Charles Barkley Talks Pacers and Charles Sterling

By: Heather Vecchioni - April 27, 2014

Charles Barkley has had a lot to say recently.

The former basketball pro talked some serious smack about the Indiana Pacers Saturday, who lost to the Atlanta Hawks in a playoff game.

Sir Charles stated that the team played like “flat wussies” and continued to call them out during his vent on the TNT halftime show in which he is an analyst.

Co-analyst Kenny Smith attempted to give credit where it was deserved, by cutting Barkley off and yelling, “Shout out to the Atlanta Hawks for coming to play!”

In Barkley’s estimation, however, the Indiana team simply didn’t play up to their capabilities.

“Come on, man,” he stated. “Ya’ll better than that!”

Watch the Pacers’ reaction to what Barkley says, here:

Barkley continued to speak his mind on the show by discussing LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s alleged racist remarks.

Sterling is accused of stating that he doesn’t like his girlfriend publicly associating with African Americans.

Barkley called on NBA commissioner Adam Silver during the show, and said he should “suspend him and fine him immediately.” He went on to say that you can’t have a racist owner in a sport that is predominately black.

“We cannot have an owner discriminating against a league that––we’re a black league, Ernie,” Barkley said to show host Ernie Johnson. “We are a black league.”

Barkley took a step back from his previous comments, however, by stating that it would be unfair to punish the Clippers for the owner’s comments, because the coach and the players are in a difficult position right now.

“The team can’t say we’re gonna shut down because our owner’s a jackass,” he said. “That’s not fair to the players.”

Here’s what Twitter had to say:

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  • John

    I agree with Charles on everything he says. This guy Sterling is ignorant. But one thing. Yes it is a Black league. No doubt about that. But he also should recognize that probably 75% to 89% of the majority of the people that fill the arenas, buy season tickets, and own the corporate boxes are white. Who buy the way pay their salaries