Chick-fil-A Finds A Friend In Sarah Palin

    July 30, 2012
    Zach Walton
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Chick-Fil-A’s current controversy over its president’s stance on gay marriage has not died down in the least since it first erupted a few weeks ago. There have been countless people battling back and forth over the issue, with no end in sight. Former Alaska Governor made her allegiance clear on Facebook this past weekend.

In a picture dating Friday on Palin’s Facebook account, you see Palin and her husband in a Chick-Fil-A holding two bags while flashing a thumbs-up. The picture makes no mention of the debate on homosexuality. It just says, “Stopped by Chick-Fil-A in The Woodlands to support a great business.” While we can’t really say whether or not Palin was making a political statement, the comments on the photo definitely made it one.

As for now, the photo has garnered 261,125 likes and 23,131 comments. As usual, the majority of the comments are made by about 10 people arguing back and forth over LGBT rights. The responses on Twitter were much more direct with Tweets like this:

Like I said, it’s hard to say whether or not Palin was making a political statement with this post. Judging by her political views, it would be easy to assume that she is. It’s a little unfair, however, to attack her when she hasn’t explicitly stated that she goes to Chick-Fil-A to support its president’s, not the restaurant’s, view on gay marriage.

  • Luzviminda

    I support the Chick-fil-A and the Palin…

  • tom

    wow. and did the sun come up this a.m.too?

  • http://www.yurovskydental.com dentist philadelphia

    Chick-fil is good food


    Big woop! White trash eating white trash is all I see.

  • Doug

    when is todd going to get a real job. can’t live off of your wife and kids forever. or can you?

  • Matt

    If you believe a business owner should have the freedom of discussing his religious views without corrupt city officials threatening to run him out of town, please join us on Facebook and eat lots of chicken on August 1st!!


    • Andrew

      How can you say that this business owner has the right to persecute others but city officials don’t have the right to persecute him for his sh!tty behavior?

  • Citizens for Truth and Peace

    Wow.. If people only knew about the built in Human Genome and as we come to know, what their plan was, Maybe the world would not be on the total verge of over population… But then that all those religious hyprocrites, that never studied their science…. Humans as Animals all have a built in matrix to control population control, it is in our genes.. But I guess you’d have to have been on the dark side of the moon to know that.. Anyway, the next time Sarah Palin, needs makeup done, a new frock, or her tresses styled,, I do hope that she makes sure she’s a married woman, with about 6 kids and and she can prove she’s not really on the “Other side of the fence” Just remember,, In their “BIBle” they taut, and say,, “Do on to others as you’d have them do on to you”!!!! They pray to their actual “God” the Dollar Bill, and forget about what they hold so dear in “The House of the Lord”, as soon as they step out side…. But then again,, Judgement day will come,,, and as the say “Judge not, Least You be Judged”.. But I’m sure they fogot all those Willding Ways, Terms from the Book they hold so dear… Don’t even let me get started on Rommey and Mormans.. Their all Hypercrites… Self serving, money grubbing, Liers.

  • http://yahoo paul

    @citizens for truth and peace
    Since you obviously have never accepted the holy spirit into your life or accepted Jesus Christ as your savior, there isn’t any way you will ever be able to understand Christians. You are totally ignorant of what you speak, the choice to believe in salvation is btw each individual and the father. Real Christians don’t look down on you as you think, they know and understand you problems and pray for you. Since you don’t believe in biblical marriage of a man and a women, why on earth would you want to use their antiquated union as your own. The only reason I could imagine is to belittle its importance in our society so as to destroy the family unit, and the concept of individual freedom and responsibility that the bible teaches. If you knew the Lord you would know that you can depend on him to lead you safely down the path you need to follow without worrying about wealth or the almighty dollar. I am sorry you don’t understand and I pray for you, even though you claim it isn’t true you know that same sex relationships are perverted, hinse you attempt to elevate these relationships by pushing for the same type of marriage Christians have entered into before the eyes of God. The Lord put me here on this earth and called me to stand up for what is right, and that I will always do regardless of the outcome. O yes I studied science in school and continue to study it now as an adult, it is still changing and theorizing even after this 65 years, it is liberally influenced and biased. I admit you need it to validate your present position and I understand as you do why; but I will never agree. By the way, the Lord has already passed judgement on this matter so Christians are just following the word of God, not judging you as you believe. If I loved money as you say I would do any vile thing to receive money, that a real Christian won’t do.
    May God Bless you in your comings and your goings!

    • Andrew

      Keep your God to yourself. Nobody asked you to pray for anyone and it’s that kind of BS that causes all this drama. As soon as Christians (I was raised Christian) stop spending so much time worrying about non-Christians and their behavior, this country will be a much happier and healthier place. Move on and stop persecuting those who choose to exercise their GOD-GIVEN right of free-choice.