Charlie Sheen: Crazy, Savvy, or Both?

By: John Vinson - March 7, 2011

So the consensus from everyone, including people in Hollywood and regular folks, is Charlie Sheen has gone around the bend. However, the more I take in the Charlie Sheen social media experience, I’m beginning to think there’s some savvy to go along with the insanity.

If anything can be a commodity, why not craziness? Also, what better way to market your shenanigans than posting it on Twitter?

hey Guinness, might wanna start writing them in pencil.
#checkit ; you’ve been warned.
c 10 hours ago via Twittelator · powered by @socialditto

WebProNews has already reported about Sheen being the fastest Twitter user in history to gain 1 million followers.

To go along with this feat, “Sheen’s-Korner” (NSFW: language), a UStream channel has already garnered over 600,000 views. Episode 2, titled “Torpedoes of Truth” received 327k views on its own. He really opened up during this episode, showing a phone call with who appears to be his agent.

If the UStream views aren’t enough to convince one of the success Sheen is having with social media, he’s already searching for an intern. Of course, in order to be Charlie Sheen’s intern, you must be filled with #tigerblood and full of #winning.

I’m looking to hire a #winning INTERN with #TigerBlood. Apply here – #TigerBloodIntern #internship #ad 1 hour ago via Network · powered by @socialditto

It has been reported (during my typing of this article) that Sheen has been fired from Two and a Half Men. Which could truly prove the power of social media. With Sheen being fired from his moneymaking job, will Twitter and UStream be powerful enough to carry him to his next gig? Or has his life become the gig now?

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  • Kristine

    The guy is full of crap. He’s playing everyone. And I can’t wait until he flames out and pisses everyone off who had sympathy for his shenanigans. Plus side, Kate Gosselin and Octomom must be heaving great sighs of relief that they aren’t the worst parents on the planet anymore.

    He’s saying he’s had a 100 MILLION viewers on his webcast. So he’s a straight up liar and he just keeps up the lies.

  • cutie55

    He’s just too much of a winner. The tiger blood is unstoppable. he’s even on craigslist! check it out..LOL hilarious

  • Steven W.

    Crazy? No … TOTALLY INSANE (following in the footsteps of his father – it’s heriditary). LOSER!

  • James

    Charlie Sheen is a God…

    Nothing brings out the un-sympathetic, entirely domesticated, and holier than thous like a guy who is having a rough time.

    For christ sakes, his wife has criminal record, and the guy should probably be dead.

    Anyone who flames Charlie Sheen is not someone I would ever want to know.

    • James

      May all your children and all your children’s children get hooked on Northern Mexico Border Crossings.

  • whiplash

    I do not believe that charlie sheen is nuts – I only think he knows the game and the ways to play it!

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