Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards To Battle Over Housing and Child Support Payments

    March 23, 2014
    Meaghan Ellis
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Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards are definitely not seeing eye-to-eye these days. As a matter of fact, it appears their estranged relationship will probably get much worse before it gets any better.

According to Yahoo! News, the former Two and a Half Men star wants his ex-wife, their two children, and her 2-year-old daughter to find somewhere else to live. The publication reports that the Twisted actress is currently residing at a home that Sheen owns.

“He has claimed to have a buyer for the home lined up. Charlie wants Denise and the girls out – right away. Put simply, he doesn’t seem to care where Denise moves to.”

NZ City reports that Sheen’s fiancé porn star Brett Rossi has been a contributing factor to Sheen’s decision to oust his ex-wife from the house.

A source close to Sheen claims that Rossi has persuaded him to push Richards and his children to vacate the home. Rossi reportedly feels Richards doesn’t deserve to live in the home since she has allegedly stopped Sheen from seeing the children over the past several months.

“Brett convinced Charlie to sell the mansion, arguing that Denise has cut off access to their daughters, why should he allow her to live in the house for free?,” the source explained. “Charlie hasn’t spent any significant time with the girls in several months and thinks it’s ridiculous that he continue to pay Denise $55,000.”

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TMZ reported back in January that Sheen only paid a little more than half of the $55,000 monthly child support payment. However, he hasn’t made any more payments this year.

It has also been reported that Sheen wants his child support payment reduced for their two daughters, Sam, 10, and Lola, 8. A source close to the Anger Management actor spoke exclusively with Radar Online with details about Sheen’s decision. The source claims that the actor’s lawyers have “formally notified Denise and her lawyers that they will be headed to private mediation next week to try and get the child support reduced.”

However, things may not go according to Sheen’s plan. His actions could actually put him in a predicament far worse than the on he’s already in with Richards. “Charlie could be taking a huge gamble by taking Denise to the mediator. There is a chance that the judge could actually increase the child support to Denise because of his lucrative ‘Anger Management’ deal with FX. This could be a can of worms Charlie might wish he never opened,” said the source.

If should be interesting to see how the battle ends between Sheen and Richards.

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  • suzy

    He is a weakling. For all Denise did when he was in rehab, taking in and caring for his kids with Brooke, he should be more grateful. Disgusting

  • Notafreak

    What a pathetic group of people. I feel bad for the children. All of those ‘adults’ should be spayed and neutered like the dogs that they are – they have all done enough ‘breeding’.

  • Jeff Gales

    where is all her movie money ??? she that broke she doesn’t own a home ??? if I was Charlie id give her the house and call it even !!!! and she damn wouldn’t be getting $55,000 a month child support !!!

    • Izzy

      When Charlie and his wife Brooke went into rehab, Denise took his their twin boys and took care of them until someone was stable enough to take them. She gets 55k a month child support because the judge deemed it to even out the households. Charlie is a loser, not a winner, but a whiner.

    • Amanda Lynn Velez

      That wouldn’t be your decision moron. Obviously he would like to lower his payments, that’s why he is taking her to mediation. But the fact that he made babies with her saddles him to Denise until they are all adults,at least.

  • Quinn_Eskimo

    Charlie Sheen lies all the time. Buys trophy women. Won’t support his own kids. Stop watching this wreck.

    Bet he marries Lindsey Lohan.

  • happy steaks

    Stupid Mexican. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

  • RWN

    “L” & “L” poor kids

  • jo

    Why is this public?? Why do we have to know Charlie Sheen’s every stupid move, he acts like a Zlister Reality star

    • clarence

      –Now can you understand why George Clooney continues to remain single?

      Men and women think he’s gay because they say -‘What a waste of a successful, rich, good looking man. He should settle down, marry and have great looking kids and live happily ever after.’

      But folks -its not fairy tale out there, – its real life!

      George knows what he’s doing and he knows deep down all the angles of
      women’s hunger for money, power and fame.

      He calmly keeps his head on his shoulders and sensibly just dates. (For as long as it takes).

      Very, very wise indeed.

      -Or you end up like the fallen angel – Charlie Sheen!

  • nursenettie

    Charlie Sheen will then turn around and swear he loves his kids.He can afford to give them the world,including a home.Isn’t it just like him to let a freakin porn star influence his decisions regarding his kids and their mom .How very typical for this sleazy moron.

  • Nancy Hashka

    Charlie, why don’t you just die and put the rest of the world out of your misery???? You are such a loser piece of s*it and your children would be MUCH better off without having you in their lives. Your parents and siblings must be so proud of you.

  • Bil Janski

    The real reveal here is that Charlie’s fiancée is a finely tuned manipulator beyond even his wildest dreams. Her unfolding whirlwinds should continue to prove to be disruptive and unending. You choose your muse.

  • Robert

    What the heck is he doing She has raised their Children while he used Drugs whored around and showed his terrible side. His Porn Star wants the money!

    • Amanda Lynn Velez

      Not only has she taken care of their daughters but she also cared for his sons with his coked out s K a N K ex wife while she went to rehab, again. He owes her so much more than money can ever repay. He is completely worthless other than the money he can provide for his kids.

  • Amanda Lynn Velez

    What an arrogant jerk! With all the money he spends on drugs he actually wants to kick his daughters out of their home so he can sell it? I didn’t think my opinion of him could sink any lower but I was wrong. Denise Richards took care of his sons while the other ex was in rehab and that could not have been easy. Someday those beautiful little girls will see the truth about their father and I am sure he will regret everything he has done but then it will be too late.

  • Karen

    What happened to her house? Are these people all nuts?

  • fryer01

    he is such an idiot…kicking his kids out??? what a monster he is…my god…the judge should UP the payments or jail…and brett???? she will get hers sooner than later!! just another porn star with NO BRAINS!! she should mind her own business…it is NOT HER KIDS !!!!! just another slob in his life!~!! no winning here charlie…JUST ANOTHER LOSER!!!!!

    • fryer01

      justy another loser….i hope denise takes him REAL GOOD!!! take his house…take it all…about time…denise was tooo nice to him…and this brett gal….another monster…he will kick her butt out real soon… my god kicking his kids out of a home??? you can’t get any lower than that!!!! sick

  • Robert

    This is getting out of hand make a lot of money and screw your Ex-Wife who has kept their Kids safe safe and helped while his other ex was in Rehab. I hope the Judge reminds him he needs Anger Management in real life. Maybe he will wise up and dump the Gold Digger Porn Star and be a father