Charlie Sheen Returning to Two and a Half Men?

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It remains to be seen whether or not Chuck Lorre is willing to let bygones be bygones, but Charlie Sheen may be.

Charlie Sheen famously called the Two and a Half Men producer a “contaminated little maggot” and an “earthworm”, which got him canned from the hit show.

But rumors have been swirling about bringing Sheen back to button things up. There are, of course, a few hitches. Like the fact that the show killed off his character.

But that aside, Extra says that Sheen is game if they are.

“I would definitely do it, yeah, yeah,” Sheen enthused. "If they'll still have me, I will be there. Yeah, I owe it some measure of closure. I owe it to the fans… I just think it makes sense.”

Sheen told TV Guide back in September that he was actively pursuing a return, however brief, to his role as Charlie Harper.

“I've reached out to them and they've reached back," he told the mag. “We're trying to figure out what makes the most sense."

But even after offering an olive branch to Chuck Lorre then, including talking “after I make amends to you and yours,” producers nixed the rumor publicly.

But how to bring the dead Charlie Harper back, anyway? Sheen said he has pitched the Two and a Half Men team an idea.

"If [the show runners] figure it out like I've presented it to them and they want to include me in some final send-off, I'm available and I'm showing up early. If not, it's on them," Sheen said.

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