Chris Brown Reportedly Moving In With Girlfriend, Karreuche Tran

    June 21, 2014
    Meaghan Ellis
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Chris Brown is out of jail and reportedly gearing his life into a new and positive direction.

According to Cover Media, the first thing the Grammy Award-winning singer did after he was released from prison was reunite with his girlfriend, Karreuche Tran.

Now, several media outlets suggest that the 25-year-old singer is planning to move in with Tran. An inside close to the couple shared details about the upcoming move with Hollywood Life.

“He wants to take a more laid-back and relaxed role with his new place and to let Kae put her touch on it,” a source said.

The source went on to explain the type of home Brown envisions for he and his girlfriend. The two are reportedly looking to “lay down roots” together.

“He wants it to be a dream home, an industrialised space that he and Karrueche can furnish and build together. His Hollywood home was cool but was more ‘him’ — a bachelors pad. And even though she loved it, it wasn’t homey or a place for them to really lay down roots.”

The source also spoke fondly of the couple’s relationship, explaining how the “Loyal” singer feels about his girlfriend. He’s reportedly very devoted to making her happy.

“That’s his lady. He wouldn’t have it any other way,” a source explained. “He loves her, loves being with her and one of the things he promised her while he was in jail was that he would stick by her, and he’s continuing to do that. He’s trying to make her just as happy as she’s made him.”

The “Fine China” singer and Tran began their on-again, off-again relationship back in 2010. Their relationship followed Brown’s highly publicized, domestic dispute and break-up from Rihanna. Chris Brown’s upcoming album X is tentatively scheduled to be released on July 16.

Image via Chris Brown, Facebook

  • Lex

    way to go chris stay away from ReRe ok!!!

  • Sara James

    I bet her parents are just thrilled.

  • LAxx88

    Dont do it Brihzih

  • Kate F

    Happy for both of them.Tran is a good woman, she deserves to be happy while Rihanna is a b… who’s sleeping with all men in hollywood.

    • yaimib

      Yeah!! I love chris move on !!

  • Ghost

    Nice way to steal lies from other blog sites. Bravo !!!!

  • Real Talk

    She got to be a fool to get that involved with a known woman beater. I can just see ha being next. Lets be logical.

  • Journalistsaremurderers

    You suckers got to be in 4th grade to think Rihanna was his problem. She was the one that made him aware that he had psychological problems and that he was mentally unstable to be around. She left him because he refused to deal with his problems. For years he denied he had any problem until all his demons and the law caught up with him, is when he finally realised he needed help. Later, he was diagnosed with having bipolar disorder, drug and sex addiction and anger management issues. Karrueche wasn’t helping him over the years but she sure took advantage of his time spent in rehab and jail. It was her opportunity to portray herself as a loving caring and loyal partner who will forgive him no matter what wrongs he commits. That’s what side chicks do, turn a blind eye, obey her master and shut ya mouth. Chris is so fucked up he don’t even know what day it is. Look at his body language, he looks like he’s carrying the world on his shoulders. His dress code has dropped to an all time low, shows no pride in his appearances and his whole spirit just seems down.
    CBreezy ain’t happy, nigga looks lost and trapped. Free Chris from this bitch. He needs to be surrounded by real family who love him for him and not for his fame and fortune. #itsall2FAKE