her really makes her ugly and about that dress she wore on the duet????? Tony Luca was great and for C.A. to bring his family into this shows how nasty she really is ++++ she wasn’t even paying attention to his performance…way to busy texting, after all you know how above everyone SHE thinks she is… it will come back to bite her!

  • Sandy

    She has had nothing but catty,bitchy comments for him from the start. She dislikes him for some reason. I think they only reason he gets so many votes is to stick it to her cause people do not like the way she treats him.

  • Nona Rodgers

    Christina may have got carried away last night, but she is right when it comes to Tony’s voice. I think team Blake should win, but unfortunately because of the uproar it looks like Tony is going to steal the show!


    It’s taken Tony Luca this long to make it because he’s simply not that talented. Adam’s bromance with him is sickening. X-tina’s been overly frank but oh well, that’s the music biz. If you can’t take it then get the F off the stage!

    • HellaKitty

      It wasn’t because he’s not talented, first off, he decided to do it on his terms and not sell out like everyone else did to make it to stardom. Christina is a CLASSLESS B***H!!! Plain and simple.

  • Mike

    How do people like her make it in show business? I understand that this is a competition but it certainly does not mean you get to be rude. Look at her with that huge butt, to tight of clothes for her not size zero body. Wear clothes that fit, no one wants to see your fat rolling over your clothes. Your attitude on this show is what makes people quit watching. Quit being jealous and judge him for his talent or lack of talent, not because of a spat you may have had twenty years ago. Remember that you were once in his shoes and someone had to give you your break too.

    • Gar

      How do people like her make it show business? Uh, she has a great voice, one of the greatest voices on the planet. Yeah, she got chunky after a few kids and hasn’t figured out yet that the revealing clothes don’t only serve to derogatorally objectify women, but that she’s too fat to wear that stuff.

      • Bree

        A few kids? She has one kid and gave birth 4 years ago. And yes she has a great voice, but that doesn’t make her a good singer. You have to know how to use a good voice. She doesn’t.

  • vandywisky

    Christina Aguilera’s claim that she supports women’s rights is analogous to the KKK’s claim that they support Zionism. Sure, Christina!! When you were 15-years old, dressed like a whore, and dry-humping everything in sight in your music videos, I’m sure everyone immediately thought of you as the contemporary successor to Susan B. Anthony. Just kidding, Christina. You’re a dumb, fat cokehead.

  • JustMe

    What a bunch of hypocrites on this blog. If it was Simon giving these comments no one would even comment. Maybe Christina hit the nail on the head when she mentioned Adam is having girl problems. And if it had been the other way around, Christina having Chris Mann perform a song offensive to men the comments would blow up on how offensive Christina is and it’s because she is a pig, unhappy…blah, blah, blah. Keep on keeping on Christina…sing and laugh your way all the way to the bank as you have been and ignore ignorant, envious and insecure people…in fact it’s not worth your while to read them.

    • sk8mom

      Is she supposed to sit there and like it if she gets called a bitch, I love Adam but they were talking about Christina in the song!

      • teemo

        Don’t be naive Justme. Christina’s comments have nothing to do with critiquing Tony Lucca or even believing the song he sang was derogitory to women. Anyone who has half a brain can see there is malice in all of her comments concerning his performances. There is no sincerity in anything she says and she just wants to hit below the belt every chance she gets. She really is a bi**h. There’s no excuse for behaving the way she does. She’s SUPPOSED to be a professional. That’s obviously not the case. Someone should let her know that humility and integrity are much more attractive traits. I can’t believe she’s raising a child. Poor kid.

    • Bree

      Difference is that Simon Cowell usually gives constructive criticism. And when he was too mean (which was usually called out by Paula Abdul) he would apologize immediately afterward on or off camera. Also, it’s noted that Simon is actually a genuinely nice person. Christina has a reputation for being incredibly rude and cold.
      Also, just because a song contains the word bitch (which wasn’t even said in Tony’s performance) doesn’t automatically mean it’s misogynistic. Listen to the lyrics of Jay-Z’s version. It has virtually nothing to do with women.
      Christina was just looking for something to not like about Tony’s performance because she dislikes him.

  • Norene

    While I don’t know this particular song, Christina has been particularly harsh towards Tony Lucca, It begs the question, What happened at the Mickey Mouse Club?

  • http://internetexplorer joe lapp

    christina, as a man your puppies are eye popping to me but the women who you say might have a problem with tony, might also have a problem with you, and your puppies. do the classy thing appoligize to tony @ adam. oh, keep the puppies around for the guys.

  • mandy

    I am really getting sick of her at this point! She is the one person on the show that shows “no class”. She needs to take a look in the mirror as she has not always been a good role model her self. Tony Lucca??? What did he do?? It is just sad that she has to go on television and act like a high school child. My 15 year old acts more mature and with more class and to be honest Christina is the example that we did not want her to see on the show last night, not Tony!

  • M1911

    Ever watch the video and/or read the lyrics to “Candyman” by Christina Aguilera?

    “He’s a one stop shop, makes my panties drop.”

    “He’s a one stop shop, makes my cherry pop.”

    No Christian, YOU are derogatory towards women. BEYAAAATCH!

  • fyrmyt

    I didn’t have much of an opinion of Xtina until I started watching the voice. She hogs the spotlight as much as possible. The rest of the judges act like the show is about the contestants…for her it is about how much camera time she gets. Sounds like she is feeling like a has been with all the new great talent out there.

    She looks like a toothpaste tube with the middle pushed in. She dresses like a hootchie and thinks the world should revolve around her. She has disrespected Tony since the first show and I think she doesn’t want anymore former Mousey’s to make it. Takes the limelight off of her fat butt. No wonder Kelly Osborne goes off on her all the time.

  • http://yahoo Robb Taylor

    Christina, showed all of us her rudeness. What about the week before or all her concerts when she wears the slutty outfits. WHat do you call that when young girls try to dress like her looking like a *****. Practice what you preach.

  • T

    What a poorly written article. I suggest actually reading prior to posting your work. The words are fragmented and the grammar is atrocious. I guess they let anyone write blogs these days.

    That aside, Christina has been pretty catty towards Tony Lucca the entire season and I’m wondering if something went on between them when they were younger. Perhaps a schoolgirl crush that was denied or brushed off? I normally like Christina Aguilera, but her behavior this season (as well as the insistence of wearing clothes that no longer fit her and are highly unflattering to her now curvier figure) is very unflattering.

  • Lorie

    Though I personally dont agree with Christina, we should remember that she is on a show where she is asked to give her opinion. That was her opinion of the performance, no more no less. No need for personal attack on her looks or weight. A simple “I dont agree with you” will work.

  • wanda

    Christina, has a nasty disposition anyway, i hope she don’t thinkl she can get away with that same nasty attitude that cowell has because she can’t do it like him. I hope she don’t retuirn as a judge next season ,if so i won’t watch it. Maybe kelly osburn need to open up a can of w.a on her to bring her back to earth.

  • Joe D

    Christina has been a little rough on him but I got to tell you, Tony
    does not belong in the top 4.He’s got a good personality but the other 3 singers have really powerful voices. Adam carried him on their duet for “Yesterday”. If they took Adam out of the song you would really see how Tony’s voice was straining. Last week Tony got saved by Adam because Katrina Parker won the popular vote.
    So if anybody wants to get mad at Christina they should really get mad at Adam for pushing Katrina off the show. Katrina could really sing.

  • http://yahoo wendywoo44

    omg, xtina is such a self absorbed arrogant beoch. 1st of all, Tony has been nothing but professional, even when she has attacked on camera.He’s my fave anyway, but he got lots of xtra votes from me & my camp due to her ugliness. OK so she can sing, but not only is she ugly on the outside, but even worse she’s uglier on the inside. No wonder PINK hates her, as well as Kelly Osbourne…they have taste. Great job to CeeLO, Adam, & Blake, you guys are great. As for Xtina, go stand in the unemployment line w/ Paula Abdul..you’ll probably have something negative to say about her too!!

  • Laura

    It’s just a song Ms. Aguilera, and real did you need to make that comment of “That’s a real man” It’s not a man contest and am sure Tony Lucca is a man. You could see it in his wife’s eyes how extremely happy and proud she is for her MAN. They are being judged for their singing and performance alone. You really need to pause and make sure you think before you say anything on a live show.

    • Laural

      Well said Laura

  • dsouthie23

    there is one thing to give constructive criticism, but to be rude is a whole different story. We all have different taste in music, just b/ you don’t like something, doesn’t make it awful. C.A. stepped way over the boundaries of being a coach. To say someone is one dimensional (he plays guitar and piano, and i’m sure many more instruments)and to question if they are a “real man” or not is absurd and not coaching but attacking someone personally is even worse. She has worked with many artists who have used such words and apparently they are not “real men” according to her statement last night. Also, if she would have taken the time to see the real meaning behind Jay Z’s song, she would know it is referring to a K-9. Do your research Christina!! Now, can we make the show about the artist competing and not you…it’s not always about you, even though i’m sure you think it is!!

  • Laural

    She is ruining the Voice – she is hateful and clearly has issues with Tony Lucca …. she is more deragatory to women with the way she dresses and carries herself. Seriously – she needs to go!

  • adnor

    Not a fan of Xtina! I have watched this show for the last time. She is rude and unprofessional. The show’s producers should realize that there are alot of talent shows on the air so who needs to watch this self promoting, hateful person cram herself into clothes that might have fit her 10 years ago but not today. Really enjoyed Jermaine but if Tony wins I’ll laugh because of her.

  • http://yahoo leroy

    come on do you like everyone you meet,Christina is awesome!!!!!

    • tammy rusk

      really? In what way? She wears tops that show way to much as far as I’m concerned for regular TV. And she acts like a snot. She is pretty much a has been and the only publicity she get’s these days is because of The Voice.

  • http://yahoonews troy

    I am appauled that christina is offended being that all season her ti@%$ts are disqustingly hanging out of her tops. if going to be a role model be one not a tramp. america needs to cover up more is less. ditch all these slutty reality shows and get some decency back in america. let the mind wonder again…

  • Tank Riggins

    She hasn’t had a hit in how long?

  • http://yahoonews troy

    christina is disqusting and mess. get clothes that fit and america need to put on some clothes we have gone way to far. ditch all these ads and tv shows with all the nudity and tit**s showing get some decency back. less is more and back to the imagination. its gone way to far.

  • LBFemme

    I actually am in the music business and know of Christina’s narcissism from way back, know many musicians who have been unfortunate enough to have performed with her and she has always been rude, crude and lewd. She treats her backup musicians like dirt so Tony, don’t take it personally. She is legendary for being nasty and now the public gets to see it close up and personal. Her PR people have probably quit by now.

  • Nicolette

    I think that she should take a good look at herself in the mirror before she makes remarks about other people and their appearances. I think she may have been scorned by Tony way back when and now she feels she has the power. Christina needs to back off.

  • carleen

    I am not a big fan Of Christina, I think she is in love with herself.
    She talks about Luca’s song, She sang with her Boy, and had her boobs all but hanging out, and rubbing up against him at the end.

    I think she does not portray the Voice as a judge in a positive way.

  • Gail

    I’ve watched the show all season. She is just outright nasty to him. For some bizarre reasons, she’s under the illusion that you can’t be nice or decent if you’re a celebrity…. she makes them all look bad. Mind you, this is a woman who has a DUI, had her boobs falling off the stage and looks like her extra fat was falling from the back end. Absolutely dislike this lady.

  • jeanne sanders

    GREAT VOICE……BUT SHE IS CLASSLESS….can’t fix that….christina.it’s 8:00..put some cloths on those store bought boobs…please……you are degradeing to women….

  • Mary

    Christina should not be allowed to comment on a performance if she didn’t even bother to watch it. I’m sick of her—she’s always got her boobs hanging over her tops and it’s ALL ABOUT HER! Adam is getting so long-winded in his remarks that I’m recording the show tonight so I can forward through commercials and his comments. Also, they should limit how long a judge can elaborate before saying who won. Good God, people, pick one and put the poor contestants out of their misery! This show needs some more work if they want people to tune in next season. I’m not sure I will.

  • Mike

    Xtina is really out of line here. She dresses unprofessionally and says that Tonys song is derogatory? She also comments when her act is thru that here is a real man? What is she implying that Tony isn’t a real man? She needs to go along with her negative attitude…it’s not good for the show

  • Jade

    Did Christina lose her damn mind? Why would you take a song so Personal?? Did VOICE#2 become ALL about her?? She has done nothing but wear act Rude, wear things that were not classy at ALL, and on top of that, what the heck is her problem with this Luca guy…It’s very clear that is either had some crush on and is very jealous that he is married, PLUS she just wants ALL the damn attention on her…and not any of the singers on the show! I LOVE how ADAM puts her in her place! LOVE IT! Bottom line is Christian, you have a great voice, and can actually look normal at times…CUT THE CRAP, before ALL your fans STOP giving a sh*% about you!

  • http://yahoo Steve Hart

    Get a grip honey there will be a lot more things you don’t like before you pass away, it’s called LIFE

  • http://globaldigadvertizing mary

    I think her actions last night were totally disrespectful! As people were clapping she was texting, never did care for her now i really dont. Kinda a shame because Chris Mann will probably not get votes because of her and he is an amazing singer!

  • David Evert

    Christina poor Christina everyone can see you don’t like Tony Lucca whether it is a song choice or the way he sings. You are jealous and afraid that a former Mickey Mouse Club actor will outperform you. He will make albums i would buy yours are full of crap that disrespect women. Have a little more respect for yourself and remember one who has flaws shouldn’t be throwing rocks at the mirror, it will crack and then you will see your own flaws. Christina clean up your act first…

  • Jzm

    Got 99 problems and that BITCH is 1

  • E Gold

    I knew it! When she rudely forgot Tony Vincent’s name awhile back when he was eliminated and said, “Tony, that’s your name right?,”she really meant that rude phrase for Tony Lucca! As if the name Tony is so forgettable. She really just dislikes him. Good for Tony Vincent when he said she showed her truly colors then and still doing now. You sniffed that stink early.

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