Charlotte’s Web Strain of Marijuana Relieves 6-Year-Old’s Seizures

    August 13, 2013
    Sarah Parrott
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Charlotte Figi of Colordao is not quite like other six-year-old girls; she, unfortunately, suffers from a rare form of epilepsy known as Dravet Syndrome, which causes severe seizures to wrack her small body. Charlotte was inhibited by over 300 seizures a month, which prevented her not just from running and playing like her peers, but from simple, everyday necessities, such as eating and walking on her own. Nothing seemed to help put the child’s ailments to rest; that is, until her parents decided to try cannabis oil.

Charlotte’s father, Matt Figi, had previously heard of an instance where another child with Charlotte’s same disease had found relief with the aid of medical marijuana, and he and his wife decided to give it a shot. Paige, Charlotte’s mother, recalled, “When she didn’t have those three, four seizures that first hour, that was the first sign, and I thought well, ‘Let’s go another hour, this has got to be a fluke. The seizures stopped for another hour. And for the following seven days.”

The particular strain used to treat Charlotte has been nicknamed “Charlotte’s Web,” and is low in THC (which causes the effects associated with a “high”) and high in CBD, which is cannabis’s main medical component. The treatment was finally approved by pediatricians and other health specialists after a long and arduous battle, and the results have been nothing short of amazing.

Medicinal marijuana has allowed Charlotte to catch up with her peers at an incredibly fast pace; she can now walk, eat, and even ride a bicycle without any assistance. According to her parents, she has been talking more and more each day. Thanks to the relief she finds in medical marijuana, she is able to lead a more fulfilling and less painful life, just like any six-year-old should have the opportunity to do.

Thanks to this Imgur album, we can see how Charlotte has been able to successfully transition from a little girl battered by an unfortunate illness…


…into a healthier, happier girl, ready to take on the world.


  • http://www.webpronews.com isaac

    as a teen i was 1 of those stupid kids who said (ill never quit smoking!) but,15 yrs and 5 kids later i don’t smoke anymore .but always felt back then when i did smoke it helped me with anything from stress to pain ,and the way i grew up in Southern California I’ve had alot of both.seeing this and what its done for charlottes’ life and family is heart warming! And can’t be ignored.as a parent i would stop at nothing to help my kids in this situation and honestly i think its a blessing that this is what it took ,instead of something with more serious sde effects. just writing this has me thinking thats crazy!

    • grazyna

      I’m 59 years old ,I never used marihuana in my life, and I will be very upset if my children will try use it.But I did not have enough information about it. Now when I was using Percocet for almost 10 years ,and I have some very bed side effects I change my opinion ,and I don’t understand how people can, be so criticize about marihuana ,which have a les side effect, then prescription medication. I recently develop cancer; because I was for so long on hormone therapy, but nobody explain to mi what the risk is. I was on bone density therapy Boniva, and the another one, I forgot the name (the one which you take only one a year) nobody sad any word to mi, haw dangerous is this medication, and what ingredients was used (the same one like for detergents), I end up in the MR room, and I was so lackey then I survive. When you listen in commercial information about any medication did you pay any attention what you can develop (cancer, epilepsy, stroke …. and any more) .Why YOU DID NOT criticize it .I thing every one of you supoust to have same more knowledge about it before criticize. Does not show people your stupidity giving opinion without knowledge? Sorry about my poor English, but my knowledge is not so poor I’m a chemist end I do know how production and quality control looks in this country sorry

      • http://Masterfx.com Dave

        I have epelepsy, they fed me drugs for about a year and got me so high I couldnt even barely walk. (Serious) My grandson actually researched it and talked me into trying it. I never had too much bad stuff to say since Im from the Hendrix days, quit quite a while ago though . .

        Started smoking Pot (Ya Im old enough to call it pot) Never had many problems since with way less side effects. Im now back working, feeling pretty good actually! Mans been using it for 6000 years so I figured it was worth a try because I already could barely function and my Grandson is actually a worker and pretty smart. (Good Kid)

        • cathy

          I am curious did it stop your seizures? If so how do you get it? I am going crazy trying to figure this out.


  • Debbie

    I agree 100% Isaac!!! I am also from SoCal and gave up my recreational use years ago. Kids are grown but if one or any of my 8 grandchildren ever had the need, I would be the first one on that bandwagon!! Preferable to phamaceuticals any day of the week!!

  • Sandra Given

    I looked for this article after being told about this little girl from a television program a relative watched. I have a son who is thirty four years old who went undiagnosed for Lyme Disease for several years. Unfortunately he is now suffering tremendous pain along with tremors and whar appear at times to be grand mall seizures. He just spent five days in hospital for monitoring of this activity that resembles a seizure only to determine that he is not having seizures but that is what wecontinueto call what we have witnessed . His seizures come on sometimes six and seven times a day which has caused him to lose his job as a corrections officer, not be able to drive or be left alone unattended for fear of falling or hurting himself when he goes down. I am a widow of thirteen years who lives on social security disability and Iam drained not only financially but mentally as well. I do not know where to turn for help. He was an officer for over eleven years and has applied for public assistance of any kind he might qualify for but so far he has nothing. He is off sick now with no pay because he had to use all his sick time and vacation time because of the illness. I am at a loss as to what to do now as it is next to impossible to get anyone to accept that there is such a thing as chronic Lyme disease. I pray no one in any other family will ever witness what we have because it is heartbreaking and no one cares unless it hits home. If I was a Lyme doctor and was able to help chronic cases I would never turn anyone away because of MONEY! If I had access to this drug for my son to have some of his life back I would do it in a heartbeat!!! He is going to die without help.

    • http://www.sharyna.info sharyna

      Try Social Security Administration. If, as you say, your son worked for an institution for that many years, he has paid into the program. It would be worth checking out. You said you get Disability. You should have known to go there! I am sorry for your troubles….

    • Mike Strand

      Can you get your son out to California, Waswhington, Colorado, or another state that has legalized medical marijuana?

      Harborside Health Center in Oakland is a great resource. I have also heard that John of God in Brazil has helped heal people that were terminal.

      The healing power of the Holy Spirit of God is real, and I have said a prayer for you to be strengthened and for your son to be strengthed and healed.

      Mike Strand

  • Rebecca

    I have never tried THC in any form. But when my mother was on Kemo for over a year. I watched it help her with nausea and her appetite. It has also helped our daughter who has R & R Multiple Sclerosis. It can and does help people.

  • http://www.truliteled.com Mathew

    An amazing substance…happy to see the administration is backing down on State’s that have nullified marijuana prohibition.

  • Patrick

    People, you do NOT smoke this, not what Charlotte was given. It is processed into an oil that has absolutely no THC effects at all.