Chevy Camaro ZL1 Wrecked At Dealership, Owner Livid

    January 11, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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Speaking as someone with a soft spot for these types of cars, a wrecked Chevy Camaro ZL1 is a tragedy indeed.

But one owner isn’t just grieving over the loss of a lovely vehicle: Car enthusiast John Hooper is beside himself with rage.

Hooper brought his vehicle into First State Chevrolet in Georgetown, DE for a simple repair. He had no idea that employees from the dealership would decide to take his dream car for a joyride. He certainly didn’t know it would end the car slamming into a telephone pole.

According to Hooper he knew nothing was wrong until the dealership finally got around to informing him—Sixteen hours later. That wasn’t the only thing he learned.

“The dealership [told] us it is not their problem. They even refuse to provide my wife and I (and our insurance company) with their insurance information.”

This “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” nightmare come to life has turned into a battle of wills as a month has passed since the incident. While Hooper didn’t initially name the dealership responsible, internet detectives determined the name of the business, and he confirmed it in a forum post. And as word of mouth has spread, First State Chevrolet has been faced with a load of bad PR. In addition, Hooper has since taken the advice of fellow Camaro enthusiasts and consulted an attorney.

Perhaps realizing that the problem was not going away, the dealership seems more willing to play ball then they did via Hooper’s earlier impression.

First State, which had fired the employees responsible for the crash, offered to provide Hooper with a loaner car, and with used ZL1 models. However, Hooper had something different in mind: A brand new car or full compensation for the wrecked model that he was still paying for.

“We’re losing sleep over this, time off from work, and this still isn’t resolved,” lamented John Hooper. “This is so ethically and morally wrong it isn’t funny.”

Bob Hansen, co-owner of First State Chevrolet wouldn’t comment to the Cape Gazette when asked about the possibility of a complete replacement of the beloved car. It’s clear that the dealership is looking to lose as little much money on this controversial issue as possible.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • Tom

    WOW!!!! What ever happened to getting all the facts before writing an article ?????

  • http://yahoo barry

    whatever happened to Georgetown? I’m amazed. Burton’s Chevy wasn’t likethis.

  • hatesliberalpigs

    The minute this dealership denied responsibility for the damage they caused I would have been on the phone to an attorney,no way would I wait a month!! What has happened to the business ethics in our nation!!!??

  • Anonymous

    Looks to me that this dealership has no ethics and is willing to take advantage of the their customer to bring him down instead of helping him. Just remember this; when you are going in to get service or to buy a car from a dealer. They have only one interest and that how to make as much money off of you as possible. That is their only interest and what ever their PR and commercial say is a direct opposite of their business practice and how they are going to treat you. The more friendly they are presented; the more you will be taken advantage of in dealing with you!