China Says It Won’t Censor Web For Games

    April 3, 2008

The Internet will not be censored at the Beijing Olympic Games and there will be no delays of the television signal the International Olympic Committee said today.

Won't Censor Web For Games BEIJING 2008
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China is known for censoring and blocking the Internet, but Beijing organizers have told the IOC’s chief inspector team that the 30,000 media covering the Augsut 8-24 Games would not be effected.

"We were satisfied by the assurances we received across a number of areas — media service levels, including Internet access … and the live broadcast feed," Hein Verbruggen said according to Reuters at the close of the final inspection of preparations for the Games.

Verbruggen said the television signal would be operated by the Beijing Olympic Broadcasters and "There will be a live feed and it is up to every broadcaster to do with it what they want to do," he said. Television cameras will also be allowed to film Tiananmen Square.

Verbruggen said his team had been impressed with the planning of the Games. ""BOCOG is progressing well with all of its operations and we are confident that our Chinese friends will put on a great Games for the athletes of the world," he added."