Chelsea Handler Told To Lay Off Matt Lauer

    January 18, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Chelsea Handler is known for her acerbic wit and for not caring much about who she might offend with her jokes, so when she’s warned to watch what she says about someone, it’s entirely possible it will just make her want to talk about them more.

Though she’s had no comment on the rumor yet, word is spreading that she and her writers were warned by Comcast execs to back off of the Matt Lauer/Ann Curry jokes because they don’t want extra attention being drawn to the situation. Comcast owns both NBC and E!.

Although E! has denied that such a demand came down from the bosses, a source says it is indeed true and centers around the controversial way Curry left “Today”, when rumors swirled that it was because Matt Lauer wanted her gone.

“Chelsea’s writers were warned to lay off Matt,” the source told the NY Post, “They don’t want them making more fun of Matt and the Ann Curry situation right now.”

The order allegedly came after Handler made a joke based on Al Roker’s recent admission that he once soiled himself while visiting the White House.

“This isn’t the first time a TODAY show cast member was in the news about this sensitive subject,” Handler said. “For years, it was common knowledge that Matt Lauer spent every morning s***ting all over Ann Curry.”

Curry reportedly has been begging producers at NBC to let her out of her contract–which states she can’t appear on another news outlet for two years (after her termination). Word is, she’s been offered a high-profile gig at CNN.

  • http://yahoo Linda Crowe


    • Anon

      When you work for a company, and use their broadcast time, the 1st Amendment doesn’t really apply. The federal government can’t stop you from saying something, but your boss can state that as a term of employment, you are to refrain from certain actions during company time.

    • Cruzb

      Linda, you need to understand that “freedom of speech” means only that the government will not restrict your right to say whatever you feel. It does NOT mean that you can say whatever you wish without enduring consequences from others outside the government. In this case there is no governmental involvement so, while Ms. Handler is free to say anything (as long is is not slanderous), it is also the right of her employer to discipline her when what she says negatively impacts the company.

      • Corey

        You and Anon, are both correct. People need to realize that. If the boss tells you not to do or say anything, follow orders or be reprimanded. They could easily fire her and it’s nothing she can do about it. Freedom of speech is for government rules only. If you work for someone, you have no freedom of speech. You follow orders or get canned. Simple as that.

  • Lindy Peters

    Comcast Brass needs to suck it!

  • Greg

    But he’s a complete jerk!!

  • Terry Workinger

    The man makes 25 million a year, for being boring and uninteresting, ?????????

  • Dan

    The truth is something that is never to be used on TV

  • Scott Weldy

    The network needs to let Ann out of her contract as they don’t want her anyway. Lauer has always been a liberal prick and a shitty interviewer. He tried to drag an Army general over the coals in an interview in Iraq and was show the exit. He is a 24kt asshole.

  • dube

    Why is Matt Lauer still in the screen – has a strong political full from the higher management? Politic is always dirty — people who had no voice suffer. Comcast since you’re the owner [NBC].. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO HELP PEOPLE WITH NO VOICE?? WE ARE ALL WATCHING & WAITING…..[pls remember –dirty stuff swept under the rug will not go away]

  • dwayne belton

    who says she’s funny? the only thing i see as funny is that football size head of hers. with that drip from her lip of 50’s sprem…

    • dwayne belton

      not a typo…

  • g

    Here let me dry my eyes! Pooor Matt baby dodo- lets talk what you want on any conservative any time any where and our own cant be touched! you make me sick!

  • MLC

    Arrogant Lauer needs to be made fun of after what he did to Ann Curry.

    • sunshine

      Agreed! I heard people scream at him in the streets as it is now.

  • NEL


  • The Righter

    Chelsea looks like a broken down hooker, dresses like a broken down hooker and is really boring to say the least. Mabe she should spend her time on real humor rather then being rude. She will truely burn in hell for her actions.

    • Not Judge Mental

      @ The righter. Go save Tom Cruise and while your at it save us from your self-righteous B.S. and don’t judge others. BTW you seem to be awfully obsessed with Chelsea. Maybe you should pray for her or maybe ??? LOL.

      • Girlfriend

        your right your mental

        • Not Judge Mental

          Another pathetic idiot judge by her own hand. Your the reason why people like Chelsea Handler are popular.
          If you don’t like free speech move to another country.
          Your free to go. Please by all means go.

  • Randy Jessup

    Some of her own medicine. She can crack on people her sponsors hate – read “everyone who disagrees with their politics” – and it’s all good. Crack on one of their own, and all the free speech satire stuff that comedians claim to have turns into a compost heap. In Handler’s case, a compost heap with lipstick.

    • Tom

      Hey Randy? Eat it.

      • Mel

        Well said Tom!

  • Mel

    Chelsea needs to tell the NBC execs to shove it. She has every right to say what she wants and nothing has stopped her before.

    • jaybird369

      Mel…my thoughts exactly!!!!!

  • Jackson

    Oh boo hoo… Poor Matt… He can’t handle a little bit of dish from Chelsea? If he is that fragile then he shouldn’t be on the air. What is he going to do when Kathy Griffin decides to “beat him up” again in one of her specials? Is he gonna run down the halls at NBC and cry again? He deserves everything he gets and more for the way he treated Ann Curry. He is the most “fake” member of morning television and is the main reason why I stopped watching the “Today Show” years ago.

  • Jack Hammer

    Admit it….you want Chelsea just for her boobs.

  • Connie

    Chelsa is one of the funniest people on Tv, I watch her all the time, anything she said or would say about that dumb butt Matt Lauer was probably the truth, and the truth is he got Ann fired, him and Tom Cruise needs to open the closet door and come out. Get over it NBC your rating stink and so does your show, I never watch it and I never will, but, I will continue to watch Chelsa Handler, your just upset because her ratings are higher than yours. GO CHELSA.

  • big daddy

    chelsea is rude and disgusting…she walked passed my table one time and farted on my steak…it was the best steak i ever had…ty….she should let matt and al do a double team on her..big boobies with johnny carson spit on them…yum

  • jaybird369

    Boo Hoo Hoo…N-O-T!!!!! Matt Lauer is nothing but an arrogant and insufferable dirtball. TEAM CHELSEA!!!!!

    • samosamo

      Who is matt liar?

  • chelsea fan09

    What has this world come to when someone has to be banned from cracking jokes on someone? I could have sworn as an American one of the few rights we have is freedom of speech. People need to get out of there feeling and grow a pair….What ever happen to “bricks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me” people are too soft these days, furthermore we as Americans have bigger issues than people playing the dozens.Hell Comcast has bigger issues than reaching out to Chelsea Handler writers …IE all the Hoop-la and shenanigans the Kardashians have going on and How stop raping there customer for unreliable cable…. If Comcast want to do a good deed they need to hire sales rep that know what they talking about and more importantly since this America hire reps that speak English !!

    • Not Judge Mental

      Very crisp and articulate. Just one question, who the hell is this Matt Lauer? Is he the ‘Cruiser’s other secret half or do they just hold hands at the Scientology fests?

  • Pam

    Are you kidding me? Is Matt gonna cry or something? Sic him Chelsea!
    Good grief. She’s a comedian – that’s what she does…and she does it so well. I can’t stand Matt Lauer.

    • Girlfriend

      Your an idiot!

      • michael

        Pam you are the idiot. Chelsea is also a bad mouthed idiot. She’s a woman that has become a lesbian because no man will have her. She is the pathetic one….

        • Not Judge Mental

          Yep, sure buddy sure. Miss Handler’s private life is not for your target practice, whether you are shooting very low or blanks… Now who’s being the idiot, (you)

    • michael

      Matt is a true professinal person…

      • Not Judge Mental

        Yeah, another great judge of people, someone who can’t spell. Pfffft. Lol.

  • Not Judge Mental

    It’s just not that black and white. It’s Chelsea Handler’s job to continue to push the envelope. If she didn’t she would be boring and her entertainment value would show in the ratings. Show sponsor’s are
    really a big part of the equation also. She is successful because she
    keeps people interested in her unique way of humor. Yes, it’s not for everyone but that’s why they have lots of different channels to choose
    from. She’s not making lines in the sand and we shouldn’t either or we will end up having companies and government take away our right to choose for ourselves and speak for ourselves… Just sayin.

    • atp

      Ann Curry was doing the hard news much better than Matt “the spineless” Lauer he said nothing when NBC fired her from the Today show, he if he had any backbone should have stood up for Ann……He just did’t like the competition… I lost any repect of NBC…. So I am actively am telling my friends to not watch the Today Show and Matt Lauer, what a gutless douche!!!