Charles Manson Still Bewitching Young Followers

    August 10, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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One would think that Charles Manson is long past any effective influence on society. Aside from the occasional oddball who reads Helter Skelter and thinks Manson may have been on to something about this coming race war business, the perpetual inmate just wouldn’t seem like the kind of guy to attract acolytes.

But that would be a wrong assumption. It turns out that Manson has an online presence, and he has people who work that for him.

Charles Manson’s public work goes by the initials A.T.W.A. In its original sense, it stands for Air, Trees, Water, Animals. It is an ecological philosophy that he embraced even back in his Family days, before the murders and incarcerations.

Nowadays, the initials also stand for All The Way Alive. According to its website, the movement traces its roots back to the Manson Family.

”In 1967, we of the so-called “Manson Family” started the spectrum of colors into thought chambers related to the colors of the sky, earth, water, fire, plants, flowers, bugs, sea life and so on… The Earth is dying. We tried to tell you that 40 years ago but no one hears life on earth, they want it in outer space… Only a one world government will redeem ATWA on Earth…’’ – Charles Manson

The website itself claims to have been built “to put forth to the world, Charles Manson’s vision of Earth-Balance known as ATWA, it stands in defiance to those who have sold the world a lie. It exists as an archive of Mansonite thought collected from the last 40+ years”

The webmaster of the site is a fan who considers Manson a prophet. “Because he is infinitely wise and possesses just understanding, he is creative, honest, aware and unlike anyone on Earth.”

The site even espouses the old Helter Skelter notions as being applicable in today’s world.

Manson’s outreach via this site and other outlets has netted him admirers, not the least of which is one woman who considers herself Manson’s “wife”. Her name is Afton Burton, but she calls herself Star, and she says she hopes to become Manson’s official spouse one day.

“He filed for the first round of paperwork,” she told CNN. “I’m completely with him, and he’s completely with me. It’s what I was born for, you know. I don’t know what else to say.”

She even says that they would be married already if people with life sentences in California were allowed conjugal visits.

“I’ll tell you straight up, Charlie and I are going to get married. When that will be, we don’t know. But I take it very seriously. Charlie is my husband. Charlie told me to tell you this.”

But Charlie himself shrugs it off.

“Oh that,” he said. “That’s a bunch of garbage. You know that, man. That’s trash. We’re just playing that for public consumption.”

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    Charles Manson exploits no one. Unfortunately wo=MEN, think for themselves now a days. Figure out why they go for criminals? Maybe most males are not up to snuff?

    • Gerald Clampett


    • wondering

      wow..still trying to figure out how he ended up in prison? He wasn’t even there that night when the murders happened..thats the effed up part. trying to figure out what he did to go to pr

      • F. H.

        Conspiracy to commit murder. While he wasn’t present during the slaughter, he went to the residence later and moved one or perhaps two of the bodies around. The following night he personally tied the La Biancas up.
        Charlie is innocent of nothing. Unless you subscribe to the notion that having an anti-social personality excuses you of everything.

        • Love.it.Be.it.212

          yeah, thats never been proven mate. the man was gone for months on STP, aka too Stupid To Puke. A drug you cannot function on whatsoever

          Unless you have information nobody else does that’s just not true, but I’d be happy to look at any information you can share. He belongs in a mental facility, not prison according to what I know

  • Ghost of Sharon

    Some really screwed up people out there. Google image “Sharon Tate crime scene and autopsy photos” and tell me after how bewitched you still are.


      FOOL! There are more wo=MEN killers mutilating other wo=MEN, then MEN! How come the crime scenes where a wo=MAN is the perp. never get exposed? Why is Jodi Arias getting a PASS? Weak minded fools like you, allowing the media to manipulate your reaction?


      Just a SLUT movie star!

      • Candy Spelling

        A slut like your mother, you dirty stinking Mexican troll!!


          Candy Spelling, are you prejudice against Mexicans?

        • wondering

          ummm can u say RACIST????

      • eryche

        It doesn’t matter what you think she was, she did not deserve to die that way.

  • Janice

    What kind of a dumb ass follows an even bigger dumb ass!!!!!! Morons!!!


      Notice most wo=MEN killers are GERMAN! Don’t blame Charlie for Munchausen Syndrome!

      • fartalopolous

        We get it. You prefer men. Its ok if you want to be homosexual. Now you can go on with your life. We will with ours. On another topic, you are the only self indulgent pseudo-intellectual in this thread. Please do your home work. Are you a left over Manson groupie? Never mind, I don’t care.

  • Robert Holt

    Charles Manson should have never been born. When he dies, the demons will strike up a tune of excitement as another soul descends.


      How do you know? It’s up to GOD what happens to us in the next life, not up to us. Look at the things that King David did. And he’s one of the Prophets!

  • Pat

    Why hasn’t he gotten the chair ? Strange he is still allowed to live., some have been put to death for less!


      There should be NO death penalty, as it is not evenly applied, as you suggest. Why are people having a hard time condemning Jodi Arias? How about the wo=MAN, who drowned 5 kids in the bathtub in Texas? Why did she get off?

    • Candy Spelling

      Pat you are so right on!!! They all should have gotten the gas chamber as the original verdict stated. Manson, Tex Watson, Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel and Leslie VanHouten, I’d have gassed Linda Kasabian too, but she got off by turning as a states witness. She was there and did nothing to stop it, she is as culpable as the rest.

      • Paul

        Just how do u think she was going to take on 3 other people with knives by herself? Without her testimony the prosecution would probably have never gotten a guilty verdict.

        • Candy Spelling

          She didn’t have to take on anyone with a knife. All she had to do was run to one of the 2 neighboring homes within a few feet of the front gate where she was standing guard. She claims when she heard the screaming start she ran back to the Sharon’s house and told Susan someone was coming hoping that would stop it, Atkins replied it’s too late now to stop. She could have headed straight to the neighbors and told them to call the police. Patrol cars would have been their within minutes like they were the following morning when Sharon’s maid ran screaming to one of the homes. Maybe they could have saved at least Sharon who was the last to be killed. It is all speculation I know. But when Larry King asked Kasabian a few years back on his show why she didn’t do just that, she started boohooing claiming she was scared they would have murdered those people too if they found out what she did, which is a load of B.S. since they would not have a clue as to where she had disappeared too when they came out, and by then police cars would have been coming from every direction…if only…

    • Paul

      He and the women were given the death penalty and then a few years later CA abolished the death penalty and they were moved to a life sentence and were all eligible for parole starting in ’78. Only Leslie was out for a temporarily while she was awaiting a new trial.

      • lonnie93041

        Yes I remember that and I knew then they’d never be paroled. Some things are a no-brainer which is a good thing for me because I don’t have much of a brain to begin with 😉

    • lonnie93041

      I don’t believe in the death penalty for many reasons and I have always believed we could learn something about human behavior and criminality from inmates but I am beginning to think we have nothing to learn from this guy. That being said I firmly believe if we had executed him he would have become a martyr to some and the mayhem would have continued. Discretion is sometimes the better part of valor they say. The man is pure narcissistic evil in one compact package. Thank god they caught him before anyone else was killed and thank god they at least put him away for life.

  • david.luesley@gmail.com

    Anarchists have always appealed to desparate losers and romantics. They promise a world where this subset is accepted and revered. Anyone looking for a leader to submit to and provide direction is lost to begin with.

    • lonnie93041

      Rock solid documented truth. It has been true from the beginning of humankind. There is no mystery as to why he still has followers. The only mystery is how and why the mind works that way.

      • david.luesley@gmail.com

        One of the separations within mankind seem to be between leaders and followers. Neither catagory is either good or bad but a vast majority seem to be followers in need of direction and there are some good leaders but there appear to be more grifters leading their flocks for self enrichment. Another interesting phenomina is humans powerful need to beleive (in whatever it is) that deflects anything negative to that belief.

  • daniel rossi

    I was in boot camp in San Diego when saw the family in Life mag riding dune buggys at the Barker Ranch , before they were arrested. What was this about I thought , Later I found out .. Anyone who follows this creep is a total fool, innocent , he set those murders up and killed Shorty Shea cut into 9 pieces in 9 graves among others . Fucking biker scum, if you live long enough by following Manson you wont make it to older age where wisdom sets in.

  • All The Way Alive

    A major news source runs an article on Charles Manson why, after 45 years, are people still fascinated with him on the 45th Anniversary of the August 8/9th murders of his alleged gang.

    This article has over a million likes, and 100,000 comments or interactions.

    Within the article, it insists that the interest the public has with Charles Manson is based on macabre interests and fear (to say the least).

    Do these news outlets understand that the interest in Charles Manson comes from the fact that they choose to run a story every year, on the anniversary of the crimes, as a way to make money? Do they understand that they are the reason Charles Manson is exposed to a new generation of teens when they choose to run stories about him every 60-90 days.

    Every time Charles Manson does something in prison (e.g. caught with a cell phone, goes to S.H.U.) they run a story, rehashing the crimes. Every time someone from his former gang goes up for parole, they again run a story on him and once again rehashing the crimes.

    Yet they attack the general public for having a morbid curiosity and holding a criminal on the same pedestal as a common celebrity. The sad thing is that the general public is too stupid to realize that they are being force fed this junk, and then being accused of bring the ones perpetuating it.

    What is even more criminal is that a lot of these articles publish bunk information and information long proven to be untrue. One of the most common mistakes that these articles make includes listing 5 or even 7 victims when there were in fact 9. So, these articles in no way advocate for the victims since the writers really have no clue who the victims were – generally written as “Sharon Tate and others…” Which, to me, is very disrespectful to all of the victims and very tasteless.

    The writer basically wants to write an article on Charles Manson, forgetting the crimes and focusing on his alleged powers and ability to move troops to murder by the glare of an eye. Fantasy. And in the same breath, they will criticize the people who support Manson and anyone with an interest in the case.

    And in the end, the article gets a million hits and the advertising blocks make people a lot of money, followed by 10,000 comments such as “Why is this man still alive?” – completely missing the fact that they have been duped into clicking on the story, and triggering a click on the adspace, to write a typical comment. After 45 years, the media is still using Charles Manson for profit.

  • Rich Fettig