Christie Brinkley Stuns Partygoers Again [PHOTOS]

By: Daryl Nelson - February 18, 2014

And the hits keep coming, as they say.

Last month we featured a story about how supermodel Christie Brinkley remains so young and gorgeous looking, because when she showed up at the 50th Anniversary party for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue looking completely flawless, many were baffled how she was able to look so good at 60 years of age.

Well, the blond beauty has done it again at another Sports Illustrated party, when she showed up on the event’s pink carpet and made everybody go wild.

Decked out in a body hugging, low-cut, orange-dress, Brinkley looked as if she just stepped out of a high-end fashion magazine, circa 1979–she looked that good. And it’s not just her fashion choices that seem to impress everyone, it’s her overall youthful appearance, which doesn’t seem to be attached to a lot of plastic surgery.

Sure, she might have undergone some form of surgery to look younger, but it’s hard to tell because for one, she doesn’t have that trout-mouth-plastic surgery-look, and two, she’s been known to be a big health buff who exercises regularly and eats right.

MJ Day, who’s the senior editor for Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, said he’s completely blown away by how young Brinkley looks and she can easily pass for someone 30 years her junior.

“She looks phenomenal,” Day said. “She has the legs of a 30-year old and the face of an angel. She’s what you aspire to look like at 60. She’s mind-blowingly beautiful.

In an interview with People magazine, Brinkley says that she can’t wait to turn 60 because she feels this is one of the best periods of her life. “I’m actually excited about turning 60,” she said “I feel on top of my game.

And although she’s proud to look so good for her age, she tries to tone it down when she’s with her children and avoids wearing bikinis when she takes them to the beach.

“My kids would be so embarrassed,” she said. “In private I may wear a bikini, but at the public beach with my kids I would change bathing suits because they do not want to be hanging out with some old broad in a bikini.”

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Daryl Nelson

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  • tom

    That is some fine gash!

    • ellism66

      She may look fine but she is a real bitch. Just look what she and her scumbag brother were trying to do to Billy Joel.

      • Will Ficek

        What has she tried doing to Billy Joel that he hasn’t already tried doing to himself ???

      • Ronaldus Magnus

        But now she goes on all the Billy Joel documentaries and speaks so highly of him and their time together!

      • Smith John

        what did she do to billy? they have been divorced for 20 years..

    • Eleanor Jacobs

      Gash? Your wife, mother, sisters etc, must be so proud of the vulgar man you have become. I just hope someone else speaks as “kindly” of them as you do of Christie.

      • emncaity

        You said it.

        • gary Bloomfield

          no comments on the gals response

  • johnsnare

    Great looking lady, and it is fairly obvious she has some surgery.

    • thisizmyname

      I don’t think most women would object to looking like this, surgery or not….

  • Fantasy Maker

    She looks good on the outside

  • woodyherman

    It takes many hours of hard work and discipline to have a body like that. All the power to her and the money that is coming with it.

  • gary Bloomfield

    rumor has it she’s a FRIGGEN NUTCASE !!!

    • emncaity

      Oh, absolutely. Most rational people agree that believing rumors is the first key to living a reasonable life.

      • Mark

        Well, good thing I don’t want her for her mind.

    • Bill Of Rights

      Rumors started by people that envy her.

      • Penny’sarcade

        No, don’t envy her. I knew her photographer 30 yrs ago when she got her start and believe me, he had not very nice things to say about her as a young upstart model. She’s incredibly conceited.

    • jeffbunnell

      Actually, as much as I like her, she was rambling on a bit like a crazy person during the process of divorcing Peter Cook. Check out YouTube for some interviews during that period. So it does add crediblitly to the “nutcase” remark.

  • Christian Peterson

    Stunning Smile!!!

  • The Interrogator

    The body is in her GENES—in a recent magazine she claims she only spends 10 minutes/day exercising. I believe her—-what does she do then? She eats vegetables, fruits, & beans for her protein.

    Let’s face it—she had the GENES, plus she’s taken good care of her health throughout the years—no big drinker, no drug using at all. Congrats.

  • peapers

    The trick is to start the procedures young and never do the procedures with the intent of looking young. Only to look better. Then have “tune-up” tucks occasionally in the same spirit.

    Of course this requires money and time, and lots of both.

  • gg

    she even looks much younger than Vanessa paradis!

  • Jean

    In this particular photo? Yes – her features look different. That said, it’s her choice. And I think anyone who has made their living on their looks probably does spend more time and money on them than those of us who were never “drop dead gorgeous”. Again, their money, their time, their looks. I would caution anyone reading that “This is what you aspire to look like at 60″ comment, though: If you never looked like her at 35 (and I didn’t) you are not going to look like her at 60 and don’t try. Each of us should simply try to be the best “us” we can be – at any age.

  • abe

    She puts 21-year-olds to shame. And she knows how to dress.

  • Eleanor Jacobs

    She has a lifetime of ultimate upkeep aka maintenance because she has made her living off her body for her lifetime. She is a fine example of what can happen when you start out with great genes and maintain what G-d gave you.

    I commend her for doing so.

    I also recognize that she had some exceptional genes to start with.

    • Bill Of Rights

      Curious, G-d ? Is God a bad word ? When did that happen ?

      • emncaity

        You have to be joking. Right?

        • Bill Of Rights

          No, I have seen people disguise swear words. but not God unless its followed by a damn. Just curious as to why someone cannot type God, I though maybe it was being censored like a vulgarity of some type. Can you explain this G_d ?

          • BeckerHead

            Chill…..sounds like you need a vacation. How about this…..sign up for Obamacare and find a nearby mental health facility. Check yourself in and spend a couple of weeks chilling with your girlfriends…..

          • Bill Of Rights

            Beckerhead, Yes I do need a vacation. But I am not upset, I just wanted a simple explanation which Katy provided. BTW, I believe in God and I am not a Republican. So your attempts to label me are inaccurate.

          • VanPastorMan

            It could be that Eleanor is Jewish. Many Jewish people interpret using God’s name in vain so stringently that they will not even speak His name,nor will they write it.

          • Roger Kaplan

            The name

      • Tina Solomon

        FYI, Bill of Rights…the entire world is not Christian. Actually, most of it is not. There are other religions with their unique cultural beliefs and traditions! Try educating yourself before you get all wound up for no reason at all.

        • Bill Of Rights

          Tina, What has that got to do with it ? Nice explanation, not. As for education I doubt you could pass a 5th grade math test so get off your high horse.

          • howdygirl

            Many people feel the name of God is so sacred that to type the full word out is blasphemous. It is a show of respect, not using a bad word.

          • Bill Of Rights

            Thanks Katy, but God is not his name its his title, like Lord. I understand its a Jewish custom not to pronounce the true name of God ( YHWH ). But I did not know they did not even say/spell the title God ? But if it’s being reverential then I have no problem with it. Thanks for actually giving an explanation.

          • Tina Solomon

            You’d be surprised. But, as a professor of history, I’m glad to see you actually learned something (referring to the simple explanation you were provided with). Good job!

      • BeckerHead

        Wow…..the American Christian Taliban censors are at work.
        Such an innocuous statement is now turned into a Neo-KKKlown red meat hot button. As my rapper “TP” homeboy would tell you…. ” Reason obeys itself; and ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it.”-Thomas Paine

        • Bill Of Rights

          Beckerhead, I am as far from a “christian taliban KKK” as you will ever find. Just wanting a simple explanation which Katy kindly provided without all the name calling and unfounded accusations.

      • Yechezkel

        Orthodox (and other Jews) don’t write G-d’s full name as it is considered holy and shouldn’t end up in some trash basket someday. That is why I don’t write the full name and maybe the same for the above poster.

        • Bill Of Rights

          Katy, Thank you for this simple concise explanation without any of the juvenile name calling and pretentiousness of other ‘smart’ people out here. I was aware that Jews did not use the pronunciation of God’s true name out of reverence. I just did not realize they also refrained from using the title of “God” as well. Thanks again.

    • Eleanor Jacobs

      Having grown up in a Jewish community. I thought this was common knowledge. I am sorry that my show of reverence caused some people to get their panties in a bunch.

  • chefref

    Four husbands!!! She must be fun to live with!

    • emncaity

      Or they must be.

      • Artful Dodger

        Wrong assumption given the probabilities.

    • Bill Of Rights

      She would have no problem finding a 5th, or a 6th or a 7th …….

    • Bill Of Rights

      Well that one idiot even cheated on Sandra Bullock, with a tattooed sleazy girl to boot. Being a man I can attest there is no limit to our stupidity. Must be a natural byproduct of testosterone.

  • Neal Winnie

    She is still gorgeous and beautiful to look at, whatever her personal issues are doesn’t concern me…. I don’t think she has my number. :o(

  • Nancy

    She had a facelift a couple years ago.

    • VanPastorMan

      True, but she doesn’t look like Nancy Pelosi does she?

      • Susan Shoemaker

        Not yet. Look at her hands. ha.

  • Bill Of Rights

    Ok, half the comments say she looks this good because of cosmetic surgery. If cosmetic surgery could make you look good then Joan Rivers would be the hottest woman on the planet. This lady was born with good genes and has worked hard and eaten right to stay beautiful. Surgeons cannot magically make ugly fat lazy people beautiful. If they could then I would be the first standing in line 😉

  • Artful Dodger

    That thang is still going to be dried up and stretched out to the point that it resembles a wizard’s drooping sleeve. Give me a rambunctious 19 year-old with a snappin’ kitty every single time.

  • Cici Tilly

    I think it’s a combination of exercise, eating habits, attitude and botox. She is a stunner for sure and rather than women being jealous of her they should thank her because it used to be that once you hit 30 years old you were old and useless. Women like this make all of us better off!!!!

  • Smith John

    sad when a 60 yr old looks that good and most 30 yr olds look like ragged out overweight hogs…

  • Katy

    There is clearly plastic surgery and age spot removal in her face, throat, and chest area. No one at age 60 could possibly be so clear-skinned with absolutely zero age spots, and sun spots…..especially given that she tanned alot in her youth……the DEAD GIVEAWAY is the photo showing her hands. Take a closer look at her aged hands which are covered with wrinkles and popped veins………in sharp contrast to her manipulated face.

  • flixgirl

    While I am sure she has had some minor work done, she was blessed with very good genes. And she has always taken care of herself and excercised and ate right. That is a big part of why she looks so good.

  • Antoine

    She is beautiful but with all her $$$$ and great looks it must be difficult to live her life. I wouldn’t want to have all that history of failed marriages, a daughter who attempted suicide and regrets of leaving my parents to do a Broadway musical while they were dying. I see that some people blame her for the failed marriage to Billy Joel. I’m still not clear about whose fault it was.
    I wish the entire family the best of luck.

    • Beth Fountain

      Billy cheated on her many times on the road!!!

      • VanPastorMan

        Can you prove this claim? Seriously, I haven’t ever heard this before. Thx in advance.

  • linacatt

    She’s an inspiration….She looks great!

  • frankenbiker

    class, pure class. That’s whats missing in a lot of high “class” models today.

  • geo

    i would kick her out of the bed! more room on the floor

  • VanPastorMan

    Dangitt Jerry!!!!! You have a beautiful wife and are a lucky man.

  • Ann

    What did se do or try to do to Bill Joel? It was his first wife and her brother that cheated him out of a lot of money, It was not Christy. She is a beauty.

  • Ms. Trish

    Why does everyone have to pick her apart? Christy looks beautiful surgery or not. She is rocking that dress. Her hair is gorgeous. She is wealthy and has a variety of successful business ventures. She has made a living from her looks and so what. If I looked like her I would use it to my advantage as well. Have you ever seen a picture of her mother? She is/was beautiful because I don’t know if she is still living. Haters quit hating. Guys quit saying all those disturbingly gross comments. A woman with her looks and business sense is bound to have problems with the husbands. Notice the only one we hear about is Billy and he is the only one that is successful and was when they met and so was she. The others probably had a different agenda…anyone’s guess what that could be. She is a natural beauty with great bone structure and so are her kids. I’ve said enough or too much…whatever!

  • Mae

    Amazing how a woman who does nothing other than photograph well becomes an American icon. Have we lost complete sensibility on what is truly important? Obviously. I also find it interesting we never see articles about how wonderfully ageless male models or actors are. Just goes to show the real truth attractive women truly rule the world, because men allow them to do so.

  • kevi

    lets see if a krashdashian looks like that at 60

  • Susan Shoemaker

    My hat is off to her. However, her interviews are grueling. She is an airhead so it is good that she has such an amazing body, hair and skin (although, she has had some work, it just hasn’t started showing yet — give her a few years). Also, her health has held up. Again, so good she was blessed with the body, etc. her brain is lacking.

  • ottie


    • Tara

      If thats a middle aged woman..take me there and quick.

  • Tara

    Minor nips and tuck..but she was gorgeous before and exercises and eats right. Lots of stars younger then her with more surgery look older than her.

  • Son of Liberty

    I used to like Christie, but now she’s just another stupid khunt.

  • Roger Kaplan

    I’d still do her but it would have to be doggy-style, not because she isn’t pretty anymore … just because that’s the way I like it

  • Rose

    Of course she looks good, although her face is starting to look a bit on the plastic side; she has had a lot of cosmetic surgery over the years, and even talked about it openly a few years ago, when she was hired to do a play on Broadway. Plus, having the money and time for the extensive upkeep she does, doesn’t hurt either. The average woman doesn’t have any of that and shouldn’t try to compare themselves with her.

  • ItsCool

    Maybe it’s all those workouts on the Total Gym!

  • Opie

    Still the stunning stone FoX she was way back when…. WoW!

  • Ardeare

    Sure would like to stick it inside of her and pump like crazy. I’d eat that.

  • OregonDude

    She looks wonderful. It so nice to see a grandma look stunning. If it weren’t for the Geritol, Metamucil, and the nose throbbing morning doo doo farts it might work.