Charlie Sheen Went Hunting For The Loch Ness Monster

By: Amanda Crum - July 11, 2013

Charlie Sheen, perhaps inspired by the recent news that the Loch Ness monster may just be a trick of the eye played by an underwater fault line, decided to go hunting for the legendary beast last week with two buddies.

The “Anger Management” star took off to Scotland armed with a bottle of Scotch and his two buds–Todd Zeile and longtime stand-in Brian Pekk–according to TMZ, but they didn’t return with any photographic evidence of Nessie’s existence.

“There are various effects on the surface of the water that can be related to the activity of the fault,” geologist Luigi Piccardi recently said in an interview published in the Italian newspaper La Repubblica. “We know that this was a period (1920-1930) with increased activity of the fault. In reality, people have seen the effects of the earthquakes on the water.”

Sheen’s name has been in headlines lately in connection to his old show, “Two And A Half Men”, because there’s a rumor going around that a new character on the show will be his gay daughter. Producers are looking to fill the spot that Angus T. Jones is expected to leave.

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