Chris Brown Feud Escalates To Death Threats

    November 26, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Chris Brown, who is perhaps more famous for his violent altercation with ex-girlfriend (or not so ex?) Rihanna in 2009–which left her battered and bloody–has now deleted his Twitter account after posting several nasty comments in reply to comedian Jenny Johnson.

Johnson, who has a large following on Twitter–over 328,000–is known for her brash takes on life and often jokes at her own expense; however, the feud with Brown has beginnings which are fairly old. It’s just that he’s chosen not to respond until now.

Johnson has long been unafraid to tweet at celebrities exactly what she thinks of them, and her opinions on the Kardashians are often widely retweeted. When she started commenting on Chris Brown’s behavior a while back, she received the inevitable flood of hateful backlash from his fans–who call themselves “Team Breezy”–but nothing on the scale of what happened yesterday.

It began with Johnson’s reply to Brown’s tweet:

Next came his angry retort, which quickly escalated into a series of foul language-ridden slams:

What could have become a much uglier exchange eventually ended when Brown deleted his Twitter account; however, Johnson is still receiving death threats from his fans.

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    How does Jenny expect an abusive or troubled person to respond?! She started this “war” and couldn’t handle the ammunition. But I find quite disturbing that his fans would be abusive to a woman just as he is accused of being to one. Death threats?!? That’s too extreme and empty threats or not they should be taken seriously. *poof*

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