Chris Brown Responds To Gay Slur Controversy on Twitter

Says "the best noise is silence"

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Chris Brown Responds To Gay Slur Controversy on Twitter
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Chris Brown, no stranger to controversy, finds himself amid another one today.

Yesterday, TMZ caught Brown calling a TMZ cameraman “gay” after they caught him avoiding a parking ticket in Los Angeles. Brown obviously thought that TMZ had tattled on him for parking illegally and asked if TMZ called them and then tried to film the confrontation. He then said “Y’all n**gas is gay.”

Poor grammar aside, this is just another instance of Chris Brown getting into trouble over something he said. Last year, he got in a Twitter feud in which he called someone a “homo” and “dick in da booty lil boy.” And we won’t even get into the whole Rhianna thing…

Last night, Brown issued this tweet about the incident –

I have total respect for Gay community and my intention was not to insult anyone in it. #REALSHIT 20 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone · powered by @socialditto

TMZ jumped on him for this tweet, saying that he “lied” through his teeth.” TMZ added that he “never apologizes, but instead writes a half-assed, dismissive explanation.”

He’s been hearing it from the Twitter community today. The hashtag #chrisbrownneedsto has been trending the whole day. Some responses have been “…stop using homophopic slurs, the apologizing, then doing it again.” Others have been a little more cutting, such as #chrisbrownneedsto release an album entitled Greatest Hits, I’m guessing Rhianna will be on the album cover.”

And in the last hour, he has rallied off a series of tweets where he calls people who latch onto every word he says “thirsty.” Check out his string of tweets:

This will make things a whole lot easier. If you don’t like/support me then don’t listen to my music. Thx love you Teambreezy! 45 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone · powered by @socialditto

Latching on to my every word and criticizing makes you look thirsty. I can’t even piss without somebody complaining. Imagine how I feel. 43 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone · powered by @socialditto

A person should not have to apologize every second for living life! 39 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone · powered by @socialditto

Ive said my peace. Now back to rehearsal for Sunday. So excited to see the other performances! Teambreezy #BET 29 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone · powered by @socialditto

The best noise is silence! 17 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone · powered by @socialditto

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending Chris Brown here, but is TMZ a little too eager to catch him up in something? In their article they call what he said a “nasty slur.” Is simply saying the word “gay” a nasty slur? Believe me, I think homophobic statements are deplorable, but does saying “gay” deserve this kind of backlash? They didn’t even mention the fact the he called them “n**gas.”

But in the case of Chris Brown, if you do a couple of things like beat your girlfriend, smash things with chairs, and unleash homophobic rants, it’s pretty hard to give you the benefit of the doubt.

Chris Brown Responds To Gay Slur Controversy on Twitter
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  • Milano Bradley

    If the best noise is silence, then maybe he should say nothing… or watch what comes out his mouth… If he doesn’t want folks to bash everything negative that he does, then either don’t do negative things publicly or rethink the whole fame thing… You wanna be famous, it comes with the package.

    Stop trying to be a badass and then pout when you piss folks off… Ever thought about it? LoL

    • lala

      he is right..let him live if yall hate what he does then dont follow up on what he does..i understand he makes mistakes and i just pray for him not to make another but “he is only human, were all the same” chris brown. Let him be Chris

      • Milano Bradley

        I appreciate what you saying and I would agree if he wasn’t in the public eye… He’s an American celeb and (if you’re from the USA) you know we give our celebs WAAAAAAY to much airtime, so there’s no such thing as not following what he does.

        Example: I don’t like OR dislike Chris… Don’t follow him on twitter… Never bought an album… I don’t listen to the radio… Yet I hear about it EVERY SINGLE TIME he screws something up.

      • Nyah Samone

        Chris put himself in the situtation where people are always going to be up his ass and because of that he has more responsibilty just like any other famous person, which means hes still needs to watch himself and the previous conflict with rihanna doesnt help anything either. Yes, hes human but he has a job to this world and he needs to start working .

    • deviledegg

      But if her were to watch what comes out of his mouth that would require him to take responsibility for his own actions…and well we all know “NO ONE” does that anymore..

      • Milano Bradley

        The funny thing is, it’s only a matter of time before he does or says something he’s FORCED to take responsibility for… Then what?

        • deviledegg

          If beating a woman and leaving bite marks on her isn’t enough to make this guy clean up his act nothing will. But hey I;m just one of them “Haters” Silly me not having respect for a “man” who beats up women and uses racial and well as homophobic remarks.

          • Milano Bradley

            LoL!! I guess I’m one too.

            What I meant by “FORCED to take responsibility” is eventually he’s gonna do something stupid, and then he’ll be behind bars with all the other idiots who couldn’t control themselves…

    • Stacy


      • Milano Bradley

        Boom! LOL you’re wonderful

    • deviledegg

      I pose this question to all…Would your reaction of “Leave Chris alone, everybody says things they regret” Be the same had this been a white or Hispanic performer? Would you all come to their defense of them saying “Nigga you’s gay?” I doubt it..Everyone of you would jump on the “How dare he use the “N” word train and would want his head served up on a platter..

    • Charisse Miller

      I dont think he said or did anything, I call people gay all the time but it doesnt mean anything. I went to al VPA school and they have the most gay people there my best friend is gay. Like i said I dont think Chris did anything wrong he is human just like the rest of rest, and as for as the whole Rihanna thing that was two years ago and still dont nobody know the whole story. They have moved pass it why cant the rest of the world

    • bill morgen

      that comment was gay

  • deviledegg

    All I know is this guy is a PRICK!! And if he had been a white guy or a Mexican guy and said “You Niggas is gay”..people wouldn’t just be talking about the term “gay” being thrown around.

  • mechanicaldummy

    Love you breezy keep doin you man don’t worry about all these haters..people need to forgive and forget ..find something better to do

  • Tori

    hahahaha having an opinion is NOT hating. u sound so dumb.

  • Tatyana

    really? you people act like hes the only person that has ever did somethin badd. its a big step to admit yu did something wrong and actually apologize for it. seriously get off his dick and find something more productive with yur life then put him down. cause no matter what yu say or do hes gonna have fans and hes gonna be loved and hes gonna live how he want to. so get outta here with that bull ! #teambreezy :)

  • roshawn

    you know i am so tired of defending chris brown to my friends and family. mostly females, i dont want to do it anymore. he is a fucked off person, and really need some better people skills. but im sure he dont have anything to worry about… he will still be on top, fully successful. yeah chris… what the fuck is this world coming to?!!

  • michelle

    leave chris alone u act like yall dont make mistakes its just dat his is in the publics eye which doesnt help the situaction n i keep hearin rumors bot breezy n riri who cares wat dey do its their life not urs luv works n crazy ways n da ppl dat dont like man down 4 children y u let kids watch it in the 1st place

    • Your Mom

      Wow, Michelle, you are amazingly illiterate. But you’re still better than your husband Barack.

    • Stacy

      girl bye stop cryin. u do not kno him. he dont kno u. he dont giv a fuck about u and yo ass is pressed goin hard tryin 2 save somebody. he dug his own hole so if he dnt like people talkin den he shud disappear. Oww! lls

  • http://tmz zoe bagay

    Ya need to leave him da fuck along . Teambreezy forever.

    • Stacy

      leave him along huh? lls

    • Nyah Samone

      worddd :) !!!!

  • http://yahoo SGT ANNETTE S HOOK

    you all leave to leave chris brown alone. we all are human and no one in this world is perfect. to keep bringing up the incident with his ex is not fair. luke 37: judge not or you should not be judge, condem not or you should not be condem. he has pay the price, leave the man alone. sometimes black people uses slurs as talking and people don’t understand because even though they are no longer there, some blacks like chris have not forgot were they came from. i admire him for that. chris stay strong and keep living the life and making that money.

    • Milano Bradley

      ??? I don’t care where you come from… I’m from VA too and yea… using “gay” as slang meaning something negative isn’t acceptable there either…

  • AAS650

    Whatever happened to free speach? Everytime I turn on the TV or internet some celebrity is “in trouble” because of something they said…they have every right to say whatever they want whether we agree or not – wth!?

    • AAS650


    • shani

      okay that’s what I’m saying

  • shani

    People need to stop worrying about every bad thing Chris Brown does. Yall act like he is perfect. Everybody make mistakes you just have to learn form them. People need to leave him alone. Love you CHRIS BROWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nicole Ache

      No sweety. People like you act like he’s perfect. Ya’ll just get salty when others point out just how perfect he isn’t.

      Learn what? He’s clearly learned nothing at all.

  • GG

    If ppl stop worrying about other ppl and worry about themselves then the world would be a better place. Everybody makes mistakes and YES he has made a lot but then again it’s other famous ppl that made more mistakes and they dont get as much attention then he do. He will always be in the publics eye because he’s famous if he wasnt famous no one would care what he do. No one’s perfect… WHAT HAVE YOU DONE IN YOUR LIFE WRONG? DO YOU WANT PPL TO FORGIVE YOU FOR THAT? Think about that.

  • K

    Chris Brown dug a hole for himself wayyy long ago.
    He’s working on his grave now :)

  • GG

    If Rihanna loves it yall should to… She forgave him so why the hell yall still talking about it? Yall act like he hit yall. If she want to go back with him are be his friend let her! It’s not hurting yall are effecting yall life so why get mad and get yall panties in a bunch

    • Nicole Ache

      Umm, last time I read this was about gay bashing sweety lol. But since you went there:

      -So because Rihanna forgave him the rest of the world has to?

      -So if he beat the shit out of you, theeeeen you have a sudden jolt of common sense?

      And no one is upset sweety other than his fans, so go have a cup of joe and chill out for a sec lmao

    • deviledegg

      I have no issue with her if she wants to go back to him I’ve been taught if a man hits you once and you forgive him and go back..Then you are a dumb Bi*ch who deserves to get the crap beat out of you. And The reason I keep talking about it is because he keeps screwing up and doing it in public. HE chose this life, the life in the “PUBLIC” eye. So if he doesn’t want all the crap for what he says he needs to drop out of the limelight…Put on his big boy pants and handle his business like a “MAN” not like a dumb-ass street punk.

      • Charisse Miller

        Rihanna went back to Chris the after it happen when the had met up at P diddy house.

        Then months later when her Cd came out is when is wanna try and play the whole “He hurt me” card/

        And like i said before nobody knows the whole story and i am not saying what Chris did was wrong but it over it.


    In response to Chris Brown’s statement on Twitter: “I have total respect for Gay community and my intention was not to insult anyone in it.” I would like to reply that you cannot say you have “respect for Gay community,” yet call people “gay” to mean demeaning. I am surprised at how fortunate so many celebrities are, yet forget that not only do their actions offend and hurt those they directly speak to, but to their fans who are also gay. Unfortunately for Mr. Brown, he will have to learn the hard way like many others who think they can walk around saying what they like.

    • GG

      Well maybe they should stop following him then they want get hurt. This world is very mean and if you choose to be GAY then

    • GG

      Maybe they should stop following him if it hurts their feelings… This is a mean world we live in and if you choose to be Gay then you will have a lot of ppl not liking how you live so if you Gay you have to be a strong person and not let others hurt your feelings just over some stupid words. Me being Black what he said wasnt to hurt anyone it’s just how we talk and if you not black r if you didnt grow up around blacks in the hood then you wouldn’t know what the hell he talking about and that’s the truth

      • Nicole Ache

        Right, and if you choose to be FAMOUS then your fans should stop killing their braincells and realize the same way he does what he wants PEOPLE FORM THE OPINIONS THEY WANT ABOUT HIM. Like the first post said, if he doesn’t like it he shouldn’t be famous :)

      • deviledegg

        So let me ask you this GG You say if you choose to be gay then you have to deal with people not liking you..Okay I’m going to let the ignorance of you assuming being gay is a “choice” go. But I can prove to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that “Stupid Words” can and do hurt people (and not just gay people). If I were to call you, your Mother, or anyone in your family the “N” word you would flip the hell out right?? So remember that…Stupid words do hurt..

  • Tracy

    Just like the use of curse words, people use homophobic slurs every single day. I refuse to believe that the use of the word “GAY” makes a person have hatred against the gay community. “Gay” is also a term that means happy. Yes Chris could have meant it one way or the other. Either way people are going to have something negative to say about him because he is a celebrity. Out of the entire statement he made the only thing that is being talked about is the word “Gay”. He said the N-ord too. Does that make him a racist of his own ethnicity? Alot of times when a person gets mad instantly their going to speak or react without thinking. I dont agree with the statement he made, however he is not the only person in the entire world to ever make it and to be honest he wont be the last. People he may be a celebrity, but he is also a human being first. What world wants is Chris Brown to be perfect, but he is not. No one is. So stop trying to find every single excuse to drag his name in the mud especially when you as an individual have said and done some messed up things in your life as well.

    • dawn

      thank yew couldnt have said it any better come on

  • Alicia

    The fact dat yall sitin around tlkin bout dis makes yall look stupid…its his life, let him live it…regardless he still gettin paid so shut up

    • Nicole Ache

      What’s stupid is people saying “It’s his life” like he doesn’t have a platform to influence tons of people. So when your kid grows up and slaps the shit out of you remember… Chris Brown did it first :)

      Maybe he’ll get paid for that too?

    • deviledegg

      Well the fact that you post that comment off as English is what makes you look stupid…

  • dawn

    get off chris browns dick cuz when other call people gay people laugh the shit and get offended all the time but when chris brown does it its like he needs to go to jail for dhat shit hop of his dick he making money et him be him shiiitttt not everyone wanna be judging him and shit fuck outta son everytime chris brown do something its always a problem leave him the fuck alone let him do him onlything yall tmz niggas do is talk about people share yall opinions about shit shut the fuck up for once worry about yall self not himif yew can so im a real teambreezy fan so yeah im a big one and im on chris brown team .teambreezy for lyfe im out

  • dawn

    yo let meh start off saying let chris brown be him……when he uses gays slurs everyone let oh this oh that shut the fuck up with dhat shit…………..mostly everyone uese gay slurs……..i have nothing against gay people but i even uses it who ever i offend im sorry but let chris be chris………..i hate when websites has to have shit to do with chris brown shit its so funny i have yahoo as my home page ryte ther on the right side it says chris brown wtf let the man be him when he uses gay slurs yall get offended but when other people do it its not a big deal shut the fuck up dhat shit…………why yall always gotta be worried about other people worry about yall selfs shit………as yew an see imm a true teambreezy fan and i will always be on chris brown side…..teambreezy im out hit up my facebook page facebook.com/dawn.valentin.brezzy.nerverson

  • mizz.b

    his apologiez won’t work everytime….there comes a time when ppl need to grow up and I personally don’t believe that he has….its like he is immuned to getting in trouble…yes we are all human & everybody makes mistakes but seriously it is just ridiculous how he has been carrying himself lately..he needs to GROW UP!

  • bob

    OH look the gay community is butt hurt >.> pun intended stop being little bitches

    • deviledegg

      Wow your wit it astonishing…A butt joke about gay people…That’s like making a fried chicken and Kool-aid joke about black folks..

  • MsB

    WHO CARES!! I don’t understand why do people care what he says. When he was down and out not making music being low key..TMZ and whatever other blog was not thinking about him. They were all happy he was down and out. Now that he has come back and trying to do what he loves to do..everybody wants to bring him back down..which is kind of sad. Also all you people who pass judgement honestly need to look at your own life before you try and call somebody out on something they have own up to because I BET you have things you have done that is shameful and hurtful that YOU HAVEN’T even admit or owned up to. I also feel that majority of the Gay community don’t find what he said offensive, its dummies like TMZ who tries to find some type of controversy in what he says all the time..smh food for thought.

    • Dyamond

      I agree! Being a part of the LGBT Community I can say I have nothing but love for him! He didn’t mean any harm by it the media is once again just blowing stuff out of proportion!

  • bre

    i think they should just leave him alone sometimes …. is it that serious… big fan love your new song next to you.

  • Dyamond

    Dude leave Chris brown alone already. Yeah he made some mistakes, but who hasn’t? If you lived your life in front of the media 24/7 I bet someone would catch you saying something that you would “only say at home” or with your group of friends. This man is brilliant and deserves a break. Back up off and let the man be!!!!!!!!!

  • lite brite

    leave him alone!! just because he’s famous, doesnt mean we have to watch his every move.. AND he shouldnt be forced to apologize to ANYONE for the things he says or does!!

  • Sam

    How is calling someone gay a gay slur? So is gay a bad word now?

    • Nyah Samone

      funny how they aint realize the N word coming out his mouth ??? say whattt ???

    • sabby

      You know what!!callin someone gay hurts,and othr ppl end up killin them selves coz of bein calld dat,no body likes 2 be calld gay!!!so stop dat ppl!!!y’all jst make me sick lyk chris himself nxa!

  • Joise row

    First of all being gay is a sin from the pit of hell. And no God do not deal with people who insults his word, he created adam and eve not adam and steve. so what chris brown said that AND what gays are either going to get HIV and all other deadly disease according their sin. If they don’t turn from their wicked ways they are going to bust HELL wide open.

    • deviledegg

      Josie you are a female right?? Well if you want to throw in what God says is the law…Then I assume you agree that if a Virgin is raped and she doesn’t scream loud enough then the men of the town have the right to stone her?? Deuteronomy 22:23-24
      Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection.
      Timothy 2:12 Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. SO if you live by the bible then if you don’t want to go to hell with all the gays..Know your place and keep in silence..after
      all the lord said so…

  • Gee

    I am a supporter of Chris Brown and I don’t condone the wrong that he may do or say, but all of you probably hear worst from your friends or others you are associated with, it’s really time that people let go of their god complex as far as judging every action or word that comes out of Chris Brown’s mouth, he will pay for his wrong when gid feels it’s time and he made a comment that is really not a rant, this is just another case of something being blown totally out of porportion..Chris stop apologizing to these ignorant people

    • Gee

      GOD complex

  • http://www.yahoo.com tsr127


  • Charisse Miller

    What the heck, like for real leave the man alone. I call people gay all the time but dont mean i think of them any less. All the pap is doing is trying to start some mess Chris didnt do anything wrong. And just like what Chris saud if you dont like him then why are you all up in his face.

  • jr walker

    Chris Brown is suspect as a gay man himself

    • pat

      year man y can say that again.

  • Matt

    Well, if white people aren’t allowed to use the N-word, then sure, its not right for him to use a homophobic slur.

    • shay watkins

      u must be white..RIGHT?

    • olivia

      sssooo wheres the homo slur at???? tell me??? just to let you in on something special.. gay people dont own the word gay… gay has other meanings in speach exspcially now a days.. im in the same age group as chris brown and i use gay in that term almost every day and im gay..

      • pat

        so how do you cope with all the treating differently of people?

    • Kim

      The jackass has to be white.

  • Chantelle

    Just Give The Man A Break I Say He’s Human Just Like Each And Everyone Of Us, We All Make Mistakes And Im Sure He Will Lean From Them Because Chris Is Young And Still Growing. XoXo Chaney =*

    • pat

      YOU have something 4 him that is why U talk like that? well even if you 2 met he was going 2 beat you until U say what de hell was I thinking.

  • danesha

    Dis is da most messiest site i ever heard of write something bad bout ur selves

    • pat

      what I U talking about girl?

  • Rheanna

    I think they should leave him alone he has enough on his plate

    • pat

      this is a decision that is based on relationship manner.It’s unprofessional!

  • danielle ramsey


    • pat


  • Breanna

    I didnt know “gay” was an insult. Chris used the N word and not one word has been said about that. Gay ppl so damn sensitive. Chill the f out. Damn.

    • pat

      hahahahahahahahah! you hav a nice sense of humor!

  • shay watkins

    This is to any and every, your talking about a man..NOT GOD,but a man. no one on earth has not done wrong,and as you smartass TV reporters. How who you like it if you couldnt go any where without some one looking at your every move,just waitting on a fuck up..What u needto do is get a real job and stop ass sniffing..And for the rec.its,DICK IN THE BOOTIE ASS LIL BOY!!!!

    • pat

      thats what I’m talking about!

  • bri


    first thing I thought was Boondocks….anyone? Ahh, that’s why….

    • AVG

      This is so freaky hilarious. Im at work reading this and when I read what this individual said they thought this was Boondocks? I needed this laugh. :) Thank you MNy coworkers think Im crazy for laughing until I cried. THANK YOU.
      BTW: As for the CBrown? Is it that serious? More pressuring issues in the world. Hes not and WONT be the last to make a comment. My BFF is gay. I love him to death. Faggot bothers him. He says hes gay so why not be Happy:) Nice Pun huh?

    • olivia

      ditto.. lol.. grandad you gay… you suppose to say no homo

    • pat


  • Mr. Ramirez

    Out of the heart the mouth speaks, what ever evil and hatred comment Chris Brown made, it is fully true. He meant it and their is no going back. He may say sorry or other excuses, but the damage is done and their is no going back. It is like the pain of pregnacy, once they start you can not go back. Kobie and Chris Brown are in the same category. NO EXCUSES !

    • olivia

      hes only saying sorry because people are offended.. for what reason i can not see.

    • pat

      Are you GAY?

  • olivia

    omg come on.. hes not saying anything against gays.. i say that statement all the time. and im bi.. so stop it.. and if your black.. really you dont even have to be black to say nigga every one says nigga.. tmz yall suppose to be hip on the new shit . this is old shit..smh teambrezzy

    • pat

      Well don’t get me wrong but the truth is that Chris brown might be gay him self WHO KNOWS(who can hit a girl like Rihanna if he is not gay and does not know what to do because what will the world say and what will happen to his career?

  • Jack

    hummm.. what the hell does this article have to do with webpronews?? I really dont come here to read bull sh it!! lets keep focus and talk about Google!! unless chris brown has something to do with search engine optimization then he is a no body to me!!

  • Ms. Marcia G. Smith

    You don’t have no rights too talk about gay.Gay is everywhere you go.They are people too! You is not all that!!! They are HUMAN and have feelings. look what you did…….you jump on a woman! That was less of a man! A real man wouldn’t did what you had done. Do you have sisters? You have a mother! ( Right ) You don’t want noone jumping on them or do you? Well my best friend is gay, I don’t critized them! They are the best people I’ve met.

    • Crayons

      Gay people, the gay men in particular are getting on my everlasting nerves. I like them as people, but all this crying, and complaining about somebody saying gay is stupid. Are they that sensitive? If so, they need to stop injecting themselves with women hormones. “Gay” along with other derogatory words are used loosely all the time, so why are they acting like people have just started saying it. If I were gay, I’d rather be call “Gay” than “Faggot”. lol

  • Wendy

    i wouldn’t be insulted if someone called me a straight ass N**ga

    id just wonder about the last 2 words

  • http://chat.saudien7raf.com:2011/ fahad
  • GetAGrip

    The gay people are emotionally over-sensitive. They can’t take name calling, they are soooo sensitive. What in the world is this nation coming to??

  • RG

    There is medical treatment for homosexuality.

  • http://www.saudien7raf.com:2011 fahad
  • breezybby

    omgosh get the freak off his back, pple use the wrd gay these days meaning no harm to homosexuals!

  • Crayons

    Chris Brown this, Chris Brown that!So freaking what! Leave the dude alone. I bet if he was non-Afro American he wouldn’t be getting all this attention. He’s not the first celebrity to beat up on his girl and want be the last. Go harrass some other repeat “beat up my girlfriend and sniff cocaine” offender such as Charlie Sheen. Oh don’t forget Mel Gibson, and what’s the dude’s name that killed his wife. Stop trying to tarnish Chris Brown’s reputation. America makes me sick. Everytime any person identified as a black male commits a crime, assault someone, etc, etc we want to dig a 6ft hole and throw him in it; however, opposite of that race, we want to rehabilitate him, send him to therapy, tell society he had such a horrible life-it’s not his fault, put him on meds to stabilize his crazy a@@. In otherwords TMZ, find something to talk about and stop nitpicking.

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