Chinese Minister Hints At Consequences For Google

Search giant characterized as "unfriendly, irresponsible"

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Despite weeks of talks that have supposedly taken place behind closed doors, the Chinese government still seems unwilling to compromise with respect to Google and censorship.  Indeed, it may be growing hostile, as a minister talked about "consequences" today.

Google LogoThe BBC reported that Minister of Industry and Information Technology Li Yizhong adopted a tough stance during a legislation session.  "I hope that Google will abide and respect the Chinese government’s laws and regulations," he said.  "But, if you betray Chinese laws and regulations . . . it means that you are unfriendly, irresponsible, and you will have to pay the consequences."

As for what those consequences might be, it almost sounds as if China’s ready to force Google out of the country whether it wants to leave or not.  The Chinese official stated at one point, "[W]hat needs to be shut down will be shut down, what needs to be blocked will be blocked."

This is less than good news for anyone who was hoping Google would be able to keep operating in China.  Considering that Eric Schmidt recently said "something will happen soon," it may even represent the end of the road, rather than just another outburst of rhetoric.

Or not.  Investors on both sides have failed to flinch, with Google’s and Baidu’s stocks up about equal amounts so far today.

Chinese Minister Hints At Consequences For Google
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    when the country is a communist country then there rule and regulations are made taking all people in common , its there internal politics no one shud oppose then in such a manner ,

    may be some activities may pose threat to there internal security

  • http://www.ManhattanOkay.com Adsense Publisher

    How about Google back out entirely from China?

    Since they are not willing to play well with others, let them feel the pain when Google no longer indexes a Chinese website because it’s being hosted in China, but rather indexes any Chinese website that’s not hosted in China. What do you think will happen to the big businesses that rely on their websites for business in China, especially if they do any international sales?

    Let the Chinese people see how stupid their own government is on this decision to make Google out to be the bad guy. Please Google, oblige the Chinese government by removing all their websites from your index since they don’t want to play.

    Anybody know how many paying subscribers Rupert Murdoch gained vs how much traffic and advertising money, he lost? I don’t hear any more news on that. I wonder how has going against Google profited him so far?

    You’d think that the way China was growing in the financial and manufacturing areas, that Chinese would become the official language of Earth, and yet, the more China seems to get ahead in production and finances, they still have these old ideals that are holding them back from true greatness.

  • http://csmagz.com Changsheng

    if google is eventually forced out, that would be a big lose for google fans in China, but i still hope the google services can be available, otherwise what left on my Android is only the phone and text function.

  • Jack E. Chan

    Let’s see…lead paint on children’s toys…toxic Chinese drywall… The Chinese leaders should concern themselves with CHINESE corporations.

  • Rob S.

    With so many articles, videos, etc. it is difficult to define exactly what is acceptable to the Chinese and I think this is the issue. They work well with definites, but not variables.
    The Chinese have come a long way in recent times and it would be sad to deprive them of the Google resources that they do allow.
    Such a huge change in information and culture can’t happen fast.

  • http://ilookchina.net/ Lloyd Lofthouse

    Study history. The Chinese do not like to be told what to do by foreigners. I see some blaming the Communists. It’s more likely that this behavior by Chinese ministers representing the government that rules the country is because they are Chinese.

    In the 18th century when the British Ambassador refused to kowtow (a show of respect to China’s ruler) to the Qianlong Emperor, the emperor wrote a note and sent it to the ambassador saying something like, China does not need your gifts or your products. The Chinese need nothing from outside. Go tell your queen this.

    A few years later, the British and the French started the Opium Wars and forced China to open just like the United States forced Japan to open. The major product that flooded China after the Opium Wars was opium, which destroyed families and lives.

    The Chinese are a family oriented culture instead of one that focuses on the individual. Privacy is different to the Chinese and having an open Internet and/or media that tells and shows all like in the West does not fit the Confucian, Taoist foundation that begins in the family–not a church.

    Now that China is a global, economic powerhouse and they have the military muscle to protect themselves from foreigners trying to tell them what to do and how to rule their country, they are acting Chinese.
    Why is every time the Chinese government doesn’t act like a European or North American government, Western people blame the Communists? The Chinese are reclaiming their Eastern culture and standing up to outsiders again who meddle with Chinas internal affairs.

    • Alex Chan

      I am a Chinese and I agree with what you said. But I support Adsense publisher’s approach. I know the concerns from the Chinese Government, but i really do not think that the Chinese government know what the Chinese people living in China really wants.

      • Guest

        Remember the tineman square event? (I know mispelled, but im in a hurry) where they ran people over with tanks and shot them too? I think the people were wanting some freedom, seemed easy to interpret what the people were saying, and the government was able to interpret them too, and responded by shooting them and running people over just to get to the united people trying to protest, that they just wanted freedom. So the chinese government knows exactly what the people want, but the government is in complete control, get in the way, and suffer the consequences.

  • Watching the Wheels

    So, why is it so hard for Google to respect the wishes of the Chinese? Nobody HAS to do business with anybody. These ARE optional activities. Just like no one HAS to buy products made in China.

    And before anyone goes stupid on the last comment, I would suggest that if American, you prove yourself worthy by producing manufatured goods made by American workers who are paid sustainable wages. Please do not shift the onus of American corporate greed elsewhere.

  • Chris

    Oh ya, the chinese are starting to show there true colors.. Nothing has changed with them. They are absolutely a disgusting and despicable regime in full control of the chinese people. If nobody knew who google was, somebody at google most likely would have been shot after having there organs harvested while wide awake and no pain meds.
    Most people have absolutely no idea how bad the chinese are. They will shoot your sorry butt in a heart beat, run you over, harvest your organs and smile to the American public like nothing is going on while they are weaker than we, but once they surpass our military through internet and satellite control, then and only then will all the blind see just how ugly and hideous the chinese government really is.

    • Alex Chan

      I am Chinese and although i feel offended by your statement, but nonetheless, its the truth. The Chinese government does not really listen to what their citizens really want, but only do whats best for them and claiming that its the best for the country.

      • Guest

        You may be Chinese, but you really have no idea what you’re talking about. You are another fine example of some of the previous illinformed, immature commentators.

        There are many more violent ceimes in America than China… The Americas are ranked 16.5 victims per 100,000 people while East Asia is ranked only 2.8 victims per 100,000. And America has 1/6 of China’s population! Do the math, if you can.

        Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_intentional_homicide_rate

        Please (and this includes all the others who quickly condemn China’s policies without a thread of proof) do not try to contribute what you obviously know nothing about.

        • Guest

          Your statistics may be right about the crimes, but there is a hidden truth. In america, all the crimes are reported. But, in Communist China, only 5% of the crimes is reported. You are right; corporations must respect the laws of whichever country they operate. America should put restrictions on Baidu as they block information that exposes the chinese government human right violations and atrocities against people in main land china and Burma. How about American people boycotting chinese made products!!!

        • Guest

          What a punk. Talk about someone that doesnt have a clue.. Ya, i agree, sounds like a chinese agent to me.. They have many here in America these days.. What a bonehead. We are talking about the government against the people, not the people committing crimes you nit wit.. You need proof of chinese government actions? Talk about immature uniformed. You claim to be smart and ahead of the ‘class’, but your own words betray either your ignorance or your agenda little one. Now scurry on low life..

  • http://www.geckographicdesign.com Melinda

    China has been at the peak of technology for some time. I agree that this is just another way for them to try and control their people, and what they see. They should at least meet Google half way, instead of acting like it is there way or the highway. Technology has already over run the Chinese culture-gasp, here’s a thought, why not hear what the Chinese people actually want?
    If more governments would listen to their people maybe this place would not be such a mess.

  • Jim

    AdSensePublisher above is right! Let google leave China and not include anything Chinese in its searches or ads. Eff China!

  • Shay

    It’ll be like all the other products China has stolen. They let Google in there for awhile – get their ideas, technology – and then bam theyre gone.

    Welcome the new search engine – Choogle!

  • Guest

    Some of the previous comments sound like typical, immature, snivvly-nose, unconcsious 13-year olds… you obviously don’t understand China and thier global role and you will most likely be stuck in a dead-end-no-future-job for the rest of your life … I feel sorry for you.

    If you had the capacity to study and understand China’s history, you would know why they are like they are. But obviously you haven’t and probably never will.

    ANY company, American or other (including Google) wishing to open thier business in a country other than thier own, should FIRST research and learn as much about that country as possible and be willing to respect that country’s basic customs and laws. They should not arrogantly move forward as if thier policies are superior. That attitude just makes the firewall thicker.

    Google… respect China’s wishes (as you would want them to respect America’s) or leave immediately …and don’t return until you do!


    • http://informationterrorism.webs.com Mike Goodwin

      You seem to forget that we are not stupid and can see who and what you are, Mr. Chinese government stooge.

      China needs to respect the views of the rest of the world, as well as respect the wishes and rights of their own people. If China wants to be a player on the world stage, it needs to accept that we love freedom and will never allow them to play an equal part until they change their ways.

      Free the Chinese people and free Tibet!!!

      • Guest

        You, and most others that have left a comment, seem to forget that we are not talking about an individual’s freedom here or even China’s freedom… we are talking about Google’s freedom… a corporation. I agree that the people’s freedom is invaluable, and that China needs to open more areas of information for it’s people and the world… but the individual has much different freedoms and liberties than a corporation… especially when that corporation is operating in a different country other than it’s own. They MUST obey that country’s customs, laws and policies in order to do business in that country. What you are saying is that if a foreign business (including one from China), opened in America, it would not need to obey or follow any customs, laws or policies of the American gov’t. I don’t think that’s what you really want… is it? That’s why Google MUST obey China’s policies or leave… actually they have already shut-down, which is fine with me.

        And… I am not a Chinese gov’t “stooge”, as you so kindly put it. I am an American living in China. Most Americans, including yourself, do not understand the Chinese at all. It is a completely different agenda for the Chinese people than it is for Americans, due mainly from the effects of their extraordinary history. Most Americans don’t even know their own history, much less China’s.

        So your comment is properly placed in the large, overflowing bin marked “ignorant babble”

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  • Guest

    People think the Chinese economy is the world’s juggernaut economic force. It is growing, but it comes in third behind America and Japan.

    Rank Nation 2008 GDP
    1 America 14,441,425
    2 Japan 4,910,692
    3 China 4,327,448
    4 Germany 3,673,105

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