Cheryl Burke Condemns Body Bullies Who Attacked Her on Facebook


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Cheryl Burke recently condemned those who posted rude comments on her Facebook page after she shared photos of herself in Cabo San Lucas.

Burke began sharing photos from her trip on July 6. It didn't take long for the weight-related comments to start.

When Burke posted a photo captioned "First dinner in Cabos," one fan commented "Eat something good. You don't look like Cheryl to me."

When Burke, who is known for interacting with fans on social media, replied "I don't look like me?" several fans jumped to her rescue, but one qualified her compliment by admonishing Burke not to lose more weight.

The comments only got worse from there, with some accusing Burke of having plastic surgery on her face and one commenter asking "What the heck happened to your lips???"

"It's one thing to see negative comments about yourself in the press, it's another to be criticized by individual people on your own social media pages," Burke said. "It's much more personal. It hurts."

"I've had some time to think about it all and I've found strength in just letting it go. I can't let myself get hurt by it. I also can't shut down and not post anything online," she continued. "There are all different types of people out there who are going to say all kinds of things, online and in real life. The important thing is to know which ones to listen to."

It's not the first time Burke has spoken out about public criticism of her weight. In May she posted a defense of her weight loss on Facebook following an appearance in People's "Most Talked About Bodies" issue.

Burke posed in a bikini for the spread, revealing she'd went from 135 pounds to around 120.

Besides eating smaller portions of healthier food, Burke said morning workouts with friend and neighbor Leah Remini have contributed to her slimmer, more defined figure.

Burke, 30, was the first female professional dancer to win Dancing with the Stars and the first professional to win two consecutive seasons. She won season two with dance partner Drew Lachey of 98 Degrees and followed up with a season three win when she partnered with retired football player Emmitt Smith.

Burke has danced every ensuing season of the show. Season 19 is set to premiere on ABC in the fall. Cast members haven't been officially announced.

Image via Instagram, Cheryl Burke