Charlize Theron Reportedly Warned by Friends to ‘Think Twice’ Before Marrying Sean Penn

    August 2, 2014
    Pam Wright
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Charlize Theron has apparently been warned.

According to a report by Radar, friends of the South African beauty, and mother to two-year-old Jackson, are sharing their fears that the actress may make the biggest mistake of her life if she chooses to marry boyfriend Sean Penn.

“They’re urging her to think twice before finally heading down the aisle with Sean,” said a source, claiming her friends believe her life may be in danger if she goes through with a wedding.

It could be argued that the 38-year-old’s friends my have a valid point based on Penn’s past.

The 53-year-old Milk star was charged with domestic assault in 1987 after he allegedly hit then-wife Madonna with a baseball bat. He was also sentenced to 60 days jail time for punching a movie extra while filming the 1988 film, Colors.

“They fear for her safety,” said the source.

There has been much speculation over whether the couple of more than seven months will be walking down the aisle any time soon.

“The two began talking about marriage in the last few weeks, after Sean moved into Charlize’s house,” a source told Radar in February. “She has never wanted to get married, but seeing how Sean interacts with Jackson, she is having a change of heart.”

It’s not likely Theron will listen to any advice her friends may — or may not — have given. She seems thoroughly happy with her new man.

“It just kind of naturally happened, and before I knew it, I was in something that was making my life better—the people who really love me can see the effect it has had on me,” Theron recently said of the relationship to Vogue.

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  • mannasage

    Seems that her friends know more about this coward (Beats up his women) than Charlize does. “Love is blind” is at work here, I feel very sorry for her & her child.

  • Thomas

    Her friends are right. I know a guy who used to surf with Penn when in high school, and he was a douche bag then….

  • James Paul Grierson

    Let us see what happens….

  • Terry Tubb

    douche bag then and now–a real reject from any society-domestic or across the pond-s

  • Scamuel

    Santa Claus saw this and said, “She be a ‘HO, ‘HO, ‘HO!”

  • tom

    I agree this man is nutso. I feel if she decides the Marriage was a mistake and decides she wants a divorce, Penn will go into the mode” If I cant have you no-one can” And kill her. He is very unstable, as his past relationships show. Charlize run for your life.

  • Anne Savana

    I am so sorry to hear what has been said about Penn and Charlize how hurtful can you be an call yourself her friend??? Your are not friends you are crude and hateful whatever happened in Penn’s life before has not a damn thing about him now!!
    An was he not married to wild woman Madonna first?? An stayed married to his second with longer?? If all these so call dont really know nothing people need to shut the hell up when has the last time you have bought or paid for any bills that belongs to any of these people??? If you going to share a lie then share their life!!!!!

  • pen

    How can you judge people by what they did 20 years ago? Have you never made a mistake? Look at what he’s doing in Haiti. He’s devoted his life to earthquake victims. Consider that when you judge him today.

    • CherZ

      He brings his publicists and a crew with him whenever he goes to “help” to make sure he’s getting good press from it. Also, once a wife beater, always one.

    • Reminder

      Am fairly certain (feel free to research) that he was also abusive to Robin and luckily she finally made it out. I do believe folks can change, and maybe 3rd time’s a charm. God willing.

  • thaddeusbuttmunchmd

    I had to live through Diane Lane and Brute Brolin! THIS Buttmunch first he Deflowers the Virgin, ABUSES her, and NOW he scores with the Most Sensuous Megavixen in the UNIVERSE..and he’ll mess HER up, TOO!


    Charlize, Please think about what you are doing. You can do soooooooooooo much better!

  • Tonka

    Somebody who loved Hugo Chavez’s dictator must be idiot.

    Be Careful, Charlize.

  • William Olsen

    If they are sleeping partners already, then why bother getting married? Most Hollywood marriages do not last. Most outside of Hollywood marriages don’t last either, but a slightly better percentage of them do. Charlize is beautiful and such a fine actress, surely she could have almost anyone she wants, and she wants Sean Penn?

  • Pamela DeBow

    Hollywood people cannot live with each other or live without each other.

  • Guest lady

    This is stupid, because if he ever wants to beat her, he will, whether they are married or not!

  • pnwgramma

    Hes a good actor but I think she could find a better husband than him. He has a history of violence and has a bad temper. She shouldn ‘t bother to marry him. She never married her longtime boyfriend Stuart Townsend why does she need to marry Sean.

  • Skip Williams

    What do you expect? He’s a liberal; they’re all NUTS…..

    • CherZ

      So says the idiot bringing politics into an article that has nothing to do with it. You’re completely bonkers.

    • JAyne Moore

      How would you know? Have you met ALL of us?

  • jeff

    He’s a scumbag. A commie libera POS and he’s ugly like his temper. And too old for her. She must be a dumb blond after all

    • T Bager

      jealous much?

  • Skelly Sherman

    While I don’t generally ever recommend getting involved with an abuser. Sean and Madonna’s marriage was like a hundred years ago.( No Offense to the once happy couple.) There was a lot of publicity and maybe drugs or alcohol, I don’t know. As I mentioned, there has been a lot of time since that marriage and everyone, except maybe Madonna’s current boy-toy have grown and matured. I would hope that Sean has moved past that unfortunate phase in his life and become a better man for it.

  • http://www.lisafxphotostock.com Lisafx13 .

    He was married to Robin Wright for what, like 20 years? And no charges of domestic abuse toward her or their kids? I think it’s safe to say he has his temper under control since the incidents in the 80s.

  • Olyjr

    If she Marries him, maybe she will move to Venezuela with him since he thinks it is such a better country than the USA.

  • victor yao

    I think any sane and peaceful man could be driven by Madonna into unconscious rage. To use Madonna as the standard reference to predict Sean Penn’s killing of his next wife is totally absurd.

    • Sarah Godwin

      This is a good argument, but I still think that Mr. Penn is bad news! There is something really unclean about him, and she could certainly do better. He gives me the willies!

  • Mort

    I still say they look like Boris and Natasha.

  • Andy Denver

    it is crazy that Charlize cant find a better man than Sean.

    • Sarah Godwin

      So true!

    • Timothy Rigney

      Unfortunately, the “nice girls” are often drawn to the bad boys. There’s something mis-wired in their brains that makes them think they’ll protect them. Even when they can afford their own security, it goes *very* deep.
      She probably thinks he’s “left all that behind him” now, or that she’ll “change” him.
      Meanwhile, “Nice Guys” who could give her a truly GOOD relationship won’t even be in the running, until she learns this very, very hard lesson that’s heading her way.

  • Sarah Godwin

    OMG, I really hope that she listens to her friends. Sean Penn is a creep, and it makes me cringe to think that she evens lets him touch her! They do not even look good together, and it would be a major mistake for her to marry him! He is nothing but trouble, and I do not even think that he is a good actor. I cannot imagine how he got this far with anything. GOD BE WITH YOU, MS THERON!

  • bronco fan

    Damn glad I’m not still being held responsible for stuff I did 27 years ago. Who has he beaten up lately?

  • Timothy Rigney

    Once a beater always a beater. He beat Madonna and he’ll beat her. And I *guarantee* you this ends in divorce.

  • jules

    like mother like daughter, bad choices

  • jules

    maybe she will kill him like her mom did her dad for abusing her daily. we can hope

  • realblue10

    she’ll realize she made a mistake the moment sean brings out is inner ike turner.

  • Delmar Briere

    All you haters and arsewipes should just mind your own damn business. She is a grown mature woman

  • Reminder

    She’s not “blind”. She’s stuck in a pattern…She is getting involved w “her father”… Penn should be on very good behavior. FACT: “At the age of 15, Charleze Theron witnessed her mother, Gerda Maritz, shoot and kill her abusive, alcoholic father, Charles Theron, while acting in self-defense.”

  • G.W. G.

    Penn is a classic “Jeckel & Run and Hide” He has so many moods, and so ghetto!

  • G.W. G.

    My friends advised me not to marry my first wife, for fear she’d run off with a black man. She did, and I will never forgive that black woman for that!

  • William Behr

    She is classy, hot and talented. What could it be other than the ‘bad boy’ attraction? He’s uglier than a bag of squashed ‘a’ holes with the goods ones picked out, has fierce and uncontrollable anger issues and is damn near 20 years her senior.
    A pair of good Hollywood hooters is all she needs. Not Sean Penn, an Obamanista socialist and wife-beater.

  • renojim_2000

    What’s this? I thought seanny was an ‘enlightened’ ‘progressive’ type – surely not someone who would participate in any kind of violence.

  • kerr

    A relationship for 20 years, Robin Wright has what’s
    Jessica white, Scarlett Johansson, producer Shannon Costello, PetraNemcova Sean Penn have had problems with a relationship with this woman?
    These women did both say Sean Penn is cool
    Do not write crap article with no evidence, gossip
    Watch next to the father daughter 23 years said they were a great couple.
    A relationship for 20 years, Robin Wright has what’s
    Jessica white, Scarlett Johansson, producer Shannon Costello, PetraNemcova Sean Penn have had problems with a relationship with this woman?
    These women did both say Sean Penn is cool
    Do not write crap article with no evidence, gossip
    Watch next to the father daughter 23 years said they were a great couple.

  • cindy

    The incidents referred to were when he was in his 20’s, folks that was almost 30 years ago. People do change with age. Here’s wishing them well. She looks happy.