‘Child of Light’ Co-op Previewed in New Video

    March 5, 2014
    Sean Patterson
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Once this month’s big game releases are out of the way (Dark Souls II, Titanfall, Infamous: Second Son, and more) April brings with it a few smaller game releases. One of these games is Ubisoft’s Child of Light, a downloadable RPG from the team that created Far Cry 3.

Child of Light puts players into the shoes of Aurora, a young girl tasked with taking back the heavens from an evil queen who has stolen the sun, moon, and stars. Aurora and her sidekick firefly, Igniculus, will journey across art-focused landscapes and combat creatures through traditional JRPG-like turn-based combat system. Players will also have to navigate light-based puzzles to progress or unlock secrets and collectibles.

One of the more interesting features of Child of Light is that the RPG actually has limited multiplayer co-op. Two players will be able to take on the game together, each controlling either Aurora or Igniculus. A new preview video released today shows how this co-op mode works, complete with a few more glimpses of the game’s beautiful art: