Chandra Levy's Convicted Killer Seeks New Trial

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Chandra Levy was murdered over a decade ago, but her killer, while convicted, is still being contested.

Lawyers for Ingmar Guandique, the man convicted of killing the Washington intern back in 2001, began several days of hearings to ask the judge for a new trial.

There were questions about the credibility of a key witness, who was the cellmate of Guandique.

Chandra Levy's remains were found in Washington's Rock Creek Park in 2002. Prosecutors said her murder fit a pattern of attacks Guandique allegedly committed on several other female joggers.

Defense lawyers for Chandra Levy's alleged murderer say that, while the cellmate said that Guandique admitted the murder to him, he also lied about other aspects of his participation.

For example, Armando Morales testifed he had not asked for anything in exchange for his testimony. However, defense lawyers say he asked to be put in a witness protection program for his information about Chandra Levy's murder.

Also, Morales, who is a former California gang member, testified at trial that he didn't know how to come forward with information to law enforcement. Actually, he provided information about his gang to a California sheriff's department, as well as corrections officials and federal agents.

There was no physical evidence linking Guandique to Chandra Levy's death, so Morales' testimony was the most important piece of the puzzle for prosecutors. Defense lawyers say that prosecutors should have known the testimony was false and investigated Morales further.

A jury convicted Guandique after a five-week trial. He is serving a 60-year sentence for her death, but he still maintains his innocence.

A second round of hearings with additional witnesses is scheduled for February, then D.C. Superior Court Judge Gerald Fisher will decide whether or not to grant Morales a new murder trial for the death of Chandra Levy.

Hopefully a clear decision will finally be made so that friends and relatives of Chandra Levy can finally have closure.

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