Chill Out, Man – Stress Can Totally Kill You

    October 29, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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Your mortgage, your overbearing boss, your backtalking kid, your dating life, your term paper, the holidays…

Yeah, life is stressful. And as if there wasn’t already enough things out there that can kill you, here comes your chronic worrying to finish the job.

AsapSCIENCE takes a brief look at the negative health effects of too much stress and comes to one simple conclusion – chill out and spend some time with friends, man. It turns out you may actually need that after-work beer with your buddy, or that relaxing weekend getaway with your significant other.

It’ll also help you de-stress after watching this video, which will probably stress you out too. Sorry.

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  • Ted in Topeka

    Americans live to work. We are always trying to get ahead. Problem is that you can never really do that. All your accomplishments don’t amount to much really. No one really remember them. America has not idea how the rest of the world lives. None. Go to foreign countries and see. Yeah, those countries may not be as rich as us, but they enjoy life a lot more.

    America in many ways is highly dysfunctional. The only reason why we are a superpower is because of our wealth and geographical location. Not necessarily because of the way we live. Problem is that we are getting poorer every day and the world is getting more pissed off at us everyday so our geographical location may not matter much if they world turns on you.