Chris Tolles’ Pubcon Summary

    November 20, 2006

Chris Tolles, co-founder of, offers a brilliant summary of Pubcon, including a comparison between this and something like Web 2.0. Could Tolles be the ultimate hybrid? A well-versed attendee/sponsor of both conferences, who totally “gets it”?

That sense of the gap between the two types of conference was confirmed for me in a chat with Lawrence Coburn, president of, a consumer review site (who gave a thought-provoking presentation on “widgets” as viral marketing tool). Coburn noted that many of the companies who are closest to the Web 2.0 scene (actual startups with short runways of cash) might actually be priced out of attending that event, and worse, would miss out on the fresh ideas that come out at a Pubcon sort of event featuring players who are, in Tolles’ words, “…hungry. A little scary. Nobody is dialing it in at this place.”



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