Chobani Layoffs Mostly Affect Temp Workers

    June 3, 2014
    Zach Walton
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Chobani layoffs hit the news this week and had some worried that the large Twin Falls factory was laying off its main workforce. The company is now performing a bit of damage control and letting people know it’s not as dire as some have suggested.

Speaking to the Times-News, Chobani confirms that it has laid off some employees at its 1-million-square-foot Greek yogurt factory in Twin Falls, Idaho. Contrary to initial reports, however, most of the positions lost were temporary. That being said, the company did say it had to lay off a few regular workers as well. A spokesperson for the company didn’t say how many lost their jobs, but said the majority of them were temporary positions.

When Chobani first built the plant, it said it would need around 400 employees. After it opened the facility, it hired well beyond 400 employees and says that it still employs more than it originally intended. Still, it hired a lot of temporary employees for what it said were temporary jobs. One can presume that the yogurt is now flowing at a regular rate and some of those temporary positions are no longer needed. A statement from the company announcing the layoffs said just as much:

“After a thorough and comprehensive review of our business, we made the very difficult but necessary decision to operate our plant at its original design and eliminate certain positions.”

Those who lost their jobs shouldn’t have much trouble finding new work though. It’s reported that Southern Idaho has seen a recent increase in temporary positions as more companies move into the area. Unfortunately, temporary positions are just that – temporary. Those looking for regular work may have a bit of trouble, but those who jump from temp job to temp job may be able to bounce back sooner rather than later.

Image via ChobaniYogurt/YouTube

  • Carolyn

    I know -w -w -w – w – w – w the company IS making money ! It has caused may people to switch to its brand of yogurt . . . including me. Well, I’ll go back to my old brand in PROTEST of the lay-offs ! Hmph ! I bet it is all about the GREED of the CEO ! Hmph !

    • eryche

      You’re protesting layoffs? Of course they’re making money. They’re in business to make money, not run a welfare department. What should they do, keep workers they don’t need, have them stand around and pay them anyway? That’s ridiculous. What’s also ridiculous is changing brands because of it. Don’t you usually eat something because of the way it tastes?

      • Carolyn

        It is GREED that I am protesting ! I guess the lay-offs will force those workers to go on welfare once their unemployment ends ! I guess with less workers there will be more recalls for SPOILED yogurt ! It really doesn’t matter because I will go back to eating YOPLAIT ! Yes, I always eat something because of the way it tastes, but I do not fret over a special brand, because for the most part most greek yogurtd taste the same and after digesting it, it all ends up in the SEWER !

        • eryche

          You sure like exclamations!! Most of the lay offs were temporary workers!! They were only hired TEMPORARILY to handle a TEMPORARY increase in the work load!! Now, calm down and go have a yogurt!! Any brand you like!

          • Carolyn

            EXCLAMATIONS show anger and disgust, therefore that is why I used them ! Is the POT calling the KETTLE black ? You seem to LIKE them also. Hmph ! I will have YOPLAIT yogurt from now on ! By the way, For your information, I am familiar with ” temporary workers “, and know that they get the ” short end of the stick “, after having done ALL of the work, yet it is the CEO and stockholders who really reaps the benfits ! GREED ! If those workers had been smart, they would have walked off the job when they were needed most ! I am sure it was in the air that they would be let go !

          • eryche

            They knew they were temporary when they got hired, so they got whatever end of the stick they were due. Are you part of that generation that thinks they’re entitled to something for nothing, or to more than you’re due? There’s a reason a CEO and stockholders make more than workers on the floor and it’s not just greed. You might to research that a bit. If they’ve done ALL of the work, as you say, it’s because that’s what they were hired to do. They know what rate of pay they’re getting before they’re hired. If they want the income and dividends paid to CEOs and stockholders, then they need to make the same investment in education and investments. By the way, my use of the exclamations was only mimicking you.

          • Carolyn

            Like I said, it is all about GREED and no longer do employees get a BONUS or not even a holiday party, but only bunions and broken backs, etc. ! ( They are told there is no money in the buget for any party ). Gone also is the over-time pay, because they hire at less than 40 hours per week. Overtime is paid on any hours worked OVER the initial 40 hours, so management hires 3 people for one position at 13 hours a week each, so as not to have to pay any of them any over-time. Then management wonders why employees STEAL ! They steal so as to be able to survive ! Hahahaha.

          • eryche

            You’re starting to sound like the greedy one. Employees are not entitled to bonuses and holiday parties. Those are extras. Bonuses are earned, as I earn mine. You don’t get one just for showing up and working when you’re supposed to. Employees are only entitled to the paycheck they’ve earned. Again, when they’re hired they know what the deal is. Why should employers have someone work overtime if it’s not necessary? And stealing is never okay. I can’t believe you would condone it. Did you get fired for stealing from your 13 hr. a week job? Instead of expecting employers to hand you something extra, how about doing something to better your lot in life? Like get a better education and look for a better job.

          • Carolyn

            It is a fact that management does the LEAST work, while the employees do the MOST and CEOs do NOTHING but shoot the breeze and TRY to look important ! They certainly are not worth the bonuses that they get along with other ” perks ” ! I remember back in the day when there were just a Manager, and supervisors, all who worked their way up in the company, no high-polluted managers who simply get paid to do nothing ! Many of them spend their time on personal business and arrive to work LATE and leave early ! Why ? Because they are salaried and get paid whether they work or not ! That was what happened recently in NYC’s Metro Train System ! Google it.

          • eryche

            You are completely missing my point, so I give up. But what in the world is a “high-polluted manager”?

          • Carolyn

            They think they are better than anyone including the customers and employees. For the most part they know how to do nothing but just give orders. They ” psyche ” their way through life. I bet they cheated their way through college ! They have game no substance ! Hahahaha. They do not really observe employees, because they are doing God knows what on company time, which explains why they do not know how to write an employee’s ” review ” ! They guesstimate their evaluations ! The ones I have been around did not last long. Oops what was your point ? My point was that management and CEOs get bonuses for doing hardly any work, while the employees do the most work and get the SHAFT !

  • gembabe

    IMHO their yogurt is awful!

    • Zuma7

      I love Greek yogurt, but it’s not my favorite one either.
      I love the TraderJoe’s brand, at Traders.

      • Carolyn

        If I can get a ride to Trader’s Joe, I buy their brand, but for the most part I only go to my local grocery store.

  • Auzarion

    I would just like to say, Congratulations to Chobani for taking the necessary steps of laying off those workers. It may have been difficult, but I do believe that everything does happen for a reason.

    I believe, in this day and age, in the wonderful year of 2014, where cellphones can connect people thousands of miles away from each other and entire musical cds can be produced from the comfort of ones Ipad; that no man or woman should be subjected to the boring and repetitive work of “yogurt-making”. This job should be done purely by machines and humans should be free to engage their minds and intellects on more stimulating and universally-beneficial things. A couple dollars is not worth the boringness of making yogurt. Automate the world and let the people be free.

    Words of a Venus-Project Supporter. Peace, Love, and yogurt. @auzrn