Chloe Grace Moretz On Movie Piracy, Upcoming Films

    July 6, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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Chloe Grace Moretz said that she would love to make a third Kick-Ass movie but doubts that it will happen thanks to video piracy.

Video piracy is a serious problem and many people download videos online without thinking twice about it or even feeling like it’s illegal.

“You know, I hope, I wish,” she said of the possibility. “That’d be fun. That’d be great. I doubt it, but I would love it.”

“The hard thing is if fans want a third movie, they’ve got to go buy the ticket to go see the movie,” Moretz said. “It was like the second most pirated movie of the year, so if you want a movie to be made into a second, a third, a fourth and a fifth, go buy a ticket. Don’t pirate it.”

Kick-Ass isn’t the only video that has been pirated and movies are now pirated just as often as music. There are numerous websites and apps that make it easy to download pirated movies, organize and watch them on any computer or device.

While a third Kick-Ass film is questionable, there’s no doubt that Moretz will have plenty of work in the future. She just finished working on the film If I Stay, which will hit theaters in August.

She will also start filming 5th Wave this fall.

Moretz is still in LA but clearly misses New York City. She often tweets about New York and how much she misses certain aspects of it. As long as she is still filming, she will have to get used to being away from NYC.

Will you be watching any of Chloe Grace Moretz’s upcoming films?

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  • JayDeeDum

    Chloe puts a new definition of””Why people think ignorance is blissful.””

    Piracy,,,That is so stupid. I owned all of Chloe’s movie damn near…Dvd..blue ray,and I downloaded the movies off of the internet also to avoid scratching my movies. Considering the whole crock of crap excuse for not making a 3rd when it has more recognition more so now than then. Perhaps better quality toys instead of those stupid ones they made for Kick-ass 2. Chloe’s getting a tad to…old for that part one would think. JUST ADMIT IT CHLOE!!!YOU PICK STUPID MOVIES!!! One day…she will be recognized as a real..actress…Until then””SEX SELLS!!!SURE WIN!!!GO WITH IT BABY!!!WHOO..hoo.”” “”IT’S A PIRATES LIFE FOR ME!!!YEAH!!!!”” Keep in mind people””NOT ALL PEOPLE GET PAID TO PRETEND BEING SOMEONE WE ARE NOT!!””