Check Out These Adorable Pikmin 3 Ads


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Nintendo's Pikmin are all kinds of adorable. They're also super mischievous. Nintendo UK capitalizes on this particular talent in its latest ad for Pikmin 3.

If anything, this ad is much more entertaining than the U.S. ad. Sure, our ad focuses more on the gameplay, but it just lacks some of that Nintendo magic. Thankfully, Nintendo of America totally nailed it with its ad for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

Of course, nothing will be quite as good as Japan's Pikmin 3 ad. It's just way too adorable:

Pikmim 3 launches on August 4 exclusively for Wii U. Nintendo recently announced a promotion for the title that will let fans play the game on August 3 if they pre-order the digital version of Pikmin 3 from participating GameStop locations.