Chevy Camaro ZL1 Wrecked By Dealership Employee- How Mad Would You Be?


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How mad would you be if an employee at a car dealership took your beloved Chevy Camaro ZL1 on a joyride without your knowledge and totaled it? That is exactly what happened to Camaro enthusiast John Hooper's car and the dealership is refusing to pay him the full value of the vehicle.

Hooper took his car to First State Chevy in Georgetown, Delaware to have some paint problems fixed while it was still under warranty. While the car was at the dealership, an employee took the keys and took the car for a joyride. The dealership was closed at the time and no other employees were there.

The employee crashed the car into a telephone pole and Hooper was notified by the dealership the next day. The car was declared a total loss and the dealership has agreed to replace Hooper's car with another Camaro of the same year.

According to Hooper, the replacements he has been offered are not worth as much as his Camaro and he is tired of getting the run around from the dealership.

"We're losing sleep over this, time off from work, and this still isn't resolved,” Hooper said. “This is so ethically and morally wrong it isn't funny.”

Hooper also explained that he is still making payments on the car while it is in a salvage yard in pieces. The dealership has given Hooper a loaner vehicle and fired and pressed charges against the employee who totaled the car. Hooper and the dealership are still trying to come to an agreement on the value of the car.

Do you think the dealership is trying to cheat Hooper or is he just being unrealistic about the Camaro's value?

Image via YouTube.