Childhood ADHD: Under Or Over Diagnosed

    March 15, 2014
    Chris Tepedino
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In an ABC News segment titled Missing ADHD Diagnosis, Lost Childhood, interviewers talk to Andrea Frank, a 38-year-old nursing assistant from Wisconsin. While bright, she struggled in school and at work, where she never lived up to her potential. But when she married and had two boys, she noticed signs that they had behavior traits like her and wanted answers.

The answer came up to be childhood Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD for short and that diagnosis gave Andrea Frank the answer she was looking for. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, the characteristics of childhood ADHD focus around three factors: inattention, such as having difficulty focusing on one thing; hyperactivity, like talking nonstop; and impulsivity, such as blurting out inappropriate comments, showing emotions without restraint, and acting regardless of consequences.

The National Institute of Mental Health goes on to say that that children with ADHD can have other similar disorders as well such as oppositional defiance disorder, bipolar disorder, or anxiety. ADHD can also be mistaken for other disorders or other disorders being mistaken for it, leading to false and incorrect diagnoses.

In fact, according to an article published in MedPage in 2013, the rates of ADHD diagnosis among children has increased at a rate of 25 percent or from 2.5 percent to 3.1 percent. Diagnoses of ADHD among children are on the rise and that likely means that the number of children being put on strong medications for ADHD is on the rise as well.

The medications, often stimulants such as Adderall, can cause numerous side effects such as loss of appetite, nausea, dizziness, or even mood changes such as irritation and agitation. Of course, there other medications that don’t act as stimulants and homeopathic methods of recovery as well, for parents who are leery about giving their child a stimulant or a pill with terrible side effects.

For many like Andrea Frank, the diagnosis of ADHD is a blessing in that it enables patients and sufferers to find a solution for their ailments. But the diagnosis is just the start of the process, a process where medication (stimulant and non-stimulant) plays a role and where homeopathic methods can help a great deal as well.

Note: The image is a visual of the percentage of children ever diagnosed with ADHD from ages four through seven. The survey was taken by the National Survey of Children’s Health in 2007.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • Michigan Matt

    It’s not so much ADHD as it is mental illness. A lot of incest has taken place over the course of history in Mexico. They have always been known to fornicate with close relatives. That’s why there are so many birth defects. Just an excuse for the govt to give them more money each month and others will be denied. Go look at the statistics, I’ll bet you see mostly Latino kids qualifying.

    • Jewles

      Well, we know you don’t like Mexicans.
      The percentage of children ever diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) increased from 7% to 9% from 1998–2000 through 2007–2009.
      ADHD prevalence trends varied by race and ethnicity. Differences between groups narrowed from 1998 through 2009; however, Mexican children had consistently lower ADHD prevalence than other racial or ethnic groups.
      From 1998 through 2009, ADHD prevalence increased to 10% for children with family income less than 100% of the poverty level and to 11% for those with family income between 100% and 199% of the poverty level.
      From 1998 through 2009, ADHD prevalence rose to 10% in the Midwest and South regions of the United States
      So based on your professional knowledge (not), if incest were a main factor then Latinos quit “fornicating with close relatives”, and people in the Midwest (Michigan) have been going at it more these days.

  • jim c

    Boot in the arse and slap on back of head worked years ago…Kids nowadays are on Ritalin and whatever….spoiled lazy little brats…

    • Annie

      My child was diagnosed with ADHD just a couple of months ago and I can tell you he is not a spoiled lazy little brat. He has chores, he plays baseball and when a punishment deserves it he gets spanked. He gets grounded for multiple reasons. But still, he is hyper than ever(caffeine intake only like 5x a year and only unhealthy snacks right before bed) and can’t focus enough at school or home to do the things he needs to do.
      Until you have a child who suffers from ADHD do not try to label them as spoiled little brats. I tried all different ways to help my child cope with the way he acted before he was diagnosed and none of it worked. Since going on medication his grades have improved, he’s not a human tornado and he actually behaves like an 8 year old should. Do I feel guilty he is on medication? Yes, but until we can learn ways for him to control it himself while he is focused enough to do so he will be on it.

      • bill

        Those drugs will destroy your son, lady. I’d get him off them real quick or he’ll have problems for the rest of his life. The drugs they use for the supposed adhd diagnosis is pretty much the same drugs that street addicts call speed. It is incredibly damaging to children to take such drugs while their brain is still developing. Your son suffers from being a rambunctious little boy not adhd which was invented by drug companies to make them lots of money at the expense of turning millions of young children into addicts and zombies. Do your home work and look this stuff up before your son gets worse from these horrible drugs.

    • bill

      your absolutely right. parents who go for this scam are sooo stupid. stop being conned. look this stuff up people.

      • Hannan Ahmad

        “There is an epidemic of misdiagnosis,” as the words of a Chicago Doctor read. Parents who are too conscious of their children mostly consult ADHD Psychiatrists for even the minor disorders. If the psychiatrist is not having enough patients, it is likely she or he would play with words and make parents think the kid would get well with drugs – which leads to his or her making money while the life of kid gets destroyed.
        But, at the center stage rests the irresponsibility of parents.

  • bill

    ADHD is a myth dreamed up by drug companies make them incredible amounts of money by placing millions upon of people on pharmaceutical speed. This has effectively turned millions of american children into zombies and has actually created real mental disorders that are dealt with with even more powerful drugs that in most cases lead to dependency on these drugs and in many cases lead to severe depression, suicide and acts of violence. Any parent that allows their child to be placed on this pharmaceutical speed (and that’s just what it is… look it up) aught to have there head examined themselves.

  • germanlion

    I’m tired of giving kids excuses for things, ADHD is not real. Let the kids go outside and burn that energy off.

    • bill

      Exactly. Instead of turning your kid into a speed addict.

  • GB Randolph

    Excerpts on psychiatry from the book Surviving The Matrix Planet:
    How The Medical-Psychiatric-Pharmaceutical Corporate Complex Is Destroying Your
    Health & Sanity And What You Can Do To Reclaim It

    from The 3 Basic Categories of Drugs

    #3-Psych Drugs:

    Mind-control drugs: ALL psychiatric drugs are
    mind control drugs. They are WORTHLESS and of no benefit whatsoever, and, in
    fact, are the most dangerous of the 3 drug types. THEY SHOULD NEVER BE

    Since the 1950’s the
    psychiatrists, in league with the drug-pushing pharmaceuticals have made a
    great effort to propagandize you into believing there are serious “mental
    diseases” and “behavioral disorders”. They claim these are caused by brain
    and/or nervous system malfunction, or other sometimes undetermined reasons, and
    this necessitates the use of drugs (and a variety of non-medicinal techniques)
    to return the person to “normal”. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE

    The validity of any science
    is based on the determination of the correct cause of an observed effect.
    Bridges will topple if not built to the exact standards established by the
    science of engineering. No healing practitioner can deny that there are
    physical causes to physical ailments. The body is, after all, a physical
    apparatus. But it is a well-established truth that adverse mental stress precipitates body illness. The field of psychiatry,
    on the other hand, attributes ALL
    mental disorders to physical causes.
    Denying over 10,000 years of religious wisdom and philosophical understanding
    of man and life as a spiritually
    motivated entity they arbitrarily decided that all mental activity and behavior
    stems from the brain and nervous system. THUS, THE ENTIRE FIELD OF CONVENTIONAL
    — and psychology — has no more determined the correct cause of mental
    illness than scientists have discovered who or what created the universe.

    The term “mental illness”,
    in fact, has become an oxymoron as “mental” refers to a mind but psychiatry claims there is no mind so how could something
    they profess doesn’t exist become ill? Also, psychology means study of the soul
    but modern psychology disclaims the soul. Unable to DISPROVE the existence of the mind (or soul for that matter),
    ascribing all behavior to the brain and nervous system, they had to twist the
    term mental illness to parallel physical diseases in order to validate and
    justify their “science” and treatments. Cleverly perverting the term “mental
    illness”, putting labels on types of irrational behavior without determining
    its correct cause, then
    manufacturing and marketing drugs for its “cure” is about as scientific and
    ethical as the old time hucksters who tried to scam off their snake-root oils.

    every so-called disorder (like “ADD” and “bi-polar disease”, etc) has been
    an arbitrary invention from their committees and national conventions, and has NO
    to keep themselves in business.

    Obviously there is observed irrational behavior. But
    the increase of mental illness beginning in the late 19th Century
    — coincident with the establishment of psychiatry — and continuing at a
    soaring pace into this millennium underscores that they have failed to develop
    ANY genuine cures. A statistically rising rate of mental illness for over one
    hundred years!! Any business with such a horrible record of
    failure would have long since been dissolved. Psychiatry’s status, authority,
    support, and operations are kept propped up only by government appropriations,
    foundation grants and
    the convincing lies they have spread into the society.

    Furthermore, they have employed
    the pharmaceuticals to manufacture dangerous drugs (such as anti-depressants,
    and other psychotropic mind-altering drugs) to push on you and your children.
    The “treatment” actually creates the mental disorders they are trying to
    “cure”! Which then “justifies” the medication.

    I recently met a fellow
    employee who was taking an anti-depressant. I asked him how long he’d been
    taking them. He said over a year. I asked him if he was still depressed. He
    said more than when he first started taking them. Ritalin, what they feed kids
    to “treat” so-called ADD, is a powerful mind-altering drug that induces
    disorientation, so of course kids taking it will a have a deficit of attention!
    A few years ago a co-worker told me how the school nurse “ordered” her son to
    take Ritalin and after several months he had become listless, inactive and less
    interested in his studies and extra-curricular play. You can guess what I told
    her to do and tell the nurse where to go. Not surprisingly, the kids at
    Columbine who went on their murderous rampage in 1999 were on Ritalin and other
    psyche drugs as were the kids involved in the more recent Montreal,
    Virginia Tech and London massacres.

    People have told me stories
    like this:

    “My mother-in-law was
    diagnosed as bi-polar and was a raving lunatic before the medication calmed her

    “What’s she like now?”

    “Well, she doesn’t say or do
    much now. She’s a lot easier to be with”

    See, her mother-in-law was
    acting horribly irrationally, and since we all bow down to the authorities, and
    they tell us her “bi-polar schizophrenia, etc, etc” is caused by a chemical
    imbalance in the brain we unquestionably trust and believe them. Now she is a
    controlled half-deadened dim-wit rather than the sane rational potentially
    loving human being that she could be with REAL effective treatment. Being a
    vegetable is a lot easier to deal with than a screaming idiot but, truth is,
    she wasn’t cured. She was disposed of, quick-fixed into a wasted nothing, of no
    benefit to society or anyone. One brand of irrationality has been traded for
    another and, worse, now the likelihood increases that she may one day pick up a
    knife (or some other dangerous weapon) and do some bodily harm to others or
    even end her own life. Yet people get to really believe theirs or their family
    member’s “medication” really works. Until they explode and go psychotic. But
    nobody blames the medication or their dispensers. After all, they’re the
    “experts”! But in reality their pills are nothing more than little round
    ticking time bombs that could go off at any unpredictable moment.

    What the news media does not
    report is that behind virtually every sensational mass murder/suicide the
    perpetrators were either taking psychiatric drugs or receiving some kind of
    psychiatric treatment. Instead they just parrot the LIES given them by the
    psych-pharma PR departments, trumpeting their “advances” while suicides and
    homicides DIRECTLY LINKED TO THEIR “TREATMENTS” skyrocket out of control. If
    you think I’m exaggerating go read or listen to the news almost any day of the
    week and you’ll hear the stories. Then go on-line and research the omitted truth
    — you’ll find it. The horrible conclusion, the red-flag alarm bell that very
    few seem to hear is this: the psych-pharma industry hasn’t just failed to
    successfully treat mental derangement for lack of trying. No. Psych-pharma
    treatment is CAUSING violent psychopathic crime.

    life can be very stressful. People get depressed. What kid doesn’t get
    hyperactive now and then? (it is the tremendous amount of refined sugar in
    snacks, etc that causes excessive hyperactivity) And unfortunately, some
    people become very mentally disturbed. It has NOTHING to do with your brain
    and/or nervous system, short of nutritional deficiencies. (see Note
    on Adrenal Gland Burnout, and
    Hypoglycemia-Hyperglycemia below). It has everything to do with the inability
    to handle stress. Actually, besides handling stress, the most important
    factors in the maintenance of a sound mind — and most effective handling of
    mental disturbance — is getting enough rest and eating properly.

    The use of drugs and other
    destructive psychiatric “treatments” like ECT (electro-convulsive shock
    treatment) and psycho-surgery (slicing out parts of your brain!) essentially
    evolved from the Nazi death-camp doctor’s experiments as modern replacements
    for the medieval insane asylum tortures. The psychiatric institution has
    managed to legitimize themselves and hoodwink governments and you into
    believing their lies. In this regards they are much more criminal than the
    medical community. At least the ER’s are excellent for treating
    life-threatening emergencies and many accidents. And some surgical and other
    medical procedures are helpful. All the psych wards and dispensaries do is
    manufacture, perpetuate and spread insanity. The civilization will be better
    off when they and their practices are outlawed.


    write to me at gbrandolph@yahoo.com