Changing Jobs? Try the ‘Non-interview’ strategy

    May 1, 2006

What in the world is a “non-interview” strategy?

OK. You’ve made the tough decision to change jobs with its tasks of rewriting your resume, distributing it to various outlets, prepping for interviews. But have you ever heard of the “non-interview”?

Maybe you’ve already started to upgrade your resume and get it ready for circulation. You hope that it will generate interviews. And you figure to do that by getting your resume into mass distribution through job websites like Monster and HotJobs, direct and email approaches to companies, answering some ads, maybe contacting some agencies and recruiters.

Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it? Everyone does it that way, don’t they? But if you talk to them you’ll probably discover, like we did, that they’re taking weeks and months to get any results!

These poor results from following a traditional job search methodology caught our attention many years ago when we realized that the job market follows the same rules as the business market. And the “alternative job search and non-traditional career advancement” movement was born.

Very simply, this innovative approach understands that you run a job campaign like a small entrepreneurial business. We call it “becoming a job entrepreneur.” And part of the program is learning how to conduct a “non-interview.”

You see, most employers will be interested in you if they can see you as a productive member of their team. That means you have to represent yourself as someone who can make a difference by showing you’ve done your homework . . . you’ve taken the time to find out how to make an employer’s job easier and how to make a specific contribution to bottom line.

An employer can’t find that out by reading your resume which focuses attention on what you used to do for someone else. And he/she can’t find that out by asking you some interview questions to see if you jump through all the hoops.

The only way a decision-maker can gain insight into your ability to make a contribution is by engaging in a dialogue, not an interview. In a dialogue, you have the opportunity to get your best thinking out on the table and you can ask insightful questions that position you as a problem-solver. You may even bring a proposal to the session that outlines your potential contributions in writing.

Of course, it’s up to you to create the opportunity for a “non-interview” so that you can seriously upgrade your ability to win an employer’s high-level interest. It’s all part of a breakthrough approach to job change using “alternative” approaches.

When you utilize this non-traditional plan two exciting things can happen. First, you can be meeting face-to-face with decision-makers in a matter of days. And, secondly, you can be entertaining a job offer in as little as two weeks. As we like to say, “Alternative job search strategies rule!”

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