Chinese Video Site Told To Shutdown?

    March 10, 2008

China’s State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, (SARFT) has told the popular Chinese video-sharing site Tudor to shut down.

Chinese Video Site Told To Shutdown?

A report from Sohu IT claims the site was told to shutdown because it was hosting pornographic content along with other illegal content. Tudou, which means potato in Chinese, has been operational since the shutdown reports first emerged.

Chinese reporters and bloggers say they are not quite sure what’s happening with Todou. The company is maintaining that is has not received a shutdown order.

Jeremy Goldkorn of  Danwei writes, "Your correspondent is inclined to think this is just a shake down for penalty fees, and a shot across the bows of all the video sites to warn them that big brother SARFT is watching."

He adds, "Tudou is one of the least salacious video hosts out there. Lots of the smaller ones seem to be trying to compete by pushing the boundaries of what’s permitted.
Copyright infringement’s a different story, but there again, Tudou is no worse than any of the others."