Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders: New Album

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Chrissie Hynde, best known for her years as the front woman of The Pretenders, is back on tour and has a new album to boot. Recently appearing in Akron, Ohio--the city that she says 'spit her out,' Hynde performed a 22-song set that featured many of The Pretenders' classics. Fans loved hearing "Don't Lose Faith in Me,'' "Biker,'' "Talk of the Town,'' "Kid,'' "Night in My Veins,'' and more. Earlier shows have found her in Nashville and Charlotte as she introduces her new album all around the U.S.

Diehard fans know this, but so-so fans might not: Chrissie Hynde, who has been part of the music scene since 1975, has never released a solo album--until now. The 63-year-old is back on tour to promote Stockholm, and she doesn't disappoint whatsoever. In the tradition of her Pretenders material, Hynde's songs in this new album speak to the depths of listener's souls. Big on reform, her lyrics address a number of important issues. Tracks from Stockholm, including "In a Miracle,'' "Live in the Movies,'' "You or No One,'' as well as others, aren't that different from songs by The Pretenders. Since Hynde was their front woman, that shouldn't shock anyone--and will no doubt help boost record sales.

"Adding the Blue" is destined to be a fan favorite.

From Akron, Hynde headed to Chicago. On Wednesday night, November 19th, she will debut Stockholm in Austin, Texas. During a recent interview with the Austin Chronicle, she admitted that seeing her name solo on the marquee makes her a bit uncomfortable.

"I have to admit the first couple of times I saw my name on the marquee it made me very uncomfortable. But then I think, “Don’t take it so personally.” It just is what it is," she said.

She mentioned, too, that the only living member of The Pretenders--besides her--is Martin Chambers. Has she ruled out a reunion of sorts?

"The only living Pretender is Martin Chambers, who would be happy to come out, and I love working with him. That’s a possibility, I guess," she said.

Chrissie Hynde was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame back in 2005, and is certainly deserving of the accolade. Is it possible that at 63 she will have a brand new hit album under her belt? Check out Stockholm and see for yourself whether you prefer The Pretenders crooner solo, or think she should contact Chambers and do some collaborative work. It's likely you'll simply love her--and won't find a huge difference between the old and the new.

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